The BALG repository of fantastical success stories with Magick

A few of you may know this already, but most of my time spent on here consists of reading old posts…mining for information. In my searches, I often stumble upon absolutely amazing testimonies of peoples successes in magick that have now largely become lost in the pages of time.

So what im going to use this thread for is to chronicle some of the most compelling successes with magick ive read on BALG to date. Typically, i only tend to bookmark stories with some actual juicy details attached…so these arent simply posts thanking x, y and z spirit for fulfilling some obscure task. This is a repository of stories showing Magicks ability to tackle real world problems in the most elegant, and sometimes most phenomenal ways. I’m hoping to continually update this thread with new amazing stories from users here.

If you ever have doubts about the reality and power of magick, this thread is for you. enjoy!

Money Magick

Acquiring 1.2 million dollars in 4 days by summoning legions of angels and demons

Landing a much needed job after a year of joblessness

Have jobs thrown at you out of nowhere!

Acquiring a great job and seed capital thanks to Clauneck

Being handed material wealth via Orobas

Getting back money that you’re owed

Receiving an easy $36,000 thanks to Nikita

Clearing away $25,000 worth of debt via the powers of Maggid

Get your house sold fast in a slow market

Receiving hundreds of dollars from an unexpected source

Have the cash you need magically appear in your bank account

Receiving cash out of nowhere with the help of Bune

Rallying Mammon, Belial and Lakshmi to your aid against competitors

Bune succeeded in hours, where mundane efforts failed for weeks

Get money owed sent to you fast with Bunes help

Fixing up your money issues with the power of Gremory

Want to change your life for the better? Combine the powers of Bune and Belial

Receiving thousands in unearned cash

Acquiring your dream job with magick

Combining the powers of four entities to completely revolutionize your career path

Orobas can turn you into the MVP at work

Change your living situation with the help of belial

Free money from bune

Acquiring over $5000 from an unexpected source thanks to Bune

How to receive six times your salary in the mail

Need to save your job? Try Khro’syas!

Bailed out by Bune to the tune of thousands of dollars

Securing your position at work with king paimons help

Need cash? Just write a cheque

Acquiring over a hundred thousand dollars of free money via a simple structuring exercise

Rejected by an employer? Bune can change their minds

Again, if you’re dealing with a stubborn employer, bune is your girl

Acquiring $3000 in less than 24 hours thanks to Astaroth

Bune fixing slow sales

Using King Paimon to acquire a six figure salary

Using the Trinka Five spell to acquire extra cash

Who said prayer never worked?

Xa’turing can save you hundreds

Effortlessly structuring extra cash via the devils stone technique

Just comb through this whole thread, and thank lady eva when you’re done

Ask for a cushy job, and you shall receive

Selling an old car has never been this easy

Saving an entire company from the brink of bankruptcy

Receiving $20 000 in free cash…in an unorthodox way - more details here

Selling a house at full value at the depths of the 2008 crash

Jesus…I guess this is one way to secure employment…

$1500 dollars in fast cash + some bane

Azazel giving promotions

Quick, unearned cash

Baneful Magick

Have a competitor at work? Kick their ass to the curb, then take their position!

Destroying a tsunami of enemies at work

Completely eviscerating an enemy

Killing an enemy through visualization techniques

If you want to send your enemies into a suicidal depression, call Flauros

Bringing a business to its knees

Causing absolute mayhem in the lives of a group of targets

Making an enemy disappear

Ferociously cursing an ex lover via sympathetic magick

Destroying the status of a competitor

Wiping out hordes of enemies!

Bitch slapping an asshole at work via the power of lucifer

Killing a target in a fit of rage

Killing a sexual abuser

Punishing enemies with the might of Haures

Kicking a bad coworker to the curb

Pacifying a coworker with the help of Belial

Banishing a troublesome neighbor with the help of Andras

Violently remove people from your living space via sympathetic magick

Killing a mugger

Destroy the mental state of your target via the power of Eshmak

Cursing backstabbing friends

Killing two annoying ass druggies via soul travel

Turning an enemies body into a frenzy!

Killing a classmate

Crushing a pest just by mere thoughts

Demoting a department head

Exploring the bane of Suhgurim and Zahgurim

Causing mayhem and discord at work

Killing a drug addict

Butchering the life of an ex-lover via Andras

Using planetary magick to imprison an enemy

This is how you cause absolute mayhem in a bad workplace

Killing a thief with Dra’talons help

Making your enemies homeless from a curse

Even simple candle spells can destroy your competition

Destroy the finances of one that owed you money via the power of Raum

Combining the powers of several demons to devastate a coworker

Fuck around with your workplace using some mental structuring

Killing a woman who had less power than she thought she did

Killing a bitter lover and a satanist

Cursing an asshat via simple visualization

Destroying the life of a serial asshole

Destroying a target’s loved ones

Pushing your enemy to kill themselves

Attacking a workmate with a swarm of insects

Got an annoying neighbour? Throw him in jail!

Destroying the marriage and the finances of a corporate asshole

Devastating curse against a supervisor, then taking his job outright - Requires Lounge Access

Making your enemies disappear and fall by the wayside

Cutting the penis off of a nasty ex lover

Absolutely destroying a couples lives with a simple chicken feet spell

Busting the ass of an annoying roommate via a freezer spell

Destroying the job of a top sales agent with a freeze spell

Love and Lust

The 4AM b00ty call

Date the doppelganger of your celebrity crush!

Want to bang the hottest girl in the room? Sitri is your answer

Enjoying the sexual options thrown at you by Sitri

Loosing ones virginity in a threesome, thanks to Asmoday

Using the combined powers of Sargatanas and Sitri to attract a sex partner

Enchanting unsuspecting women via the power of Sargatanas

Successfully banging a beautiful woman with the help of Satanachia

Acquiring a girlfriend effortlessly via the goddess Inanna

Repairing a sexless relationship with Beleth

Get a lover handed to you on a silver platter

Make women obsessed with you via the power of Sargatanas

Turning a crush into a stalker

Receiving a flood of sexual partners with the help of Sargatanas

Regain the adoration from a person who blocked you!

Easy foursome from sitri

Banging the shit out of a coworker in a car, all thanks to ladilok

Get amazing sex from a girl that friendzoned you thanks to Satanachia

Bringing back a stubborn ex-lover using Santa Muerte

Attracting women via intent and energy work

Getting a flood of female attention via AdamThoth’s Tinder spell

Have your pick of women handed to you by the spirits of the air

Guys need game. Wizards need nothing

Playing with tits at work, gifted from Lilith

Getting your dream girl from Fro’ghla’tasch

Get your crush at school to pay attention to you

Turning a totally uninterested girl into a fuck buddy

Got a target in mind? Just lock and load for some good sex

Gremory works so well, he’ll make you tired of sex - More details on p.11 down below

Winning the love of a man who isn’t attracted to you

Annoying guy getting in your way? Bust his ass, then take his girl

If your sex partner isnt putting up anymore…arouse them with Asmoday

Love spells work even on the most hard headed of women

You can be as picky as you want to be. You’ll get what you asked for!

Turn a straight girl gay, with the power of Orias

Turning a straight guy gay, thanks to Dantalion

Mind Control

Using Belial to eradicate lawsuits against you

Got the cash, and the girl!

Using Seere to acquire a playstation 2

From the brink of total ruin to captain of your destiny

Change the mind of a stubborn employer with Belial

Significantly boost the intelligence of hundreds in a class with Belials powers

Unearthing deceit within your friend circle via Andromalius

Influencing the mind of one that owes you work

Make your professor and classmates forget important projects

Silencing false accusers in court

Acquiring school credits you never earned!

Acquiring a job above expectations via sympathetic magick

Gaining more opportunities at work through Paimons influence

Repair a broken friendship for your own benefit with the power of Asmoday

Start on the road to prosperity with the help of belial

Squeezing the truth out of an ex, thanks to Sraagbel

Getting into your college of choice with Paimon’s help

Ravaging an ex wife in divorce court via belial

Dodging 5 to 10 years of jail time thanks to Belial

Control the mind of unwitting targets with Satanachia

Mind-fucking the people in your life

Manipulating your elders to do your bidding

Andromalus can get your stolen stuff back

Pulling off a court victory against all odds

Positively influencing your boss’ mind

Need a new laptop? Get your father to buy it for you!

Removing your competition with Grah’aht’talion

Sending an enemy running from the courtroom in total defeat

Using the devils stone to get your friend a specific present

Making yourself invisible to annoying coworkers

When all odds are stacked against you in court, call belial

Belial doing what he does best…destroying all evidence against you

Go from the bottom to top of class

Flunking a class? Magically pass it with flying colours

Use Paimon to get you accepted into college

From stupid to Einstein

Destroying massive amounts of evidence to dodge jail time

About to loose your job? Sick paimon on your boss!

This is how you take things that are being stubbornly held from you

Acquiring lucrative work via the power of Orobas

Got an annoying roommate? Use Bathin to send them far away!

Facing three years in prison? Just call up Eligos to destroy the evidence!

Manipulating the environment around you with the devils stone technique

Lost something that you desperately need to find? Call Seere

Using Zagan to silence the mouth of a gossiper

Andromalus can help you get to the bottom of things


Who knew marbas could help you fix your car

Fixing a dislodged knee

Healing a woman’s depression with the help of Raphael

Avoiding the need for crucial surgery thanks to Buer

Curing yourself completely from a brain aneurysm via prayer

Bring your entire family into better health with the help of Marbas

Healing a sick cat

Healing yourself of Tuberculosis with the power of Buer

Healing a guy that was beaten to a pulp

Curing a broken neck

Curing Neuralgia

Healing the sick

Healing an injured pet

On the verge of death? Extend the lifespan with magick!

Curing a loved one of their addictions thanks to Buer

Complex brain surgery is not a problem for Raphael

Healing a sick loved one thousands of miles away

Bringing someone back to life?


From nostradufus to nostradamus

The power of sleep deprivation

The power of Belial in full display

An interesting experience evoking Sitri and Set

Xa’turing…the god of the information era

XaTuring can save you from legal troubles

Divination of the Gods

An experience with Satan

Scrying breakthrough summoning Glasya-Labolas

Feeling the breath and hearing the voice of king Paimon

A list of obscure spirits doing their jobs

Structuring any object you want

Accidentally possessing the body of a man thousands of miles away

Dont under estimate how spirits can affect your environment


Hearing the voice of Satan

Repairing a broken life from the ground up thanks to Azazel

Creating hellish weather by summoning gods

Ant’Harratu appearing in the dreams of non-occultists

Spirits doing the unexpected

Spirits sometimes like to drop in on us uninvited

Great breakthrough scrying with the help of Sastan

Spirit dropping in unannounced

A string of success in magick

Memorable experience evoking Lilith

If you’re hearing voices inside your head, they may not be yours

Structuring an ex-girlfriend back into your life

Unexpected communication with Michael

The smell of Methsan

If you have kids, be careful with the kinds of entities you invite into your home!


woahhh ! That’s awesome stuff …thanks for putting in the time for compiling them all :ok_hand::ok_hand:


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I did a road opener spell once, ever since then, streetlights almost always turn green for me.


Thats pretty neat. its awesome to see that magick can help us in even the smallest of ways


It took me much longer than it should have to realize why the streetlights were turning green.


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Ditto! I just bookmarked it myself. And a huge thank you to @Verdo !


Btw guys, if you happen to notice that i posted one of your stories, and you’d like to share more details about it that people may find interesting, feel free to post it in here. For example, some of you may know about zer0ez’s amazing success with gremory, where he had five girls all over him the day after he performed a lust ritual. Well i talked to him privately about it some time ago, and i found that the extra details were even more interesting. I’m sure he wont mind me posting it here for you all, so take a look:

I then followed up by expressing to him my occassional doubts about the reality of magick and this was his response:


Thanks so much for the contribution, very much appreciated and very informative !!!


Thank you for compiling all this. I so needed the encouragement today. :+1:


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Thank you for taking the time out and the effort into compiling the posts, this a gold mine!


You’re welcome guys :slight_smile: Tbh, this helps me just as much as it can help you. My bookmark page has become a huge chore to scroll through, so this organization makes things efficient. Thinking about picking my top 3 favorites too.


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What a fantastic post, thanks Verdo. I’m so glad to have this bookmarked. I will now enjoy taking my time to peruse all this inspiration.

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Added a couple more today. An old case of someone punishing a thief and a kinda double edged sword tragedy where a newbie asked for 20k in cash and received it via the death of his mother

oh, and another person super memorable experience evoking lilith


Thanks so much for sharing :slight_smile:

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