I am spiritually attacking and vampryrizing people against my will

So I gaining a lot of power through this unfortunate event. Are there any meditations I should be doing to discipline my self through gaining this power. The same thing that happened to V.K. jehannum is happening to me he actually has a video on it. https://youtu.be/WuQFgjHyavs So I found ways to cope with it is there any other ways that you guys would know on how I can meditate, visualize, or cope with this experience? I can’t just ignore because it won’t go away if I do that. I just need ways I can deal with all this power hitting me at once. Is there anyway I can remove the curses I put on my self. Or make myself not curse my self in the first place. I’d appreciate any feedback.


What your saying defies logic. Your will and intent are foremost in the practice of magic. What type of rituals are you performing?


I do a lot of vk jehannum’s rituals and I can guarantee you I’m telling the truth. A lot of magick ‘defies logic’ it gets to the point where I can not control my intent to well

I can also tell you this was happening to me before V.K. even made that video.

Again, i am asking you a question, can you give me a direct, specific response? What ritual were you performing? I am not asking about the source of the rituals or a video.

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I do a lot of rituals that have to do with increasing your Magickal power and various other rituals too many to name

I’m guessing that’s the source of my problem

I do a lot of invocations and evocations also

I’m sorry if I came off as rude

Ok but what did you actually do

I would perform a strong shielding casting and call upon your patron deity to shield to recind all hexes, curses and start completely over. I would perform a divination and ask for guidance.

Also please do a proper introduction to the forum, tell us a little more about yourself and your magical interests, background and experiences, it is a BALG rule.

Check out this link:

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Thank you I will try this and I already introduced my self

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my friend had this problem too.
i told him to take a bit of break
and re-focus and find the intent in his subconcious and clear it

dantalion helped him to control it

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I’ll take that in mind

Thank you it’s very helpful