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Name: Camillia
Gender: Female
(Pardon. For some odd reason, the system for PM is mentioning I can’t send a private message; but I can receive PM’s.)

I’m sorry but please introduce yourself first. It’s a rule from the forum and I saw that you didn’t do it.

You are a great reader.
I will be very happy if you tell me something too

Thank you🙏

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Hi I’d love a reading
Name. John
Gender. Male
Question. Are there any obstacles that are holding me back in life. If so how do I move forward.
Thank you if You can do it

Sorry for the bad quality, couldn’t get a better shot haha

You suffer from a disease (I get the feeling it’s more about emotions than body-based, could also be a toxic person) which you want to cut from your life/heal it and as you do you have success.
You shouldn’t focus on your relationships to men because there are “plenty of fish in the sea”. It could also mean you have too many men in your life haha.
You should rather focus on your friendships as they are endangered by arguments and bad vibes. Nevertheless they will bring changes, good or bad… it could even lend to complete new people. You have to decide for yourself if you want that or not.
In the future you will have luck with “bad news” because they will lend to new adventures, money and traveling. You will start a new journey which will be good for you

For the others; I will do another one maybe tuesday, if I have time. Please just follow when I post a offer! Sorry for Inconvenience :black_heart:


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@Everblue If you are still offering readings, I would like one, at your convenience please :slight_smile:

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For our dear IntroductionKnight, always :grin: I will do it tomorrow morning ^^ so in about 8 hours :see_no_evil: :joy_cat:

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Oh; okay— thank you; that makes sense.


Please don’t forget meee?? Schedule me ahead if you’d like to do a reading for me… I don’t mind waiting a few days😇

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Of course my boooi :heart:

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If you’re still reading, put me in line, if possible.:wink:

Are you doing general readings or for specific questions?

that’s right … i’m having trouble with someone i love … and still trying to move on.
thanks so much for giving me this reading

Sorry, I fall asleep last night …:pray:

What’s the method that your using?

If you dont mind and have free time
May i join too ?

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Let me know if your doing anymore thanks. Im open to having a reading please if you can.

If you offer free readings, I would like one and it would be to helpful, it is much appreciated.

Could I get a reading? Is it ok if I PM you?