Help required, probably crossed/cursed *Long Post*

How do you have a spiritual cleansing bath? Which talisman should I use or wear for protection?


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The best talisman are created yourself! Of course you can buy one from a metaphysical shop, but I’m certain they are not as potent. I’m not sure what kind of magick you practice, but I prefer making a Hoodoo jar style talisman. However, there are so many different types of talismans you can create, I’d suggest doing some research and seeing what elements/magick you’d like to work with. I have one buried on property and one I carry in my purse. Anyone sending negative energy toward me will have to get through my protective circle first, which would be considerably hard because of how much work I have put into them over time. I’m attaching a link to a style of one I really like that one of my favorite witches (who actually works with EA occasionally) made a video on. I’ve had great success with it so far.

Spiritual baths can be simple or as elaborate as you want. In the most basic form, you should completely clean yourself in a shower or bath prior. You should also clean your actual bathroom and room, there’s a reason why they say “cleanliness is next to godliness.” Then, add about a pound of salt (any salt will do) to a warm bath. Salt is considered the most pure, clean substance on earth. Therefore, it is very effective at cleansing our bodies and minds of unwanted energies. I’d suggest soaking for at least 15 minutes, then relax, unwind and try mediating. If I’m feeling like being more elaborate, I’ll spiritually cleanse my space first by smudging with sage or some other type of cleansing herb. Then, I’ll light some candles, burn some incense, and add some essential oils and/or herbs, and/or crystals to the water that correspond to what I’m trying to achieve out of my bath. Most metaphysical shops actually sell pre-consecrated herb and salt blends for specific purposes, so that is something you could look into.

One more thing: protective crystals. I’d suggest amethyst or fluorite, which are amazing for protecting from psychic attack. Make sure you cleanse it first in salt water or sage smoke and then charge it with the intent to protect your aura from the affects of hexes/attacks/bad juju. Also, clear quartz is a great multi-purpose crystal that is amazing at absorbing bad energy of any sort.

Hope this helps!



A hex is best when it’s put to the test
Gotta do your best to put it to rest
Seek the physician, as they say, time will tell
Call that old Hermes/Thoth or maybe Azazel

Know anyone named Robert? Or close to that? Or translates to that? Getting a “robert” vibe.
You’re the first person I’ve read who feels like they are indeed cursed by someone. So much that, using my usual method, I backed the fuck out of there for concern of some of that black film sticking to my particles.

Definitely follow @Fuego1’s advice. But I’d also figure out a good physician-healer entity to invoke and beseech to rid you of the ailment and curse both.


@Maarij I will start sending today.


@levilevi Thank you soo much for taking the time out and assisting. In my asian culture we don’t have names like Robert etc but maybe something that vibes/rhymes with bert, cannot recall a name along the lines as such at the moment

The reason I feel I might have been cursed/crossed is because of the Sword Banishing ritual I did from Damon Brand’s book really helped in the first few days and I actually felt better in years, plus since nothing is showing up on the reports/medical tests even one of the Doctors told me to seek some spiritual help and to quote him “Curses are gonna show up in our tests” lol

When you say some black residue trying to stick to you, you mean that there is something after me or I am hexed etc??



Feels like a curse/hex/call-it-what-you-will, yes.

One question: what’s your stress level like? A lot of what you’re going through can be caused by inordinate levels of stress. I’m sure that stressing about the condition itself doesn’t help!

As mentioned, try invoking an entity that specializes in healing arts.


I sense something negative related to an older female influence.

I sense you are more good looking than the people around you and regularly get the evil eye.
There is a curse involving binding and pollution of blood.

A possible angry ex or a jealous older woman.Could be a relative, maid or neighbour.Possible conflict or infatuation.

Antibiotics will not help, the blood must be cleaned.

Go non-veg for 40 days, try fasting on Tuesdays and eat four to five cucumbers daily.

While you are eating non-veg and/ fasting, you will know how this started and who’s the culprit.

When you get a clue , send me an open message here.

What you have on your face is a sign of an evil curse.


@levilevi Yes stress has been part of my life for a long time and all this has increased it more, it stems from a turbulent childhood and life in general throughout, along with suffering!


@Lotuslouvena Whoa, you have connected the dots quite significantly!

Yes, I have what I can term as distinct features aesthetically compared to my family members and siblings, I indeed get a lot of evil eye and ever since my teenage years uptil now (I am 29) every time I am out on the road or walking etc people in general tend to look at me and check me out (not in a sexual way) but where it bothers me a lot and I sometimes wish I could stop and ask them what actually is wrong or what are you guys actually trying to gauge on my body
I workout etc and as soon as I reach a decent physique, something happens and I get sick all of sudden and my health starts to decline; this happens so often that I avoid gaining muscle mass because I fear the backlash. Last year I recall this incident specifically where I was out with a friend at night at this food street and a lot of people would again see me and then for some reason look at my feet, after which their facial expression would change as if they have some sort of grudge against me, it happened so many times within a span of a few hours that I asked my friend if everything on my face was alright and was checking if my pants are unzipped etc. Once I reached home and went to sleep, I wake up in the middle of the night with extremely high fever and my bed sheet soaking wet in my sweat, it took me a week to recover from that!

Part of me still has a hard time in accepting the reality of Evil Eye, I mean you have Tom Cruise, John Cena, Brad Pitt and all these handsome models and celebrities all over the world with the best bodies and God like lifestyles which even Gods would envy, how come they don’t get evil eye and suffer from this phenomena?

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I am part of a very dysfunctional family which has been the bane of my existence, have suffered through out my life to this day; a turbulent childhood and teenage years of trauma with isolated adult life engulfed in serving corporate masters as means of escape

My mother left when I was 12, had been living with an abusive father till the age of 18 after which I was kicked out and lived on my own for three years, during which I tried contacting my mother and siblings to reconcile. I met my mother back in 2009; the first thing she asked me was for a unwashed clothing worn by me as according to her she wanted to give it to a spiritual healer who can heal me, and I actually gave her one of my T-shirts as I thought she being a mother would want something good from this for me

Local black magicians use sweat as means to curse or bind someone here, and when I told one of my teachers about this he was very angry that I gave my T-shirt which could be used for such purposes and contained my body sweat/odor

As for my mother, there is hardly any maternal love from her side which I realized later and all she was and is after is money. I pay her almost every month since but avoid meeting her in-person because of her negative traits and selfishness, I only keep in touch with her over the phone and send her money etc. In my family there was alot of Black Magic practices involved mostly from my maternal side which I got to know about while growing up

As for older women, I can only think of my mom or her mother i.e my granny who actually died back in 2010 and I was on good terms with her so I wouldn’t suspect her in the picture, never been in a relationship either so no ex-lovers or mates etc. An envious random woman maybe but obviously I won’t able to figure it out! When you say older woman, can you give an age bracket/reference ??

Since I have tried all possible conventional medicine treatments and nothing is showing up in tests etc, people are now advising me to search for alternative healing methods and the majority of them have stated that there might be something inside my blood and I should cleanse my blood or try purifying it and I have already started a herbal medicine for the purpose even though all my blood tests reports are completely okay, red and white blood cell count, iron levels, no bacteria detected etc

When you say non-veg, you want me to eat meat all day long? And fast the entire day of Tuesday with only water?

Thank you for your insight, really means alot!

The Mother is looking suspicious. But why would she want to curse you if you’re giving her money? You’re not on any paperwork where she benefits if something happens to you, is she? Like life insurance or anything?

Sorry I meant, veg, I must have made a typo.Let me elaborate as I know exactly whats happened here.The meat is making your boil on the face worse, so you need to cut it out first.

It is partially coming from your mother.An older woman could be a coworker or anyone (even a succubus) with evil feminine energy around.If you are in India, the mother was looking to bind you for money and also to prevent your marriage so she could continue getting money.Another indication could be that the sexual energy coming from you is being used by a succubus to grow and further damage you.This succubus could have been released by that Aamil.

Not sure if you are Muslim or Hindu but here is what you need to do now.

(1) Avoid Non-Veg.I mean meat and milk is not something you will have for 3 months.Scientific reason being that allergy and blood cells change in 3 months.You need to “shed” these old cells.Old cells are carrying ill effects of magic, coming from 2009.Change your entire body blood and cell set up by alkalising it.80% of the time it breaks the link.

(2) Detox and try to lose 1-2 pounds of weight.Drink strawberries mixed with water and honey.

(3) Never eat from your mother’s house again or accept any treats from her.Never allow her in your apartment either.Announce you are busy in a project or something at work.

(4) Now take a bottle of ammonia which is sold as a cleaning agent.Wash your house every day with a few drops of it in a pail of water.Don’t allow relatives or friends in your house too often.I would even suggest a change of accommodation.

(5) Change your city and job occupation.

(6) Look for a good Vedic astrologer to find a good time and match for marriage.Keep your first born away from your mother and family.You will be tempted to rejoin them many times.Its an illusion.You are on your own.Make your own heaven.Try and ask your astrologer if you have chances of going abroad.

(7) Now coming back to my point about Veg.Meat and Diary are not good for blood purification if you are doing a rush detox.Avoid gas creating foods which will cause further skin boils.

(8) Every two days, place a few drops of ammonia in bath water and imagine the dirt clinging to you going away.Whatever is feeding on your energy is using your suppressed sexual energies to weaken you.If it helps, masturbate regularly. A healthy sexual relationship with a wife could do wonders.

People in Asia, especially older women have a problem of staring.Its nothing to be paranoid about.If you are going to be slightly fair skinned or good looking in a crowd of dark skinned people you should be prepared to be stared at . Its not envy and not everybody means ill.Its just the way people are in different parts of the world.

Imagine being really tall and going to China? yes like that.Not everyone is tall there so being tall is a rare thing.

So for the next three months, its all exercise, detoxing, no meat, no milk and no junk food and lots of cucumbers.Cucumbers do a good job of cleaning the liver and boosting new blood.

All of this is important before you delve into the more interesting world of sorcery and magic.Somewhere down the lane, the spirits will show you exactly what got you ill.From Suffering comes patience and from patience comes a change to more positive roads.


Please correct this to Vegetarian food. No Non-veg for you.

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@Castalia She wants the children to be influenced by her/ on her side so that once my Dad’s die (he is border lining 80) she can get a share in inheritance etc since she left 18 years ago and is formally divorced by my dad hence cannot claim anything

I agree with the others. It sounds like your Mother has done some sort of binding/crossing on you to financially benefit off of you and your Father, despite having shirked her earlier responsibilities to be a part of the portion of the family that you two belong to.

I agree that she shouldn’t be invited into your living space anymore, lest she leave something energetic on you or takes something with your sweat on it again, and you shouldn’t eat her cooking in case she put anything energetic in it to harm or bind you.

I doubt that the run-down feelings and the folliculitis we’re even the goal she set out for. I imagine that she sought to bind you and your resources to herself, and the physical symptoms are just your deeper immune system reacting to the magic and getting burnt out (and unable to tackle other issues like your boil) because our physical immune systems can’t do much about magic. If you don’t get the magic nipped, it could create a chronic immune system issue.

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@Castalia So what strategies would you suggest as preventive measures for long term solution to this?

You may need to find a good curse-lifter. Maybe ask around for someone reputable. Everyone else was making good suggestions for upkeep too, like salt baths and smudging, and controlling stress levels. Maybe make overtures of friendship to a healing and/or protective entity.

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Try getting a bottle of witch hazel and applying to the bottom of your feet, under your armpits (not directly on your armpits for they release toxins and need to breath to do so.) and, behind your ears twice a day for 8-10 consecutive days (stop if it dries your skin to much) and applying a calendula salve to the same places once the witch hazel is dry.

Tea time: If you have access to herbs in bulk get you hands on some… Clove buds, cinnamon sticks, marshmallow (Althea officinalis) and, ginger root.
add ingredients (handful of each, 2-3 cinna sticks) into large pot of water, bring to boil on high then let simmer on medium for 30 mins. and enjoy one to two times a day for as many day as you like.

Bath time: ( if you don’t have a bathtub use a pot and just soak your feet) draw yourself up a bath, as hot as you can handle, and add Oregano oil extract, tea tree oil extract, some of the marshmallow you acquired for the tea and, thyme oil extract. (when draining tub put something down to catch the loose herbs) only add a couple drops of each extract as they tend to be very potent. Then soak till water goes cold.

note: your antibiotics could be getting rid of helpful bacteria and lowering your body’s natural ability to fight infections.

Ritual items to acquire: Turmeric, honey, sage, paper, a pen, white candle, lighter, two cups, water and, a bowl of dirt.

Preparations: First up, bathe yourself, it is important to clean yourself in order to set the mood of change, cleansing and, health. Put on nice clean clothes as well. Second, mix turmeric and honey together in a small mixing bowl. Third put water into ONE of the two cups. Lastly get all items assorted comfortably in front of or near you.

The life changing ritual: (Read carefully) Once you have acquired the items and made your preparations turn of all lights (if it is light outside that is fine, sunshine is always welcome!)
Light your candle to start ritual. kneel before your lit candle. While kneeling stare into the candle and apply your honey turmeric mixture to you forehead just between your eyebrows then, to your chin, right temple and then, left temple. (save what is left of the mixture you’ll need it for later)

Call upon any deity of protection you feel comfortable invoking, and whilst still on your knees pray.
Pray to the ‘All’ the divine energy that is all things (Or deity/god/universe that you believe in/have most faith in) Ask for prosperity, health, longevity, love and, light. While praying use your words with conviction and sincerity. Choose your words wisely, you don’t have to worry too much on choice of words as the gods are forgiving, just be sure of what you’re saying.

Once you’ve finished your prayer, write EXACTLY what you wish for in as few words possible, on the paper. Then set the paper down (we’ll get back to it later).

Take your sage and light it on fire, smudge your area thoroughly. Your lit sage represents your connection to earth, fire and, air. While smudging proclaim out loud " From thee earth that holds thy ember, let thy ember burn. If thee air doth pleases, feed thy embers flame. Let thy fire cleanse thou. Let thy fire change thou. Let thy fire consume all, till thy fire burns out."
Once finish put the sage out.

Now return to your paper, burn it over the candle and catch the ashes with your bowl of dirt. While burning it pay attention to the the smoke as it rises and travels into the atmosphere. Think of how your words and wishes are in that smoke, think of the message you’re sending.

Now go to your water in your cup and meditate on your current situation while staring into the water. Then put your situation into one word. When you think you have found the word that properly portrays your situation, say it out loud.

Now go to your empty cup. Look at its emptiness, think of all it could be filled with, all its potential. Meditate on its many possibilities, all the positive energy it can contain. Think of a future you would have if you didn’t have your current situation. Think of what you wish to change.
Now find one word that encaptures the essence of that change/future. (Don’t say it out loud just yet…)

Take the glass of water and poor it into the empty cup, while doing so focus on the shifting current, on the flow of the water. As you transfer it to the empty cup, visualize it transforming to its full potential. Listen as the water flows and moves. Drifting into its new form.

Once the water is in the new cup, look at it and know it is embodiment of the future that is now present.
Say your word that you previously thought up out loud while staring at the water in your new cup.
Sprinkle a small portion of the water into your bowl of dirt and ash. Then drink the rest of the water.
As it enters your body feel its embrace. Feel the change take place inside you as the water flows down your throat.

Now take your bowl of water, ash and, dirt out side along with your bowl of turmeric and honey.
Dump out dirt mixture and bury it. Place the bowl of turmeric and honey on top of the burial. Get down in front of the burial on your knees and pray to the All/gods/deities/universe but this time, only thank them when you pray, pray about your gratitude.

I hope this helps, truly!!! I pray you heal, your mental fog clears and, if anything malevolent if messing with you that your power soon deters it! Only good vibes being sent!


Before popping into threads to give advice, please introduce yourself in the Intro thread and let us know something about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is one of the rules of this forum.

My bad, sounds reasonable enough.

Hello my name is Taylor.
I’m currently in herbal medicine school and practicing botanical communication.
I’m into kabbalism and kabbalah sacred taro (which is different from aleister crowley deck)
Definitely walking the right hand path, although I have done my research into the left hand path.
Yoga and meditation are a big part of my life. Same with blood magick, spell casting (w/ major use of herbs) sigil magick and, invoking.

current struggle has been with astral projection and entering the jinn state… Despite my many and best efforts.

Hi everyone, I hope this will be sufficient enough! (edited because of misspelling)

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