Huge serious question about King Paimon

He likes organization and effort. And regard for his honorable title. Call him King Paimon. He likes the deep bowing as a formality.


Ok can he help me raise the bar in my lyrics and structure with hip hop?? Not this mumble rap shot!! But structural verses that embodies the core essence of hip hop

You haven’t introduced yourself. You need to do it in the link I sent you.

Also, he can help you with what you need, but as I said, you need to work on that as well.


I guess I’m doing it wrong cause I click the link

Ok so I see you pic and bio!! Do I reply? I don’t see where I can click or type my info

You press this link and the “reply” there:

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Ok I introduced myself…can you help me now please!!

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@Manosman already offered to help you…

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Ok sweet…I’m a hip hop artist, my goal is to get help from King Paimon!! I don’t want fame or fortune!! I just wanna be able to construct the dopest lyrics using complex methods!! How can King Paimon help me!!

What must I do? Offerings, etc!! I heard many sources says you don’t need too, you can just reach out by calling him etc!!

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All you really need is his enn and sigil.

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That easy?? What are the formalities??
How long does it take to begin seeing progress

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Depends on the spirit and how much work you put in.

@Manosman knows about King Paimon’s formalities so you’ll have to ask him for details.


@Manosman can you help me, so when I’m ready I can make it happen

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He already agreed. He just isn’t online.

Besides, you can just use the search button and almost everything he’ll you can be found in posts.

You’ll get nowhere without patience.


@chi I have patients lol

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First thing to do then is to type in “King Paimon” or even “Paimon” into the search feature on this site and give yourself a good amount of time (days) going over the posts on him.

Mark what fits or ideas that jump at you.
Look up “tgs” and good meditations that will help you Invoke and evoke better. This way you’ll strengthen your ability to hear, see and/or sense the Spirits you call on.


He will help you, but he is a stern, tough teacher. You can handle the discipline, seeing that you’re from the military. Just show him respect and work hard to hone your craft. Do research about the history of hip-hop music and hip-hop culture. Read books on poetry and music. These are the things that he appreciates and will help you with your lyrics in the long run.

As for offerings, sweet wine, sweets and fragrant incense. Sandalwood at least. Compose a song to him. He is royalty, he likes to be honored and revered!


Very well, let’s get to it! I’ll help you achieve what you need. I’ll PM you.

@anon48957109 if you tell him about deep meditation now, we’ll get nowhere. He first needs to know about the spirit and then he needs to summon him and get to know him with simple summoning ways.


I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, and every time it’s brought up. Don’t expect things to be handed to you. Spirits will just help you like mentors along the way. He can do what you’re asking and working with him would be worth it but it’s not gona be easy peasy. I will warn you once you welcome these guys into your life they don’t exactly leave so just make sure you’re ready for that kind of commitment since you said you weren’t a magician.

The work has got to come from you. The spirits will just help along the way. I would suggest reading up on it nonstop and really immersing yourself into the occult for atleast a week before calling anybody up but ya in short he can help you but you still got to work for it. It’s definitely worth it. I make amateur music myself and honestly the music I’ve made with Belzebub (never worked with King Paimon) has been some of the best stuff I’ve ever made. So ya seeking out a spirits help will definitely help out your music but you gotta be open to magick and practicing it in general in my opinion.

Magick is a commitment and not something just to do one time. If you really are interested in working with King Paimon I say go for it, it will improve your music but honestly you gotta be prepared to actually work for it, work with him, and be dedicated. -Another musician.