Intro - Summoning a Hellhound - How do I do it?

Hi, newbie here…
While I may be Satan’s daughter, father hasn’t taught me anything and left me to fend for myself…
I was thinking of summoning a demonic companion and thought of a hellhound. How would I do that?

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I’m only fourteen but I’ve been dabbling in black magick for about three years however it’s only basic stuff like seances as I live in a religious household and can’t purchase my own tools. I have had several ghost experiences and I’m interested in communicating with spirits and demons. I have an end goal of perfecting other worldly communication and summoning and perhaps write a book/grimoir.
I’m struggling to find a place away from my family that’ll allow me to practice my magick in peace.

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Sorry, it’s literally my first day on this forum, dont entirely understand everything yet.

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Welcome to BALG.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

hello welcome