Archangel Raphael

Hello, does anyone knows how can i work with archangel raphael? I heard he is best when it comes to healing if sickness. thank you many blessing.


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This is written about elsewhere in the forum for sure, but Archangel Raphael and the daemon Buer (he’s mentioned in the Goetia) are in my experience great for healing. They are certainly different though!


He has a very nice healing energy, I use his seal in my room and it creates a nice aura that I can mediate with whenever and it causes your right muscles etc to melt away.


how can i work with archangel raphael do i need to perform a specifoc ritial?thanknu

thank you somuch. i want to heal my swollen sinusitis and allergies coz im having a hard time t
o focus on my studies huhu. is there a specific enn that i need to chan? many blessings!

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No you don’t need to chant en enn.

I feel with you, I’m having sinusitis at least once a year, since I had it really bad a few years ago and did not pay enough attention to it. Now it’s coming back again and again.

Remember to drink a lot of water.
Good luck to you. :sparkles:


You can try Marbas, he’s quicker

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thank you always drink alot of water but i dont feel okay. everytime i sneeze my nasal passage swollen. anyway thank you so much take care and blessings stay safe!

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thank you! does he have sigil?

Here is Buer’s sigil

And Mardas’s Sigil

Depends on the person, what spirit you connect with more easily, the situation etc.

Some say Angels work slower than Demons. In my experience, Angels can work extremely fast, a day after the working was the fastest for me (For outside change).


thank u so much do i need to call them at the same day?thank u again

You don’t have to in the same day, but it may be better to do it in the same day just to get it done. Do each ritual separate though.

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thank you so much! what color of candle should i use?

is it okay if I just draw his sigil and keep it? and how many days do i have to perform my ritual?

You can invoke/evoke, but also meditation works well. There are several prayers on YouTube dedicated to praying with him as the Christians tend to enjoy those things. You can also just open his seal and say a prayer for him to come into your space and speak with him that way. If you’re inexperienced I suggest turning out the lights, using candles/incense and maybe having a pendulum or scrying mirror, or other forms of communication that don’t rely just on being able to hear his “words.” Sometimes, especially at the beginning, it’s hard to trust what you feel.

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thank you how will i know if he accept my request and offer?

have you ever tried to ask archangel raphael to heal your sinusitis?

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