Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him

Which metal is most suitable for lucifer? I think of making a bronze :thinking:



help thanks

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Gold has always been the metal of the gods so you can’t miss with it.
In Franz Bardon books you can find fluid condensators infused with gold particles and many more.


pls help me …I have 2 candles,Lord lucifer’s sigil,coal and i don’t have incense…Can he come inside my mind when i call him??..Can he come just by lighting candles,burning coals and repeating his name??Pls is somebody familiar to lucifer pls send me his energy and sign of presence so that i can evoke him when nobody is in my room and talk with him…My life is going horrible these days…pls somebody make a connection between me and lord lucifer…My english is not so good…Thank you guys…

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Black Metal


Hi everyone,
After a lot of meditation, I tried reaching out to Lord Lucifer.
Offered chocolates, black ( handmade candle), incense and his sigil.
Called out to the Lord, recited his enn… In the process had tears running down… Then eventually felt like I am drugged.
Spilled out my thoughts, asked for his guidance, then thanked him.
Don’t know if this process was successful.
After this i slept for hours.
Any insight would be much appreciated.


I usually only use his sigil with a candle and some incense. I get into a meditative state reciting his enn. The first few times I didn’t really feel anything but after that he came to me in a dream. Then I was able to start making contact during meditation. If you are using his enn and sigil he was probably there and heard you.


My first time I didn’t even have an enn. I did use the modern sigil at the time and it was a fantastic dream of burning. Perhaps that was one of many brief initiations of flame. The end result was becoming a being of pure flame and energy and I could FLY. It was exhilarating.

I find the old judaism/Christian/Muslim/etc biased lies against said spirits to be pretty false. It rather sucks that only my dream world is contact that I can remember. Meditation has to fall into sleep for me to contact. I keep thinking I’m missing key ritual elements. Then again, I like difficulty when it comes to spirituality and handling my physical life. I come to the spirits to bring them news (like they aren’t watching), conversation, goals, and pleasure hopefully through invocation/possession. But that usually puts me to sleep and many mini dreams of sleep/wake cycles. That type of dreaming I can remember.

I still feel agendas like the opening of gates is making little progress. They are always on my mind so it’s a step in the right direction and I always perform some sort of sleep ritual before I actually go to sleep. And the “dreams” are not of anything I have done or been and the individuals seems to have their own dialog and mind. Or my sub/unconscious is just a dream machine.


:thinking: the first time I started chanting his enn I went in to hallucination drugged like state out of nowhere! No sigil was involved. I was just laying in bed thinking. (Keep in mind I knew nothing back then and was on RHP struggle with religion! I just thought why not do this?). I felt so high and hear him say “hey”! I freaked out since I didn’t believe anything could happen that fast! Then I found out he was reaching out to me all along to save me from my self… :kissing_heart:


@WHamilton3 thank you. Appreciate your insight.

@MiKu thank you. Appreciate your insight.

I evoked Lucifer yesterday. Chanted his enn for about 15 minutes before his sigil started flashing. The room briefly went golden as if a filter had been placed over my eyes. My house went silent apart for my canary.

My canary never sings. I have even gotten another bird as a companion to encourage him to sing, but no, he just chirps. I started to think he was a she. He was singing beautifully though during the evocation. Funny thing though, I named my canary Leo, but thought of calling him Lucifer had crossed my mind and at that time I never had any indication I’d be on the path that I am now. I used to have him in my bedroom and hearing him chirp when the sun started rising always made me happy, hence why the name Lucifer came to mind.

I didn’t see or hear anything, but did have some pressure in my head and my inner ears were itching- not at the same time. Left ear and then a few minutes later the right. I carried on with what I wanted to say and gave my offerings. I believe he was there before I even tried to evoke him. I’ve had a rather strong pull towards him.

Was a peaceful experience.


Thank you so very much❤️

Is there a necromantic aspect of Lucifer?

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After chanting Lucifer’s enn for a period of time I became sleepy and laid down. Soon afterwards I entered sleep paralysis and with my astral vision saw Lucifer as the Dark Hooded figure standing on top of my Solar Plexus chakra area. At the time I didn’t acknowledge that it was him and felt like if astral projected that this entity would enter my body and take over. Because of that I broke from sleep paralysis. Later I discovered who it was and should have allowed the possession to happen. I was just scared the first time. It won’t happen a second time.

Where do you find this info such as his specialty is mind manipulation?


This is wonderful… I saw him as a jester type figure. It is good to know others have too as usually it is another form people report.