How to contact Lucifer


Well last two days I have been contacting to prepare for upcoming ritual. I have been using just his enn to do so. “Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer” I just chant it over and over to build up the contact then there is this kind of snap point for me when contact is fully there.


Do your best! Lucifer always comes when you call him. The only thing you need to do is listen to him. Through your thoughts and feelings is the way he speaks to you.


I can’t say for sure that the other replies aren’t complete bs because I wouldn’t know.but if u want to make a deal or speak u need the grand of the most dangerous and powerful.unfortunatly the grand grimoire is in Vatican City in the archives which the public doesn’t have access to.i don’t know how u could get it but I do know it’s perhaps the only way.i don’t think Lucifer would y’all to just anyone just because they asked.u need to be powerful enough to handle the grimoire and to do the ritual.and I don’t think any witch in this millennia could be powerful me I supposed I could help if u can’t get the grimoire

Actually, the grand grimoire isn’t needed to talk to Lucifer. You don’t even need a ritual to summon him.


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My first attempt to contact him I didn’t even have a sigil. I was sitting outside, early morning in winter. I felt his presence within moments of calling out, and I was an atheist at the same and didn’t think I would feel anything. His energy is unmistakable.

Didn’t need the Grand Grimoire, but I would love to get my hands on that book. According to the Vatican it won’t burn.


I don’t believe you need any grimoire to learn about you are. I mean, they can be useful at times, but not necessary.

Also, magic and demons, are not evil or anything, so, there’s no trouble. Believing what the church is saying, is like believing that the water near a nuclear blast, is clean.


There are copies of the Grand Grimoire and Necronomicon. Everyone can read things out of it.

And you can talk to Angels and Archangels by synchronisation (numbers), thoughts, dreams (lucid or astral travel)


By the way we work here with respect towards each other. Calling things a person said, who wants to help a beginner bulshit is not respectful. Please keep that in mind.


I can read deleted posts, i’m not calling you a beginner. The OP asked a question to learn. And if you’re not disrespectful than it’s ok.

I use Angelic Magick.


I’m not.i try not to be mean. Can u tell me about it ?

The way that I evoke Lucifer is with chanting the following, and it ALWAYS works:

Teat Astru Malku Lucifer
Seine Astru Maella Treine Luciofer
Altu Sentru Estru Lucifer
Ecks Entru Antra Lucifer
Lucifer, Astru Teat Lucifer


From where you got above incantation?

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I have it screenshotted from some blog post from a long time ago, but I can stand by its legitimacy as a tool for evocation.

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I’ve tried other incantations but nothing has worked, are you in constant contact with Lucifer?.

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You could just summon him. I mean, you don’t need any tools (candles and stuff) to do so. Just sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes and relax your mind and body. Then, just think of his name again and again. Every time you think of it, visualise that you draw him closer to you. Do that until he comes.
However, if you haven’t done so already, you should improve your astral senses, in order to hear him and feel him.

Also, he’ll try to speak to you through your thoughts, so have that in mind.
Do your best and good luck!


I hear ringing in my ears all the time when I’m by myself, I have looked into this and I was told that It’s a spirit or entity trying to make contact with me. Apparently Lucifer has been expecting but I have tried every possible approach to make contact with him these last couple of months but no luck at all.