Djinn Magick Tutorial

What of Al Khidr?


Yes I do ,its part of the second part of this topic ,ll be sharing it

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Hy @Atinama ,am not conversant with Al khidr …as i stated in the post there are many types of djinns ,by far I’ve only worked with 3 classes .

You should probably do some research on him…

He is the Lord of the Djinn.

Well I’m not Muslim ,but in my practise we generally regard djann as the djinn king …

The green man isn’t restricted to muslim belief. You would do good to read up at least with an open mind, and not to totally shut it out. But, i don’t really care what you do. Just try to open your mind a little, if not, it’s your loss.

Naah I’m not restricting my thinking ,I tend to disregard putting emphasis to names because certain demons ,Gods or djinns are reffered to by different names in other cultures or languages .
Names might be different but probably same entity .
E.g as an example demon Asmoday in the goetia is regarded as Antram in my system .Same demon just different names .
Just go with what is working for you in your system @Atinama

Ok we all look forward to your help x

regarding the point you mentioned about some people never need help & djinn magick came naturally to them & most of them being of Arabic origin, is it that due to djinn themselves favor working with that ethnic background or that the culture being more familiar with djinn (to the exclusion of almost all other non-physical beings) ?

Ll answer this according to my own know how , largely I think its due to the fact that Arabs by far engage with djinns mostly as compared to others .I think its this connection that draws djinns to them but not all Arabs posses this gift .

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A few years ago i purchased a “Royal Phyllum” Djinn from a seller on ebay, the day i received the Djinn attached to a locket, i felt the vibration as soon as i grabbed it out of the envelope. I hadn’t had a chance to recite the Recital on that same night because my husbands’ work collegue came over, anyway, during the course of the night that man got pretty drunk, we told him to stay and not to drive home… to cut the long story short…my husband went to bed and i stayed up mainly because his collegue didn’t want to go to sleep and i didn’t quite trust him. An hour or so went by and this man decided to go into our room to wake my husband up but i wouldn’t let him and told him to get out of our room, he ignored me and started shaking my husband to wake him up, i pulled this man back by the waistband of his jeans as he was almost on top of my hubby, the man pushed me back and almost at same time as this man was about to throw himself on top of my hubby with his elbow as if to elbow my hubby onto his back i yelled out stoppp and all of a sudden this man was flung backward and slammed onto the wall hitting his head and fell to the floor, was as if someone grabbed the man and threw him in mid air!! The man kinda sobered a little and looked at me in a stare, i’m sure he thought i threw him against the wall because there was no-one else in the room. I finally got rid of him that night by calling a taxi to drive him home. A few nights later i recited the Recital that was sent with my Djinn and across the room as i was reciting appeared a smoky figure. I spoke to the figure and it was my Djinn, i could hear him clearly, he said he was there to assist me in every way i wished. I’ve had him since and he’s appeared to me a few times in a smoky form. As time and years went by i concentrated less on him and concentrated on my busy schedule, he’s still around me and when i ask him for certain things he helps make it happen. There isn’t much information on the Royal Phyllum Djinn on the net but i can definitely say that not all sellers from the internet are Fake. Just wanted to put it out there.


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So, do djinn have a being of which all of the djinn are called through?

Djin Magic is used in the Coastal Parts of East Africa and much of North Africa, but mostly to get revenge and curse someone from what i’ve been told, it’s not restricted to just Arabs…

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Found this site which has a ton of information on working with Djinn

Still going through it but it is very detailed.


Hi! I know this post is old- but I think I have a djinn with me - I have many questions- are you able to help? It’s ok if not - and thank you

Can djinn bring you results


Can you advice me how to, i used to be able to see then up until 26 (becoming a mother protects one from them) so its been 3 years since i can actually see them, but my child can, I really want to ask a jinn to do something in return for sweets, they lovvveee sweets

do you know which class/tribethese Djinn Kings belong to, thanks