What next?


So far I have learnt LBRP, middle pillar and BRH and am thinking about continuing with this, to learn the rose cross ritual and the supreme invoking ritual of the pentagram. Basically the rituals outlined in Modern Magick by Donal Kraig.

I wanted to ask, what use is there in adding these extra rituals to my daily practice? And how long should I stick with this daily practice before moving on?

My main question is, what are the next steps after learning and feeling comfortable with these basic rituals.

Thanks for any help.

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Oh right sorry, didn’t realise it was a necessity. I just made a post introducing myself.


How do the rituals make you feel, before, during and after you do them?
Next question, how long have you been doing them?
Third question, has your life gotten better or worse since you started, or stayed about the same? Why?

Before doing the rituals I normally feel quite happy and energised, motivated and positive as that is when I choose to do them, when I am feeling receptive to them. During, I normally get a feeling of vibrating, like my speech vibrates and I feel almost tired, but in a good way like I am expanding. I notice my pointer arm gets sore but I normally feel energy move in my awareness as I do the ritual so I feel succesful most of the time. Afterwards I normally feel clearer, relaxed and lightheaded. I feel as though the space is refreshing around the area and I can feel a nice relaxing energy about myself.

I have been doing the, for about two months. My life has generally stayed the same but it has changed a little that’s for sure. Once I did feel as though the ritual energised my meditation and prayer and there was a synchronicity with the energy too. And I do feel more grounded and protected from doing the rituals. I have come across people who have energetically healed me too. I mean what are the chances, I believe it was from the ritual.
But my life otherwise has not changed significantly… why? Well I guess the rituals are more subtle and work in subtle areas. I feel cleansed and energised, so I feel it is working to cleanse and energise but I don’t think it is going any further than that.

So I want to learn something that will bring me more power. I’m interested in evocation but not sure where to start.