Lucifer sigil meditation

Hello everybody, I’m sure many people have experienced this and can tell me more about it… I’m a beginner but I’m doing the right things and growing tremendously.

I have been doing Meditation on Lucifer’s Sigil everyday for 3/4 days now… baring in mind that I’ve been dedicated to Lucifer for about a week now and it’s going great.

Always after his sigil meditation I drop some blood on the sigil just to show respect and honour… for the past 2/3 days my blood has been magically carving out images on the sigil. At this moment I’m seeing a Serpent, a peacock and a black shadow (would say human-shape but it’s a bit different).

I think it’s a good sign but please fill me in with more information and your experiences… Thank you I appreciate it.


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Yes please introduce yourself and i would like to elaborate. You are doing the work and he appreciates that. The things you see are common Appearances. Congrats

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Appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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was it your blood or animal blood that you put on the sigil

I guess it was his own blood :blush: