Pomba gira

My girl friend recently broke up with me and after all I’ve been so lost … I want to get her back now and I want to try and see if pomba gira can help me . For the offerings do I have to offer her everything or is it what I have ? I have cigarettes and milk chocolate or how will it work ?

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After you’ve done introducing yourself, search for threads in here on how to go about the ritual and offering. It’s just one offering. Many say, red lipstick, cigarettes, chocolate, champagne, roses without thorns work well enough. I’m not entirely sure but you can give one offering before and after the task is completed.

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Okay that’s what I was a bit confused about huir okay sounds great and I have another question ? Umm after everything is done I need to say the prayer 7 days straight with offerings.

I’m Brazilian and I have worked with Umbanda for 20 years and everyday I see people making a lot of mistakes in working with Pomba-Giras here on the forum daily and blaming those spirits for the lack of results…

The only way of working with any entities of Umbanda and Candomblé is by making an offering, no matter what it is. Also, it demands a ritual. People concentrate on a place called “Terreiro” or “Ylê” and do the rituals there. It involves music, dancing, praying, a respectful act that’s called “bater cabeça”, sometimes the spirits possess the Yalorixá or the Babalorixá, and a lot of other stuff. You can pray for the spirits, of course this can help, but you should consider an offering. Also, those prayers found on the internet are very different that the ones we do on the Terreiro, so you should let them out and do one for yourself. Also, you should consider putting a “Ponto” to run while you do the offering and prayers, since it’s the music that pleases the spirits.

Also, another confusion that people outside Brazil does is that there’s only one Pomba-Gira. Pomba-Gira is a whole category of spirits and there are many entities with this name. Pomba-Gira Navalha, Pomba-Gira Maria Padilha, Pomba-Gira das Almas, Pomba-Gira Sete Saias, Pomba-Gira da Encruzilhada, Pomba-Gira Menina, Pomba-Gira Cigana, Pomba-Gira Rainha do Inferno…

I would advise you to just use another spirit that’s more “accessible” for you. Pomba-Giras are very powerful, high success rate, but they demand some specificities that you probably can’t match right now. I advise on using some Goetia demons, like Sallos, for example. Look in the forum for successful cases of people returning and copy them.


your think I shouldn’t do it than

So trying to call on her is not advised but are the others as effective?

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Hi. I have no problem doing the offerings. I want to do the incantation to pomba gira. On the candle, do I write my love one name? Do I also make the sign of the cross before I do the incantation? What do I do with the offerings after? How many days do I say the incantation for? Do I leave the candle to burn out?

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Hell Isamo_minami, I am extremely interested in working with Pomba-Gira but like you said, there is a lot of information that I still need to learn.

I wanted to ask what is the “Ponto” that we need to put on to please the spirits? I want to be respectful in every way and I want to make sure not to insult any spirits.

Thank you!

A ‘Ponto’ is a song. It is a ritualistic song that is specially designed and consecrated to an entity, in a way that it’s deeply connected to it. There are many different pontos for each entity (or spirit, god, deity), and many terreiros have their own individual pontos, but something that’s common to all of them is the rythm. You will find pontos being used for many, many different purposes.

Some ones are used for purification, before the ritual takes place; others are used to greet the entity when it arrives at the terreiro so that possession can take place, when it also serves as a tool to “get everyone in the mood”. You can also listen to pontos in order to connect yourself to the energies of a specific entity, or to purify your house.

Here are two pontos:

The first is one for Pomba-Gira Maria Padilha:

This second one is for Ogum (a central deity) and is used for purification:

Thank you so very much!!!

can I ask which Pomba Gira would be best in a love situation? ( more specificcaly in the return of an ex?)

Thank you <3

You’re welcome!

I’m sorry, I unfortunately don’t know the answer to your question. Even after some research, the info is quite contradictory. Some sources say that you shouldn’t ask a Pomba-Gira to help you regarding a specific person, while others say it’s fine; different sources mention different Pomba-Giras, etc.

So, since this is a serious topic and I’m not versed in working with these entities, I can’t safely tell you how to proceed with that. But there is probably some useful info on this forum regarding that (not on Pomba Giras, specifically, but regarding your problem).

Thats ok, THank you for your honesty and your help <3 <3

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