How to summon King Paimon

Can you tell me what happened?

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aaaaah shoot… sorry about that. thanks for flagging it though.

I deleted the flagged post and did it right this time.

As an update I drew the symbol again and this time I sang “Luck Be a Lady” and “Sympathy for The Devil” in their honor as thanks for my good fortune of the last week.

Shinri… thank you. You are a very lucid, helpful writer. And since you have been so helpful, I have a question for you. Things have started happening for me in the way of improving reputation in industry and commerce. But it all started when I drew their sigil after having researched them all day. There were no words of intent spoken or any other attempt made to contact them proper. Yet I’ve received a number of blessings and only what I can describe as “thoughts and feelings that aren’t mine” which pop into my head. Positive ones. Like I know what to say in the moment in a job interview. Or Like my worry is gone and an absolute certainty has set in… that I will be set above anyone trying to come for me in whatever way.

I’ve since given offerings of food. I make a thai peanut, pineapple, jalapeno pizza that’s delicious I thought they might like it. I bow to to the SW and thank her out loud while touching the sigil. Weird thing about the sigil I drew is I swear I can feel warmth (ever so slight) coming off the lines. That could just be me though.

I feel like have a patron, friend, and adviser in my corner now. I just don’t understand how I managed this without formalities and niceties up front is all. I mean I accept her gifts gladly and pay respect as best as I know how.

Should I be worried about this? Or just keep keeping on?


Glad to hear that you’re seeing such success! That all sounds pretty normal to me - you researched the spirit, learning about its powers and qualities, you drew her sigil, a magickal act itself, and have given offerings in gratitude for the results that you have seen.

Excellent work friend :slight_smile:

You may continue to work as you have with her (SW?) and I’m sure that you will continue to receive great help from her and any other beings that you call upon. If you ever feel that you want to take your practice to the next level, there are plenty of texts on offer here, and others that I have mentioned, that can teach you more advanced techniques and grant you access to new spirits and powers.

That being said, if you are enjoying your results, there is absolutely no need to do anything more complicated than this. The more you work with these beings, the more their power may integrate into your life, and before you know it so many things will have changed, for the better.

Another wise course of action would be to ask the spirits to guide you to expand your magickal practice. You definitely do not need to be able to directly communicate telepathically in order to receive wisdom and guidance. Such things help, and those skills will improve with time, but there are plenty of other subtle ways that the spirits may assist you without speaking to you directly as I am to you now.

Above all else, don’t worry about whether you’re doing everything right. Trust in yourself, and trust in the spirits, and everything will work out splendidly. Peace be with you friend :v:


Would you be able to just imagine the entity in front of you as you chant its name?

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You upgrade my skills
That’s it…
I wish day one to perform my fist invocation ritour…
I need him… King paimon… I will owe him something in exchange with knowledge.

Welcome to the forum, @Samhanson. Please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself:


What advice would you (or anyone that gets results, as in real, solid, no doubt about it, it’s working) but there isn’t a particular mythos/system (I’m wording a semi-abstract concept as best I can) above all others that “speaks to you/draws you”? I just want results and I feel very drawn to King Paimon and Prince Lucifer. They seem to be the demons/ancient gods that best suit me and what I’m wanting to accomplish. I also like the “kind, patient, and gentle with beginners” aspect that most practitioners speak of when talking about them. I like the fact that, as both the research I have done (quite a bit with these two entities) on them, and what others say and seem to have experienced, they will be more forgiving if I don’t do something exactly right, the fact that I don’t really have ritual materials or the means to obtain them at present (long story, but part of it has to do with me having to live with my Aunt, who basically subsidizes my existence, as I did a good job of fucking my life up in my teens, twenties, and up until my mid-late 30s. And, she is a Christian that doesn’t really understand her religion, but she definitely isn’t about my “devil worship”, as she believes the lies). I have no dedicated temple room, exactly 2 candles (a purple one,“deep lilac muguet” in a glass jar, and a white one I had to carve the bunch of “HO, HO, HO” and Christmasy shit from to have a basic (if pitted) white candle, and a dagger that was actually a Japanese Hara-Kiri dagger my Grandaddy gave me when I was about 9 or 10 (he was a WW2 combat Marine in the Pacific, fighting the Japanese, and I guess it was a war trophy).
The only time I recall even feeling a presence was when performing a ritual (very informal) that I got from someplace (I would have to even find the notebook I wrote it in to perform it again). It basically involves first summoning Scirlin (a sort of “messenger demon”), after I lit the one purple candle I have, and telling him that I wanted to form a relationship with Lucifer. You then read the words for the conjuration of Lucifer, inviting him into your dreams (where he is supposed to make first contact), asking for a connection, friendship,and the like (I also tailored it a bit and asked for open lines of communication, a good working relationship, and inviting him into my heart, life, soul, etc…) and you then tell him your desires, asking him to bring these things to you, while showing respect, and I offered him loyalty, dedication, companionship, friendship, and the like. I spoke to him a bit more, sincerely and from the heart and told him that I hope that he hears my petition, and that he comes to me and becomes part of my life. I then thanked him for hearing me and asking him for a sign if it pleased him to do so. I suddenly felt a strong, magnetic pulling that seemed to emanate from my core and into the direction I was facing. It felt so strong that I was almost kinda alarmed for a minute, but I quickly composed myself, projected no fear, and concentrated on that feeling for the several minutes it lasted. It was a good, solid feeling. I suppose it could have been my imagination but, given how strong it felt, I think it was Lucifer letting me know he heard me (no dream contact yet, very few dreams that I actually remember since I did that ritual). I then thanked Lucifer for that, and told him I hoped that he saw it fit to grant my simple desires, and told him to enjoy the offerings of imported chocolate I set in a bowl on the small table in front of me, which also had the candle and Hara-Kiri dagger, telling him that he may hang around and go as he pleases and that I was just trying to make contact and tell him my petition. I have tried similar things with King Paimon, again being respectful and speaking from the heart. With my lack of ritual materials, not really knowing a good “proper” ritual of summoning, I do what another member said they did and simply pray to both Lucifer and King Paimon.
I get a bit confused sometimes about what “learning to work with energies” actually means in practice, meditation is hard for me because a million thoughts flood into my head when I try it, and the only thing I know to do is to keep talking to these entities as if I’m having a one sided conversation (mentally when my Aunt is home, aloud when home alone). I really want to form a relationship with King Paimon and Lucifer, I’m just currently broke, live in the middle of nowhere in a rural, mountain area, have a suspended license with no vehicle, and I can’t burn incense in here even if I could ask her to pick up certain materials for me. With all these limitations in my way, how can I reach King Paimon and Lucifer (again, if that was indeed him giving me the strong, magnetic feeling) and open lines of communication with them. I have so many questions but don’t want to type a novel in this post. Hoping that someone more experienced than me can help me ( I’m not asking for someone to talk to them for me, I just need help with raising my psychic awareness so I can do it and reach them myself). Thanks to any and all who read this and answer/give pointers/ etc… My lack of access to proper materials, not knowing anyone in this rural hell hole I’ve had to move to, and my difficulty with things which seem to be well understood and easily done by others (working with energies[whatever that really means], meditation, opening 3rd eye, chakra alignment, etc… I would imagine would make things much harder, but I’m trying. I just need all the help I can get from those more experienced than me. Thanks

@TheStorm I can see how using the Solomonic method is very disrespectful, as is calling on angels, etc… But, what about the lesser anishing ritual of the pentagram, done before trying to make contact with Lucifer and King Paimon, just to make sure I don’t get a trickster spirit? It does invoke the names of 4 Arch Angels, but King Paimon himself controls 100 legions of angels (half of his 200 legions are of the order of angels), and I don’t think it would bother Lucifer, from what I’ve read and heard about him. Thoughts on using the lbrotp to make sure a “trickster” doesn’t show up and pretend to be King Paimon Lucifer, or just being a general pain in the ass (or being dark and chaotic)?

:sweat_smile: from my understanding the LBR clear the uninvited energies and whatever you intend to banish! It centers you and opens your senses! Personally I did it in front of Lucifer lol! He was still there and am like! Look at me learning this! I think he was amused? Otherwise am just so rude and delusional…

Pineapple + pizza big no no :wink:

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@MiKu So, the lbr is not offensive to King Paimon and Lucifer? The reason I ask is that it just seems a good idea to do so, making sure that when I open a door, only the spirits I want come thru. I just did a basic "saying hi to King Paimon and Lucifer. I put some chocolate in a bowl and some of the alcohol I’m sipping on in a shot glass right on the table my computer is on, bidding them welcome and to please partake of the offerings I set before me ( it’s 4 Loko Gold. The chocolate is just some little Hershey bars Cheap stuff, but it’s what I’m drinking and what I have at the moment). I’m hoping they hear me, join me, and enjoy the offerings, as it was just an informal “hello”. I was watching T.V. when, for some reason, I felt compelled to do this. Could that be them talking to me? It was a strong enough compulsion that all I could think of was “I should make an offering and say hi”, so I paused the movie, set the offerings on the table (which is a mess right now), and talked to them, particularly King Paimon, then stared at his sigil while repeating his Enn ten times (that felt right somehow), bowed, and thanked him and saying “me and enjoy these offerings of chocolate and libations” and told him I was just saying hello.


It’s the intent that matters! If you are intending to banish they will leave! But if you are not! They will just look at you amused how you kicked someone that might have came along with them! :rofl: they bring a crowd of energies and am not about to just take it! Am a newbie so excuse me if I just want the teacher to my self! I also find that invoking is better for me to just have the one am calling!

I agree with this MiKu. I certainly don’t want to banish King Paimon and Prince Lucifer, I’m trying to call them. I just take it on faith they hear me and that they are working on my petition, even when I feel no presence (perhaps a test? History is full of gods testing people. Maybe they just want to know I’m serious and not going to say fuck it if I don’t get immediate answers). I never banish them or dismiss them, I always say things like “okay that’s what I wanted to say, hang around and come and go at your leisure, thank you”, and similar things.

explain difference please?

Follow the instructions in the Ars Goetia and you won’t have any problems.

Ea believes the protection circle pisses them off, and this is up to you to decide on your own.

He usually isn’t too picky about candle color since I use whatever I have… Sometimes I don’t even use a candle… But from what I’ve heard and read the recommended colors are blue and black.
The incense he likes is basically anything Earthy and musky… Stuff that kinda chokes people up. Examples being Myrrh, Sandalwood, Frankincense. Some have also said Dragon’s Blood works for him. I can’t say much about incense being I live in a religious household and my family would complain about it and the smell.
For other things that you would need would basically be nothing else… Unless you want to. You don’t have to use anything else but you can. Other things would be like (I think) Tarot cards, his associated one is the Six of Pentacles. Otherwise I can’t think of stuff you would need…
But if it’s your first time you need to make sure to address him as King Paimon and not just Paimon because he finds it disrespectful and will tell you as he has others that he has earned his title as king. Basically it’s a respect thing…
If you have other questions ask me or message me either is fine (edit: sorry for the lack of spacing… My phone is being weird and yeahh…)

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Am I the only one who notices that paimon ask for sandalwood? Or that heblikes sandalwood?

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