What's your relationship with Lilith like?

Strange combination for me personally.

Motherly - always felt Lilith and had an experience as a kid when she came to my aid.
Teacher - shes working with me.

Very sensual - i cant help but desire her

She is the ultimate Goddess to me

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She ended up as a Mother figure for me too and a very protective one. I might love her more than I love my actual physical mom lol.

And I made the decision to introduced Lilith to my sister and she was sooooooold. She loves Lilith as much too.

I’ve considered making her my matron but she in my face rejected me.

She seems good to me. Very friendly. She always sends a succubus when I ask for one.

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she is friendly and lovely and very carying and patient,i love her a lot!

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I have two of Lilith sigils tattooed on me, she is special. For me, she is good. Lilith represents power, she represent that women needs to take more controls.

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I dont have a relationship. With her yet nothing to brag about anyways but everytime i see her shes there with my succubus as a mother figure


I heard a friend on the forum talk about her in that way too. I have a positive feeling about her. Very warm. Energy can wake up lust feelings but I only had one experience where I felt aroused. Mostly she is warm and caring.


I know the drill. Lucifer said I had to evoke her. Because I was afraid too.
But Lucifer was there on the first evocation and it was great learning to know each other in that way. He introduced me. And after that no fear anymore.

I like the point you’re making. I have conversations with them . Lilith is still quite new to me so I need to keep that in mind, not always talk about our working but just talk… On the other hand she wants me to work on myself, love myself, so she respects what I achieve in that. And yes I make mistakes. But when I get back on track she really appreciates that.


For many years I avoided to contact her thinking it would have been suicidal, at least for someone probably not far from a neophyte’s level.
Recently I “channeled” Lilith two or three times, asking some questions. It’s a normal relationship, although she proposed me to somewhat subject to her, and I don’t know if I should have accepted immediately or did well by deciding to wait and thinking about it.

She’s really wonderful at helping people grow, patient too- not too much, but just the right amount.


It’s absolutely fine that you thought about it rather than accepting and then later on going back on your word because you decided you weren’t ready. Nothing wrong with taking your time


Indeed: I thought “At least, better this than that” :slight_smile:

why Lilith rejected you? did she explained why?

I’d invoke her rather than evoke. She doesn’t like to be commanded she prefers to be invited in. :wink:

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Goddess Lilith is a very loving Spirit-Wife but she can also be stern when she needs to get the point across. Similar to a human woman that’s not a human. Oh yeah she loves to eat that Goddess has an appetite and is an omnivore.

She is the silent type with me, gives me hard enarned lessons and challenges me to overcome my fears. She is darkness emanating. She has been with me all my life, especially in her most common form as Arachnid Lilith with tarantulas. I don’t quite understand her ways of shaping my life. She has appeared many times in my life especially mirroring myself, but in a taller more beautiful version of me as the most sweetest loving mother. (I love all of her aspects, but her motherly side is most comfortable for me :sweat_smile:) I am a mother as well and she loves my son also. She is forever mysterious. She has a sense of dark humor as well.

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You mean the Magdalene bloodline, or Holy grail bloodline?

You’re saying your bloodline can be traced to the beginning of time?

me also i am of Magdalene bloodline and jesus bloodline
and much more.
i find with genealogic tree search and dna search