Apollon with contract

I want to make a deal to be an artist and write better lyrics this god how can be invited Do you have a book about the invitation?

By Apollon you mean Apollo? if so here’s his hymns:

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so how can i invite her

Apollo is male and in Greek the Gods used Hymns to be evoked rather than sigils.


I want to meet directly, man, isn’t there a way for it like a ritual?

Some offerings are good when you want to establish contact. I have a song that I use as a tribute to him

You do know an evocation is a direct meeting right? unless you can etheric project that’s your option lol.

I’m not trying to be rude but you thought apollo was a girl. And you don’t know evocation is call the spirit to you face to face. I think you should learn a lot more about an entity before summoning


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