Using sigils to get what you want

i have been studying this link i found from E.A. it sounds awesome and I’m going to do it tonight. I just would like to know what everyone else thinks about it. its called , The 7 Steps For Using Spirit Sigils To Get Anything You Want… Without Fail! thanks!

Dude, please make an introduction in the Intro thread before posting any more. It is one of the forum rules and you’ve already been asked to do so in your previous post (and by the moderator no less).

Second, the article you mention by EA is the first basic step almost everyone on here does. Every time someone talks about “opening” a sigil, that is what they are talking about.

I’m not sure from this post exactly what you want to know about it. It’s not new to us. What we think about it is kind of moot since we almost all do it.


hey , sorry for earlier. if i would of knew earlier , i would of done it.

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