Weird dreams

the other day in my dreams it was weird it had animals decaying with maggots and i keep seeing stuff at the corner of my eye and i was wondering if anybody had a idea what was happening to me

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i did

The dream could mean a few things, and there’s not really enough info for strangers to say. Contrary to what dream books say, the symbolism in dreams is more dependent on the dreamers life and background.
It could be a warning about inaction, a regretted lost opportunity, or just that you saw the trailer for True Blood sometime and it came up in conversation recently - most dreams are rehashing the days memories.

You can google for “decay dream meaning” and get lists of idea - I’d say go with the one that makes sense to you.

Seeing things out of the corner of your eye could be because you’re a bit psychic and you’re picking up on what I call ‘astral wildlife’. They’re normally harmless, imo, so it’s not usually anything to worry about if you don’t get any strong feeling about them. Just pay attention to your intuition and emotions, the information they give you can be very relevant, as long as you’re not freaking out and swamping the info with basic fear.


thx so i may be a little psychic

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