Is there magick to help animals?

Hi my name is Ayesha and iv’e been wanting to get into some magick because i find it really interesting plus i am a huge huge animal lover. so i wondering is there is any magick that has to do with animals or help them in some way. Thank you xoxox

Have you looked into Animal Communication at all? If you work with animals, being able to communicate with them telepathically seems to be the one most immediately beneficial.

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no but that sounds really interesting

@ayshii It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, and you have already been told once to do so after your first post. Please click the link below and make your introduction, as it is required:


Once you do your intro I can totally help you. Animals is kinda my thing :two_hearts:


I didn’t k ow you do that you have anything to stop rabbits from nipping at eachother? Lol seriously my new fur baby has he privets hurting so that’s why I was wondering…

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thank you so much i did my introduction but not sure if i put it in the right place oopsss

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Is he itchy do you think! I had bunnies two dloooy eared ones :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: Animals are really easy to work with. Best thing for you to do is work an telepathy.


and how does that work? lol im a big newb here sorry


I’m not sure but I know my one female has been nipping her the other bunnies privets cause she mounts her face why idk and it looks swollen but she won’t let me do anything

When you get a chance take. Some pictures and send it to me

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If she lets me I will

Any magick can work with animals, if you put your feelings, energy and intent into it. I saved my own dog from dying in few hours. I also knew someone who created a servitor to restore health to his cat.