How to work with a demon/spirit

hello I am new to working with demons
I am trying to grasp the concept of what working with demons is I have a few goals to achieve.
so lets get to the point… when working on these goals with a specific demon do I either petition them or evoc and talk to them will results vary with either of these methods

also… working on the same goal with one entity do I evoc or petition them each week to on the same goal or do I petition them once and leave it till the goal has been accomplished and then move on to the next goal

I am very confused when people say working with demons

I think a good way to explain what is meant by working with demons can be best explained through this example: let’s say you a new business offer and you find an investor willing to throw money into a project. You then take that money and start applying it into smaller sections within your business that will over time generate an increased income. You are still doing the work and the fruits of the labor from your business are yours, but the help from the investor helped to get the ball rolling.

In this example, you are the business man and the demon /spirit is the investor. When you are working with demons/spirits, you are calling them up ( such as evocation) to help bring in the energy to make the change happen. Not necessarily asking them to do a task (which is where petitioning comes in) but asking for help you reach the state required to get the job done. Of course, there are spirits who will go above and beyond what you ask them, and that is their choice. You can later give an offering if you choice back to the spirit, which is where you are sharing the fruits of your success.

Think of it like a partnership: you are aiming to have both parties do some work to a common cause, not just one party.


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I would only invoke one demon for one issue. Unless they suggest you to bring in other entities it’s probably a better idea to only follow the guidance of one. Some may disagree with me here, but I would also only focus on one issue at a time.

They won’t solve your problems for you. Instead what they normally do is guide you and help carry out your manifestations more efficiently. Working with them can also help you see the bigger picture in a lot of situations.

One thing that some people may disagree on here as well, is that certain demons are not good for beginners. There are many demons that generally are more patient with those who are just starting out. Some demons, usually higher ups such as kings/queens, are not very easy to work with and are generally wary of working with people who don’t have much experience under their belts. It all depends on what you’re asking for and your perspective of the situation.

Just remember, stay safe, and always be respectful and grateful for any help you’re given.


not a bad rule of thumb! I just opened Vassago’s sigil to ask if he would be willing to sharpen my astral senses

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