My friend wants to start summoning demons, but he is raised a christian, what demon should he begin to summon with?

I was pickled in christianity as a child proper fire and brimstone mob but when i started in magick, natually i started with angelic magick but soon realized they seemed to be cheating everyone else to make sure i was alright which odd as it may seem with my christian up binging was wrong on all levels thou shalt not steal etc
so decided to move to Satanism
So the first ritual I did was the dedication ritual to Satan and although sh*tting myself thinking someone would find me dead in the morning did the ritual it was awesome stuff happened but at the end of the ritual i could not believe how relaxed i was it felt like i was home and everything would be ok.
The second ritual i did was the denouncing jesus christ and the roman catholic church ritual which was a great way of venting my spleen on the idiots that made my life a misery when i was a kid,while i was doing that ritual the weight of the air went really heavy and pressurised and i felt there was quite a lot going on outside my field of vision
considering my circumstances Satan / Lucifer and all the others have helped me terrifically and i plunged straight in with complete albeit nervous enthusiasm and I would not do it any other way the denouncing jesus christ ritual will cure him completely of christian lies and deceit and put him on the right path for genuine happiness, Best of luck and enjoy


Did you do your dedication and denunciation rituals because you felt like you needed to earn the trust of the demons, or were you advised to do so?

You beat me to it. Damn.
Yes, Abaddon is a right splendid choice.
Curiosity isn’t bad, but if you’re going to do it, do it right. Seek out a non newb to assist. Learn meditations first and foremost. Educate selves on who the GODS are (not demons), and deprogram. Otherwise, it’s going to be a lot of fear on his end, and irritation on the other end.

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Hey I’m new to this whole demon summoning my parents love God but I don’t I’m thinking of summoning a demon
Prince seere have you worked with him

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No i spent a lot of time researching Satan Demons etc and decided there was more truth in what i was reading about them than all the brainwashing i had received at the hands of the christian church my intuition told me to switch paths and i although apprehensive at the time really knew it was right at core level so no i did not do those rituals to score some brownie points and if i had have done it for those reasons i suspect my experience would not have been the wonderful experience it was, personally I think if your heart says it’s right go with it,and don’t do it cos my friend down the road did it.
If you go with your heart i’m sure the experience will be fantastic if you go into it on false terms they will know and you will probably go rushing back to christianity with your tail between your legs and that would be your undoing Good luck

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The question is why?
Out of curiosity?
Demons are real, I would not mess around with them.
Tell your friend to stay quiet, please


Don’t say “brownie points” because now it sound like as if I was trying to insult you.

I wanted to know this because that’s the second time on the forum I’ve seen someone say they did an actual ritual to denounce their former Christian beliefs which I find interesting.

I still have no idea why people do this. What is the purpose, and who is telling you to perform such rituals? That’s a general question not directed at you.


Rituals of Renouncement serve the purpose of freeing the mind from any real or imagined psychological chains accrued through religious indoctrination. It doesn’t have anything to do with demons, but with the magician himself. If one feels fear or unease at the thought of summoning demons or doing magick because they have been told all their life that it is bad and they will burn in Hell for it, it can provide a mental break to separate themselves from that fear, usually through some form of psychodrama, like blasphemy or burning a holy book.


Hi Cable Please don’t think that i was trying to insult you, and i do know you were not trying to insult you (unfortunately sometimes emails can sound like that without meaning to) there was no intent to do that and maybe that was the wrong way of saying it but For me the reason for doing the denouncing ritual was for me to have at last an angry and abusive go at a religious cult christianity which is as organised crime as the mafia going back centuries and i’m sure if we could raid the vatican we would find that they are up to their necks in dark magick which is aimed at keeping the general christian population down you notice when they need a new church roof they don’t pay for it out of their funds they get the locals to pay for it despite them having billions
I was forced to go by my mum about five times a week and by the age of 8 i was sick of it and when i told her in no uncertain terms that if your god wants you on your hands and knees that much every week you are probably praying to the wrong god . I thought at that point my mouth would be washed out with tcp disinfectant but i think even then Satan was looking after me because she never laid a finger on me at that point which was a big suprise
I think if you have been immersed in that religion with or without your own permission and you decide it’s right for you to change you will be treated with respect by Satan and the Old Gods if you approach them with respect


It’s cool dude. I was just busting your balls. Thanks for clearing that up. My reason for asking was because I thought with your experience that Satan turned you away and or instructed you to follow through with the renunciation. That hasn’t been my experience so I was wondering, if that was the case for you, why that was so.

The way @DarkestKnight explained it though, it seems to be for the purpose of initiating a reprogramming of your mind and getting over your own fears. I’m assuming that means fear would some how be a hindrance while communicating with demons, which is really fascinating.

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yeah, but the only thing to fear, is ironically only fear itself


I think @DarkestKnight has put it far better than I ever could. for me that ritual cleared out the mental crap of christianity and left me with a clean slate to start again with so to speak, and no Satan didn’t ask me to do that ritual I found it on and decided I needed to do it for me and I think that night tons of baggage left my shoulders and haven’t returned.

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What’s the update on your friend?

Completely right there is no better or truer saying than that.

Possibly, theres a technique I think would work for that but it would be easier with an opened third eye. Btw do tyou have messenger or something it’s rare to find another teen that’s into magic

he didn’t do it, at least. not that i’m aware of. :neutral_face:

Please my name is Abdul wahid am a newbie but i want to make a pact or summon a demon for money please help

Please stop replying to people and spell begging. It is against the rules of this forum.

This forum is full of information on how to summon demons. Use the search function in the upper right of the screen. It’s the little magnifying glass.