LUCIFER & new incantations for the experienced

I invoked lucifer to ask an apology :slight_smile:

I also used a incantation kendal uploaded for the light of lucifer which wrote on my grim reallyyy got me to another level increrible expiriance anyway he showed me much love he also said he was next to me those days but i refused to see him and truth be told i was smokimg marijuana from 14 and i dont really feel i miss it but i do feel i have to replace something new with what was eliminated for some reasson i wasent thinking clear ego?. My dog was looking at me wierdly again i wonder if he sees lucifer every time:ρ got inspired more so im gonna give serius chants!!! I asked a moderetor just to be sure but havent recieved an answer howver if the moderetor dosent like something can take it down i usually dont use other peoples incantations or sigils unless im sure of the person because there are some that are designed for vampirism curse’s and stuff but i promise mine are pure .To be used by expirianced magicians only!!! No kidding they have strong effects please take it serius!!! l upload more for everyone on different topic when the time comes or on this if you like them. To be chanted as many as nececery could be 5 could be 100.

My favorite :slight_smile:


I undrestand it like Marvelous the working lucifer and our soul knows it deep . Dont think the translation but the power the words hold.
To be used as praise on summoning or spells. I also feel it can be used with other gods or has a deeper meaning.

Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer .

Lucifer’s spiritual knowledge and gives power to ones Black Flame? Really strong i dont know where i got it i just have it written on the first pages .

You will love the next one simple and powerfull

Lucifer Illuminatio Mea!

Supports gnosis and enlightment. It basicaly enpowers hes energy and purpose of act. ( no it has nothing to do with the illuminati i promise)

Veranishtu nestaft nucrea

Enforces intend in summonings spells or even in a everyday acion like being bored to walk the dog or go shoping. DAMN:3

Next is used for telekinisis
Be extremly focused and practice on it dont expect to lift cars start with something light like a small lighter or better a gam . I had a small succes with this but i dont practice telekinisis im sure those who do will stick with it

Atalana Mashana Orus

Now i feel generus so i share something good for vampirism i had success with found it on v.k

To use hold your hand out and visualize the energy being sucked out of your target into your hand and then to body while speaking it . Be calm and use emotion

Akatarilos Mikatarillic

Now please practice it on people you dont like or stray animals dont use it on your old granma or your anoyng brother if used to much it can have bad result weakening coma or death also not on diseased or sad people.I used it few days ago at night on a cat and the animal became very shocked it started loking left and right repeatedly and run away terefyed it dident see me i was 2 metres away behind a car and my dog inside the grass. I also felt shift in myself i hope i advance on this since i have no exp in vampirism . Now i like animals its just i wanted to expirament. If anyone knows defences about vampirism feel free to commend

Akatarilos Mikataric

This is for gathering energy in general .Simply imagine you absorbing from your inviroment or air. Really strong on nature a park or a river.

Dont be shy use them and let me know i upload more commend your thoughts were in a community after all :slight_smile:



Great work, thanks for sharing!


Bah Zis Daga Tadal Dagal

Caling the power of higher self to clear the chakras and ayra among my morning chants :slight_smile:

GREAT mantra for meditating on the kundalini source joy of satan

Zortalala Zata Kaka agethal kadratora
Communion with higher self

Zazora Nagatal Zadagal Patrala
Form of Invocation to the Higher Self both source v.k


Thank you!

Thanks! I need an urgent tips, offerings, sacrifices and attributions of King Clauneck. And will be very grateful.

Thank you!

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Stick with meditations and focus on your development and much much reading when the time comes you will know you can use them

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Can we talk privately man?

It empowers the chakras and black flame

Use it as a mantra in deep meditation and focus on the goal. Source v.k

Incarnation for caling the powers and forces of healing

Ano anu ernez’sta kalu maji’ka mahu en’spera du an lantu es specha . Kamios de la mu

source balg user xar darklight (VERY POWERFULL)

Healing woonds

Savet kersana misenet. Hurabastavet ekret minavesi
Brivabet esekle brisbrabut arasta
Kars ures bribasbi ersaklut

Healing is a little tricky and its best to use in deep meditations or in the presence of a god . Imagine the outcome feel love for the part that youre healing feel the blood flow and concetrating on the spot or in the ayra if its a disease ( dont have expiriance with disease well exept catching a cold) focus your energy there visualize your body cells working for it visualize it healing and spend time doing this. Saying it one time without doing it correcly is like saying (self heal now ) and expect it to heal.

The only 2 incantations i have been given by a god are both by lucifer and i shared 1 my favorite in the top.
I have no problem sharing and learning in my craft but understand i have a very wierd memory so if i dont write who shared it i dont remember. The incantatioms i share are all used by me and are words of power some i use more some less . I like to help people because i struggled in the start of my practice and i know how it is to not having help or spending many hours trying to find the correct info.


Is there any chant or incantation to help with anxiety?

I’m working with demons and getting good results, but their energy makes me feel very anxious the day after (especially when working with Lucifer.) I usually control this by playing sports (swimming, treadmill, kickboxing), but there are days when nothing seems to help.


Do a strong banishing meditate a lot on yourself and your life and balance your chakras. I bet my life it isent lucifer causing this to you maybe a parasyte or yourself
. Also keep practicing war arts a beautifull journey on their own.

Worked with clauneck before I he 100% gave me what we agreed upon. He likes fine liquors, candy, money. I offered my blood as part of our agreement but it was a specific request from him. My advice is reach out to him in respect and ask him what he wants from you.

Where did you find this chant?

This sounds so familiar, is this fae or gnomes language? Leprechauns or other nature spirits?

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Hey @Epimonos , untill your sense build and sync and transform you to where you can taste the differences in subtle energies leftover chluthonic energies can be a change in the daily regular intake of the world thru your 5 senses…well now your exercising and stimulating areas of the brain that have atrophied from non use . Awakening a whole new set of senses and cultivate these to build strength and learn an ancient technology embedded in our DNA…MAGICK.
Is science , where our own experience validates and transmutates through your own self actualization…meaning we create and destroy everything we are experiencing. Learning to become one with the harmony given off by the frequencies of interaction. The more control of your inner senses will be the cause and affect that changes you thru magick and spiritual experiences. Master the world within allows mastery of the world outside and around you. …AS ABOVE SO BELOW…lol
Meditation and consistency is my advice for fastest progress.
Anywhoo pontificated much here… my bad… but good luck anyhow