Move to a new location spell

Anyone know this? I know its kind of a repeat thread from my last but noone answered.

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I noticed you joined us November 18, 2018 please do a proper introduction to the forum, tell us more about yourself and your magical interests, background and experiences, it is a BALG rule.

Check out this link for details:

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@lawclerk He has already done an introduction.

@mauricio Please do not open a duplicate topic just because no one answered in your first one. It is against forum rules. People will answer as they will.

Edit: I have flagged the previous thread for deletion by the moderators.


While technically true on the intro I wondered if the two short sentances really qualified? Very little detail or info.

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He’s young and a complete beginner in magick, which shows in his topics and his questions. We don’t need to know anything more, really. But just in case, @Lady_Eva is the final arbiter.


Thank you thats all i need to know.

What kind of spell are you looking for, one that teleports you to a different location or one that manifests in the near future a place to live?


A place to live where I wanna live