Two bloodpacts on one day

Hey guys, i’m new here. Has any one of you made two different pacts for yourself on one day, and is that fine? Or should you wait at least a day before you make a pact with a second spirit?


If you think you can you can!!!


Well, how about we get you to Introduce yourself to us first :slight_smile:

Its one of our rules :wink:

As for the topic, yes, you can do as much as you think you can handle.



Hy Baron ,their is absolutely no problem with that ,the only problem with making pacts in quick succession is that for one , its rare that you formulate an agreement and the demon accepts it.
Many times they reject it and burgain on rewriting the pact .Why ? A carefully drawn out pact mostly works in the mages favour not the demons .
Plus you’ll need to live up to your end of the bargain .
If you feel you can handle both or more at once you can even have them pacted at hourly or even minute after pacting the other .
But as this is hard take a week or month to ease into the first then embark on the other .
Some spirits are just bad news if you don’t live up to the agreement .

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