Demons that can control time and luck

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To my questions: Is there a demon in Goetia or some other texts that controls time and luck? I am working with great King Mammon and in near future i would like to work with King Clauneck as i want to become wealthy and rich but iam not sure if they are the right spirits to work with if i want to boost my luck in gambling and life I know they bring wealth riches and success in buisness In internet you find many stuff about them some are same some are not. I read and heard that for gambling is good spirit Valac as he-she can give you lucky numbers Is it true?

Now 2 question Is there a demon who controls time and can teach me time travel i do not need to go far just 24h in the past or future because i have not found demon-spirit like that.

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Let the great king Mammon bless you

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No, if you want an entity remotely tied to time then look into the Primordial Gods of time like Chronos or Heh/Hauhet. However, you won’t literally go forwards or backwards in time. But there’s precognition which is seeing into the future and retrocognition which is seeing into the past.


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Just ask the demons, they know more what they can do. why are you asking lowly human beings? go to the source. mwhaa mwhaa mwhaa…

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Krona Ayon and Fortuna.

Be also blessed, Mammon, by the mighty KEKK!

it also holds a section on mammon.

since you’*ve asked about mammon,
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Vex Novi.

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I work mostly With Saturn/kronos for time manipulation and luck. He can put a restriction on bad luck in your life.
You let him possess you and stuff

Any demon can control the time as they are not bound with time like us ; but what you need as far as I see is remote viewing. So that you can pick the winner . Lyn Buchanan courses are awesome.

Metatron may help with your sincere request ; and Asmodai may help to develop your skills in any area

thx all for reply will try them

Where can i find rituals to summon him or some books about him?

Why do you call them “King” Mammon, “King” Clauneck?

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This isn’t true. Not one bit and is bound to be someone to waste a demon and their own time calling the wrong entity. They’re not bound by this world’s flow of time but doesn’t mean they can manipulate it. That’s trying to compare a two things unrelated and hoping for the best.

exactly time is an illusion

Not exactly what I meant but…lol it works I guess lol.

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For gambling have a bat heart shrew in red linen start a charcoal fire then put oban uban into fire after hang in your right hand near shoulder go

Because in the sources i have seen they are described as royalty and kings of hell

Hail Mammon

I dont like to be possed but maybe there is a spell or ritual that can help me to summon him and make a deal,

For time and luck manipulation I’d check with Arachne to view possible Future outcomes of the situation, then utilize spirits of Jupiter and Saturn to influence and pull the strings in my favor. You can use your astrology chart to know your energetic strengths and weaknesses. Jupiter- luck and wealth, saturn- your work ethic and ability to rule your life.

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