Alternative ways of destroying ritual remains

When you perform Hodoo rituals, jar type or similar, needing to write names on papers, can you burn the whole material remains or the papers if you do not want these names could be seen by anyone?

Yeah .

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So, all ritual remains can be destroyed, although the original spell was supposed to dispose those remains for example throwing them out at garbage? Won´t the final result be altered?

It’s better to dispose of objects involved in magick or spirituality by leaving them to the Elements, about burning maybe there aren’t risks, since for example burning a “doll” doesn’t break the related curse.

So, burning all the remains can be considered to leave them to the Elements, I suppose?

Yes, the magician may for example either bury an object, or burn it and throw the ashes to the wind.

In some texts about Hodoo I read that instead natural water currents, like rivers etc, if you live in towns, you can throw the ashes through the toilett, Do you think this is acceptable?

Perhaps it would be offensive; better the washbasin.

Thanks, I understand.

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