Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to be here! Although My mother is a witch, i consider myself a novice. I’ve been practicing “magic” for about 20 years, but i feel like I have So little knowledge compared to most people here and I’m so eager to learn from y’all!


Welcome to the forum @Fierflie

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Good morning borgy


Welcome to the balg forum @Fierflie Welldone, and good morning to @Borgy & Good morning to @William_bey.:metal:

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Good morning @William_bey, @Bowling270

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Borgy give when you get a chance ,bless

Welcome Fierflie,

My guess is that you probably are more adapt and know more than you realize. Welcome!

Oh thank you so much for the kind words!


I dont think you have done this yet but you have to do an introduction of yourself in this topic;

Its our forum rules… But i am happy to see you here :blush:, i hope you find everything and learn everything you are after.


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