Need help identifying a demon + Intro

So I need help identifying a demon that I’ve been seeing. He is always following me, he has the head of a wooden owl and the body of a human, but he is always covering it. I’ve done some research and I’ve come across a demon that looks just like him. His name is Andras. A friend told me to invoque him but I’m not really sure if it’s him. How could I know before the invocation?

Have you done your proper introduction?

It’s a rule of the forum.

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No, sorry. My name is guillermo I am new to this magic world but I’ll like to explore it, I think that’s my main goal here

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ok there’s usually more to in intro as well such as where you are from… Like me for example I’m from USA… Now as to who it can may be those are traits of Andras but I highly do not recommend invoke if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even Evoking would be risky.

There are several helpful threads here that talk about invoking and evoking. I highly suggest looking them up. :blush:

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Will do thank you. I’m from Guatemala btw


Welcome @Woodenowl Please properly introduce yourself in the correct place by clicking the link below and telling us about yourself and any experience you have in magick:


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@Woodenowl I just sent you a PM with a load of useful intro in, the reason we ask for intros is so people can tailor advice given to you in ways that’s useful, also so you can see the intros other people posted and have some idea how to evaluate their own advice.

Cheers! :+1:

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Saw it already thank you!