How can I become a succubus (female)

If im correct, you need first to master it on the mental then the astral after that on this plane.


Physical shapeshifting has nothing to do with astral shapeshifting lol. Astral shapeshifting is purely imagination and only requires the desire to do it, physical shapeshifting is reworking your entire body i.e biokinesis which even that’s limited.


Hello, here with some latin things: Succubus and Inccubus do not refer to gender or genetalia. They refer to top/bottom during sex.

Sorry if this is rude, but honestly do you think pregnancy is the only good thing about being a woman? Should infertile women just want to become men in your opinion? Since your post isn’t magick related I don’t feel bad that mine isn’t either…


In my opinion there is nothing good about being a woman or a man. I was making a point that surgery won’t be able to make him do anything that most biological females could do.

Let’s say I have a good reason I either never was a human inside or I merged with an entity who is not.

To me, the best option would be to leave this reality without passing away. I’ve met a few of my other versions who live in other realities.

There are two issues. I haven’t yet figured it out how to do it, and there is a person in this reality I don’t want to leave especially not if there is another solution.

So, how do I change my body without surgery?

I’m not against surgery but it wouldn’t be enough. The way I see myself isn’t human. I don’t want a new body. I want to upgrade/evolve the body I have.

I’m not talking about an idea for the weekend but my one and only goal. I will do what it takes. I’m working on it already but maybe you know it better.

Any hint?

No, that’s the only bad.

Maybe you can merge with one but then you will suffer in a male body even more.

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What do you mean with merge with one and why will I suffer more

“dna activation/light body work”

These two exactly what I’m working on full time. It has to work. Period.

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There has been a entity lurking around me or in me for a while. I call her demon assassin. Her colors are black, butter, and purple. She can appear as an insect humanoid with shiny chitin skin. She can look like thorns with magical symbols and eyes on her, like if she was a deadly plant.

It makes me suffer a bit every day that her smell isn’t on my body, neither is mine on hers as we haven’t met yet in a physical world. If we did I don’t remember.

My guardian angel is purple too, and often, she looks more like an octopus than how I imagined an angel. I saw her again and again for months before I realized she was an angel. Sometimes, it crosses my mind she and the demon assassin entity might be the same.

Either way, it makes me sad we didn’t sleep together physically.

Since I have more common in me with reptiles than with humans, I do everything to figure out how to transform my human-looking body.

The more non-human energy you have in you, the more embarrassing it is to look like a human, even if you love your body, which I do.

That’s why I want to upgrade it or unfold its capacities instead of getting another.

By the way, if you want to be a woman, be a woman. It starts in your mind.

At least, change your clothes. It does help. If you cannot, change your underwear. Also, remove all your body hair. You will feel the difference in an instant.


Big d**k energy :joy:


I didn’t yet read this wonderful topic to its end, but I think I can already provide an advice from my side of the field, if I can? First things first - I have created account here just now, wanting to reply, I was only looking into some ways (once again) to evaluate what I call my soul, at least for the fantasy of it and I’ve come up on your topic which turned out to be really… sustaining?
I am only affectionate when it comes to this (I consider most of magic to be headology), but I at the same time believe that even science theoretically supports existence of whole another worlds filled with what we call demons or spirits or whatever - that being another universes with kinda different sets of physical laws. Maybe they can overlap into each other at times. I am fond and terrified of such idea at the same time. Jeez!
Now, I believe my soul to be fierce, laced with fire and cat-like (hence was I interested in your post :D), if I were to look like my soul, I would look much different (buuuuut plastic surgeries these days would provide even that!), but it has nothing to do with having gender dysphoria. Latest research pretty much shows that it is gene related and it actively changes development of certain parts of body (now this is some weird thing - they have found out it changes your neural system for example - you literally develop as a woman inside, if women had green brains and men blue ones, you would have green brain and a male body). While it is a physical disability, let’s say, ask your question like this - if I was blind from birth what magic can I use to restore my sight? If I had a tumor what magic can I use to get rid of it? From what I’ve seen in this topic, most people here would tell you - get a surgery and use the magic to subtle manipulate the outcome in your favor, that’s the best way you can manipulate a realm of matter. (Please, guys, forgive me if that is a wrong assumption).
I am not telling you something entirely out of books, I am talking out of experience as well. Some six years ago I was looking into a goddam spell on the internet :smiley: to turn me into a perfect woman as well… there’s none aside from scalpel and pills, and there’s no perfect woman, really. I then searched for a different kind of magic - a prayer, a prayer to whatever deity you choose to draw upon to give you strength and will to do it, and I think it worked… I think she even pushed me to do it or else. And I did think it was impossible, due to my body, my mind, people around me, but in the end… well a sincere prayer is just as strong as a spitting curse. (and I totally did fokkin’ curse that goddamn doctor who was waiting for me to put money on the table before he even considered treating me two years ago!)
I realize I might not add much to the topic, but I was sincere and I felt my perspective and experience might help. Prayer might be primitive, but all the more powerful, I think.

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Hi, DarkestKnight! I’ve done so now, thank you and Velenos for alerting me of that. :slight_smile:

Hello @issam…as I read your posts actually do you mind if i offer a advice? Please dont take it if you dont want it.
Personally most of my past lives that i am aware of are as a female or feminine energy and I radiate extreme feminine energy where people who have never met me think that I am female and personally it’s okay… you see I believe that we are born in specific bodies for a purpose… for eg being male doesn’t stop me from being feminine…I am still feminine and its totally okay to me…people tend to say but I dont mind because ik it’s my life and its okay to be feminine or masculine…I never myself consider an option for becoming a female…if I just want to put some makeup on…I’ll do that in this male body I am! So I want to say no matter who you are,what kind of energy your soul is…its okay! You can be masculine while being in female body and vice versa! You are free to express yourself in the way you want and remember you are in this specific body for a purpose​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1::grin::blush:
Wishing you best of luck!

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My plan is to transform into female form in the afterlife. With the imperfect means we have at our disposal in this material universe, the withering beauty and short life span of our bodies, not to mention our course world being so much less than sublime, I consider the attempt at transforming from male to female in this lifetime to be just a huge waste of time and energy.

We’re all soon to be dead anyway (and personally I cannot wait!!!).

By the way, when issam wrote about becoming a woman in the astral, maybe he actually meant to ask about the afterlife, and the possibilities of becoming a female when he was dead?

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Hello Morana,

I should add that in the above post, I’m speaking about myself, and that the reason I feel the way I do perhaps is mainly because I am no longer young in any way. I’ll be 51 this year, and I reckon I might have 20 years left to live. If you’re younger than that, especially considerably younger, and your practical life circumstances would allow a MtF transformation, I’m not surprised people choose to go for it.

The advantage not least being, it appears to me, that you’ll already have practical life experience being a woman when it’s time to leave this Earth.

Please let me conclude by congratulating you to how your goddess essentially forced you into doing what you always wanted. You must be loved.

Yours affectionately,

That’s something you bring up with her.