Success with Duke Sallos

You think? With the best will in the world what do you want a Goetic to do? Rearrange time and space like Tetris just for you? You can’t stipulate “I want her within two weeks” - do you realise how powerful these entities are? Time means nothing to them.

You aren’t project managing them.

He is giving you assistance commensurate with your respect for him. As @dollarvaluemenu advised you need to establish a relationship - Duke Sallos is your very rich patron who can invest his time, effort and resources in what you want. You are the one buying him whiskey and cigars to keep him on your side and assisting you but only once you have a relationship. No one likes a brown nose.


Good point thank you

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I did recently read about having a remote group invoke and evoke Duke Sallos for a single purpose. Like in the case for my benefit. And in exchange for desires of others. Has anyone here ever heard of doing a mass invocation evocation, to aid another? Seems to be far more a powerful option than a spell? Any advise…

I just laughed so hard dude !

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Hi !
So I’m new in most of that things (But I practice witchcraft) and I want to make a petition with Sallos, but I don’t know… Can you help me ?

Please be kind enough to post an introduction in our Intro thread here:

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Oh, sorry !
:slight_smile: I made it now

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Defiantly my favorite dietys of the Goetia! I’d (personally) would use his sigil and gaze into it and have some sandlewood incense going and petition to him what you desire when you feel his presence. I’d even have red candles and a cup of whisky or crown royal for him after the petition!

He’s super kind and will come. Just be nice and thankful !


Last night when i was meditating, i started calling duke sallos to tell me the ways to communicate with him. At that instance a figure in golden light appeared in front of me, but then i tried to open my eyes. but i cudnt as my head was very heavy. After some time i felt like being normal and opened my eyes. Was it duke sallos telling me something or it was his presence.?? also i wanna know that is it necessary to have third eye open while evocating such dietys. please help.

I don’t think it’s necessary to have your third eye open. As much as it is important to simply focus on the deity and the desire you wish to accomplish. Duke Sallos is relatively easy to work with as long as your true to he and yourself.


I will worship him until my last breath


Hi i need your advice .once you offer wine to sallos and the pact or ritual is done do you drink the wine later in name of sallos or discard it

You never drink something you offered to a spirit. You dispose of it, usually by pouring it out upon the Earth.


Ty so much for the reply😊

With me this isn’t true. The spirits always have me drink whatever I offered and they experience it through me. You can really tell the difference. A shot of whiskey for example has almost no taste.

I guess it comes down to what they want and your relationship with them.


Exactly. If the drink is offered to the spirit, you dispose of it, but if the experience of the drink is what is offered, then you drink it so the spirit experiences it through you.


ok ok ok.
So I just did some sigil magick with Duke Sallos.

I am new at this and have read alot to do with Duke Sallos.

*as I drew his sigil and chanted ‘Alash’ chant.
*once done i sat up, gazed at his sigil and chanted his enn.
*his sigil started glowing and all vision outside of the sigil blurred as his sigil glowed and flashed.
*I was visioning what I wanted with this person and as i did it I did get erect.
*I then verbalised by thanking him for coming, telling him what I wanted and how, what I would offer once the task is complete. and then thanked him again and let him leave to see to it.

I never heard any verbal reply but felt like I could feel a yes vibe and then a so it is done.

any thoughts on this?


Sounds legit

Sounds right!

so it didn’t work.

maybe I didn’t give a reasonable time frame or maybe im just not there yet in this field.

I need to read more on invocation and evocation. I have got the course on evocation but still can’t scry lol.