Need experienced help (what is this spirit)

Firstly, I want advice from people who have worked with spirits, no spirit sex stuff, people who know the difference between a leech and a creature lying about their identities etc. Ive always been very respectful of the spirit world and have always considered myself very sensitive to them. I generally tread lightly with them and dont like to open myself up to spirit work or the deceptions that can be involved. Their intensity is just usually too much and make me very paranoid, and ive had panic attacks in places with high activity.

But something has forever been a constant, the fact a spirit is attached to me. My earliest recollection is 4 yrs old, when i told my mom a tall dark man would watch me in the doorway at night. But i never remember fearing him, ive had my hair stand around them before, but he didnt make me feel that way.
Now i cant really know if this is the same entity from back then, but my assumption is that yes he is, and he has always been there. I at some point during my adolescence seperated myself from being open to these topics because they made me anxious and was a fundamentalist Christian, but i never felt alone, i always felt watched.
Eventually i discovered i was innately talented as a “prophet” and god had called me elijah after the prophet in the desert.
As i know now, all witches are able to do those things, since i converted to paganism as an adult. Im still incredibly new but choose to not do alot of magic aside from tarot and scrying. Some friends and I were talking about spirit guides and animal guides, Id always understood the cicada as my animal guide, and id had a strange connection to snakes, as I opened up more I thought one of my guides was a snake, he actually spoke to me, was very snarky, but always ALWAYS looked out for me, he was a cotton mouth, and eventually told me HIS name was actually Elijah, and i came to understand he helped my with my divination. He speaks freely, and at one point presented to me in a human form during meditation. He has never scared me, and although sometimes has a rotten mouth he is always comforting for me. I was shaken one day when he expressed to me he once loved me in a past life, i was extremely perplexed and had at this point understood he was something beyond an animal guide. I have deep generational roots in the state and country i live in, idk if it has any relevance.
A friend who knew who to read astral charts took a look at mine one day and asked me about what i knew about past lives, I said i didnt know much, but was open to it.
She expressed the possibility of me being a relative in a past life. So i decided to tell her about Eli and what he told me, she said it was interesting but didnt have much else to say.

Im just always so skeptical to be open, Eli has never harmed me or anyone else that Im aware. He seems to look out for me and has an unwavering attachments to me. I just never know how much i can trust what i am given. I would love to hear the opinions of these points in my life from experienced spirit workers and get some solid opinions on if im okay to maintain the relationship eli and i share. I hope my stream of conciousness is readable, thank you very much.

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Like any relationship, if it is working and seems safe, then it is probably something to continue.

yes, however, as in every relationship, you don’t know where it ends. and like after your train of thought it would be almost like talking to a marketplace. What I receive about your experiences is ultimately that you have got a kind of key in your memories, regardless of how they appear today. in the end it is time for you in your life to take a closer look at these things. you get spiritual guidance. and it also speaks for you that these things come to you on their own.

Could be a guide or something thst has no ill intent for you, sounds most likely as you seem to think he watched over you as a child. It could even be a servitor/eregore type being constructed by you as a child.

I haven’t checked to see if you posted an introduction as asked, but if not please let us know what we can call you, what If any practical magic experience you have, in addition to a rough idea of where you are and what your age is. All of these things can help us connect the dots and further advise you, as to what you may be experiencing.