Obsession jar spell aftermath

One of the basic psychic self-defenses/spells is for energy to return from where it came. Assuming your own home wards and psychic self-defense techniques are up to par, I think the backfiring effect is minimal (I’ve never had it backfired to me personally, so this is my theoretical understanding). You probably want to check planetary days, moon phases, retrogrades, etc if your system of magick is highly influenced by them as it is easier to go with the flow of a stream instead of walking against it.


Outstanding!!! Thank you, kindly.

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If you havent heard of it you could try to create it. I like the idea of that :crazy_face:

Youre speaking too soon. You should delete this post so you don’t break your spell, you shouldn’t talk about active Magick rituals until after you’ve gotten your result. All that crap that you experience in between doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get the result. So be careful your not lusting for the result

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Well, I feel the things one may feel after casting a spell should not be overlooked. I mean, not all of us can see / hear demons (not yet at least :sweat_smile:) so all the “crap” that happens afterwards, whether it’s feelings, dreams, things we encounter etc…do matter.

But I agree with you when it comes to not lusting for result, this is important :slightly_smiling_face:

So, just wanna give a little update.
Target and myself have been on speaking terms for 3 days straight, which is more than we did in those last 2 months :joy:. It’s not deep convos and we are far from being back together but she’s less cold than she used to be, which is a great thing already.
Can’t be attributed to the jar spell only, as I did, and still doing, other things to try and work the situation from different perspectives but still, progress are on their way.


Can you please share how did you write the names?

Yes !
I went for the simple version.
I just wrote my name and the target name below mine :slightly_smiling_face:

But there are a lot of different ways, like you could write your target’s name and yours on top of it or crossing it, just whatever you feel like.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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@Alexane22 how are things now ?
any updates?

Not the best :sweat_smile:

I mean, we are on speaking term so it could be worse. Some days it’s ok, some days she’s cold.
But there are many issues that an obsession jar spell alone can’t solve.
Patience is key :slight_smile:

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You should work with Duke Sallos. Light your red candle for the duke. Make a sygil. Activate the sygil. Write your petition and burn it when you are done.


I heard many praises about him ! I haven’t worked with him yet but I might definitely consider it :slight_smile:

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I am in the same situation as far as how she communicates with me I have done the obsession spell and the honey jar as well and it’s hot and cold I am not giving up and will continue to try new spells as I go on… Hope it works for you as well

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Best of luck to you :slightly_smiling_face:

How did it work for you eventually

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Not that much but looking back, I wasn’t in the right mindset for it to work.
You live and you learn :slight_smile:

@Alexane22 hi! any updates

Hi :slight_smile:
Not much to be discussed but like I said, my mindset was not the right one to be in at the time :slight_smile: