Hi can anyone help?


I only skimed though it and what I saw I can tell you you are asking for too much too quickly. Some things take time and efert on your part to do the work. It’s not just presto!! There it is you have to lear to cral befor you walk and walk before you run. I’m not saying that a lot of this cant be done. I’m just saying it is going to take time.


Exactly, was my first reaction .


Now now, don’t be desuraged. Lets just tone this down 7 octavos and give us an idea of what you want to work on first.

We are all here to help each-other.


Why was the pact post deleted?

And why do people continue to believe that selling their soul will replace hard work :rolling_eyes:


^ Wise words there! :thumbsup:

There’s a lot of great information available on this site, and you might find these links useful to begin with:

✦ the Member Resources thread, which has a ton of links to newsletter tutorials on things like opening sigils, attaining Theta-Gamma Synch (TGS), and also practical advice on using the forum, posting images and YouTube videos, etc.;

✦ over 4 years’ worth of good topics in the archives, which can be found using the Search function;

If you don’t know anything about magick whatsoever (which is absolutely fine! We were all there once) then we can help you best if you focus on the goal/s you hope to achieve from learning magick - scattershot comments about the feasibility of selling your soul and whatever may not get you closer to your goal!

By all means research that using the Search function, but it helps members here to help you, if you try to keep things a bit focused and specific.

Magick is about results, and staying focused on those might save you time and feeling overwhelmed, especially when it comes to the different methods used to contact spirits or build personal power.

But first, please take a minute to post an introduction in this thread

It can include:

✦ Your name, or why you chose you magickal/forum name
✦ Photos if you’re comfortable - NOT mandatory!
✦ Kinds of magick you like
✦ Current goals
✦ Current struggles

It’s one of the forum’s rules, but you probably didn’t see it, it happens! :smiley_cat:


That isn’t needed. Hopefully someone can make a spell for you or you can do so yourself. I’d ask you not to entertain that idea of selling your soul for a quick buck, it’s usually never worth it. You’re just going to hate yourself later on for it anyway. If you’d like, you can do a spell or make a talisman, if you know how to, to win the lottery or something similar or ask of God for it.

There’s also mundane and indirect ways of getting money, like studying college material and getting a good job. You could do the standard woman role of finding a rich man to marry although I see women like that all the time and they’re still not living the life they want. Most people, when they say “dream life,” are really asking for happiness and contentment that, while it would appear as if money would be the answer, is just deceit. Caring for others like what a doctor or nurse would do, or even a mother or friend, are where happiness and dream lives appear.

Sure you paid a lot to study and go to college but you reaped greater rewards in the process, thus it is little now and a lot later. Likewise, magic occurs through natural means, so doing a ritual to summon the Devil or whatever demon you’re asking for would only be able to show you material things via materialistic methods. Some rituals also require to kill a chicken or something small and invoke the names of God before the demon appears. Might as well use his Name for riches and just study the Bible. Either way, doing so righteously will help you to see what could be done to bring true happiness! Best of luck and feel free to PM me if you need more specifics.


I can say quite certainly that is not true. Magic works on the level of spirit and cascades down to the physical. When you cast a spell on someone (most of the time) you affect their spirit which then causes physical changes. It definitely does not have to work through materialistic methods. For example my “teacher” (not quite really, though I consider him my teacher to a large extent) is supposed to be able to tear flesh by attacking someone’s spirit or something like that. I’ve never seen it, and his teacher told him to never do it again, but I’ve seen enough craziness working with his teachings to trust him on this one.

Wasn’t me guv! :smiley:

People have a window to delete their own posts though. :thinking:


Naw, i know it wasn’t you. I’m just sad it was deleted, it was interesting…

Wouldn’t it be archived though?

Also thank you for the complement.:slight_smile:

That’s what I mean. It’s process is on the astral but the results are always manifested on the physical. A spiritual attack does results in pain on the person but it’s physical pain nonetheless. I know of no spiritual wounds that’s ever affected anyone via magic. There does exist the ability for things to manifest “out of thin air,” as it would be but that still requires that magic to manifest on the physical plane via physical means. What ALL of those methods are, most are unsure.

Edit: also, pretty interesting.

Is this the one you are referring to?

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Thank you for the clarification

Yes, it is, but I see it contained personal information and I would generally remove a post by a new member that contained that kind of thing, people don’t always realise this forum is both public, and also, regularly indexed and cached by Google and various other sites, so once the information is up it remains visible indefinitely.

Also, this software blocks people editing after a certain cut-off point, and in general the defaults have been well thought out so people don’t have to endure reading a thread where someone, months or YEARS later, has gone back and reduced all their posts to “… … …” (as has happened on at least one other large magick forum) - letting people use the default window seems fair. :thinking:

If the OP wants to disclose that again, she now has basic PM access. :thumbsup:

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Ah, ok I get what you are saying. Thank you for the quick explanation.:+1:

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I think we might have scared the fledgling away.


No, the OP here had posted a copy of their own pact. You can read it for now by clicking the little edit pencil on their “this post was deleted” post


Why? Also, (not trying to be a dick) why do you think they would want it? Plus there is a huge difference between the Lucifer and Satan IMO, so there is that. The soul is not a commodity like gold or land; the very idea that you could trade it for your desires in place of hard work is a fallacy in my eyes.

In my understanding making a pact and “selling your soul” are also not remotely the same thing, god, demon, angel, whatever you want to call it.

I would be extremely wary of anyone who claims they can make such an arrangement for you. Maybe check out pact-making or other tools of ascension before you cheapen the value you place on your soul any further. I mean this with no offense. As individuals we are capable of changing reality in amazing ways, but be prepared for a lifetime of hard work.


You can’t just say “Here take it!” and then expect everything to happen. Demons gods entities aren’t Gennis from Aladdin. Think as entities as other humans, that will do a favor for you in return for something, or for nothing perhaps just due to the strength of the relationship. For me selling or giving my soul to an entity doesn’t literally mean handing it to them. It instead means, to me, that you are dedicating this life and perhaps the next couple of lives to them. For example if I “gave” my soul to Lucifer I would follow him and the pursuit of knowledge throughout this life and my next lives, vowing to find his path in the next and so on. How about you start with asking an entity for mentorship? This way they will guide you along your path and it’s going to be you doing most the heavy lifting so to speak. Reading this post again it sounds a little rude, sorry if I come across as such, it wasn’t my intention.