Whats the most crazy and almost miraculous thing that has ever happened to you using magick?

I have plenty, and they’re not ‘almost’ miracles. They’re straight up you-wouldn’t-believe-me-if-i-told-you-so-i-keep-silent miracles.

Not only do i have a bunch of miracles i’ve done myself, i have a bunch done by people who simply took my advice. They came back to me sometimes a year later, sometimes 2 years later telling me ‘holy shit XXX, magick actually works!’

Here’s just one example of something i did for this site:

I challenged James Randi to monitor my weather magick, for shits and giggles.

I emailed JREF outlining the conditions of my ritual. I told them i was going to pick the driest region on the planet and cause it to rain for a week. I told them i was going to bring more rainfall in a week to that region than it usually has in a year. I told them success for my ritual is that the region has at least 5 times more rainfall in a week than they usually have in a year, going back 20 years to account for accidents. I told them i would pick a region that had been desert for over 50 years. I then outlined exactly what i was going to do, and exactly how i was going to do it, including the machines i was going to use, and how long i would use them for. Seeing as how i live in Toronto (the same city as Randi lived in), i invited him to observe me doing the event in person. I even gave him a deadline for when he could expect results or the ritual would be called off as a dud.

Being a miserable little shit, he didn’t respond. I guess i wasn’t emotional or illiterate enough for him to mock. I figure Randi needs you to be an illiterate, emotionally unstable SJW dabbler to qualify as an occultist by his standards. That type of magician is easy to make fun of, and that was JREF’s real mandate: to find amateur occultists, and make public fun of their ineptitude, all in the name of ‘science’ (which we all know was founded by alchemists, magicians).


I waited 5 months to hear back from JREF. Nothing.

Being that i’m from Canada, i know exactly how passive-aggressive weasels act. Canada is infested with passive-aggressives. When they can’t mock you, they resort to wasting your time.

After 5 months, i decided Randi had wasted enough of my time and i was going to go ahead without him.

I then did my weather magick exactly as i told him i was going to do it, and emailed his team to watch and learn.

2 months after i did my ritual, there was an outpour of rain on Tamanrasset, Algeria that lasted a week. Some people died. It had been the first time that much rain had fallen in Tamanrasset in hundreds of years. There was also a lot of rainfall over many parts of North Africa and Europe. A lot of flooding happened at that time, but i wasn’t surprised; when i began broadcasting, there was HUGE cloud cover over the Atlantic Ocean, which i’m glad didn’t hit land. Otherwise, many cities would have been destroyed on either side of the ocean. Knowing what i know now, i hope i never raise that much rainfall over land. I raised enough rain to flatten entire countries. Grateful the clouds were over water.

Over the course of the next 10 months, flooding and mudslides occurred across West Africa, moving westward. A lot of property damage was done and dozens of people died. I’m not proud of that, but there you go.

When it was all said and done, scientists discovered this ancient riverbed under the Sahara Desert, using satellite x-ray technology. Reports were that there was a huge rush of freshwater hammering just offshore in the Atlantic Ocean; apparently, the point where the river water meets seawater is an underwater waterfall, and there was so much water rushing into the ocean that it caused a disturbance scientists could spot from hundreds of miles in space.

If that riverbed was active, it would be the 8th largest river in the world.

Tamanrassett was the location of its headwater.

I had no idea that would happen as result of my magick, but it did.

Technically, Randi owes me a million dollars for doing that. I can honestly say i won Randi’s old million dollar challenge. But he was a grimy little shit and never had any plans of handing a thing over to a competent magician. Soon after i did my ritual, Randi closed the challenge. Then he died. Pussy.

I don’t expect JREF to hand over the prize, but i know i did everything they said to do, and i know my magick made shit happen.

JREF is a sham club that gives off nothing but fucking excuses when you step to them with real magick that gets real results. Don’t take those idiots seriously. They’re all mouth, all complaining, all fingerpointing, all excuses, all cowardice.

Fuck JREF.

But i digress.

That’s just one of the many things i’ve done with my magick. Not even the most impressive, either. All done sight unseen, using an altar and setup that would make you laugh at its simplicity.


To stay on weather magic, when I was younger I once made it snow overnight for a week although it hadn’t snowed for years and no snow was forecast at all (it was sunny and hot above season average), with a simple ritual as well. I remember it caused so many issues nationwide. All this to skip school, how creative kids can be.


It’s not the most miraculous by any means but for me it’s one of the most crazy and funny things I did wish magick, still laugh every time I remember it…

In my first couple of years doing magick, most of my friends didn’t believe in it. Was ok at first until they started to joke about it. One day we were all out, was a nice afternoon, I was in the back of the car listening to music so I decided to quietly cast a spell. When all was done and we reached the place I had in mind, I suddenly asked them to stop the car and get out, pointed to the sky and told them… I did a spell now and a military helicopter will make emergency landing few minutes from now, right there, pointing at a specific spot in a wide area on the side of the road.

They started to laugh and joke about it as expected… I kept a serious poker face, just staring at them and waiting.

About 20 minutes later, a military helicopter made emergency landing in the same exact spot I mentioned. Right in front of their eyes. No one got hurt.They didn’t say a word for an hour then almost completely lost their minds trying to understand what just happened.

From that day, they never joked about magick ever again. And I laugh like hell every time I remember that story or hear them telling that story to people.

Because of that, years later one of them came to me to contact his deceased father. Rented a remote place just for that, performed a ritual on him and he met him. He didn’t get a chance to say Goodbye to him because he was out of the country… they talked for a long time, he told him everything he had to say, listened to what his father needed to tell him, said goodbye to each other, then I ended the ritual. Was very intense and emotional for all of us.

But without that crazy helicopter day years before, it probably would never have happened !


A lot of crazy thus far, but nothing miraculous. I’m not even sure what a miracle would look like, since I already believe in the “impossible” for the most part.

However, I’ve definitely experienced things that shouldn’t be regarding space and time. Magick is crazier than you know. I’ll end my cryptic rant here.


Hope you wrapped your shit, bro. Eldritch STDs are no joke.


I always preferred to roll the dice with human butt, so ghosts will be no different.


Let’s just say i’ve had my share of magick where a helicopter or small airplane showed up and tried to fly exactly over me.

I’ll leave it at that and not elaborate any further.


They’ve been flying above me in threes all week, very erratically too.


Got nothing to do with what happened with me, but thanks I guess :wink:


The helicopter and plane stories show you how wierd magick can be sometimes. I have a few of those and i’ve heard a few more from others


Yes but you clearly missed the point of my story. It’s not about the helicopter or the miracle itself, if it could be called that at all. We all can do lots of miracles with magick…

I told that story to deliver a specific message between the lines. But I agree with you, magick can work in weird ways sometimes… absolutely true :slight_smile:

All the best and thanks again :+1:


Many things happened but One thing I noticed that many times When something Happened and It was so bad that The only way out of it was if it not happened in the first place. Did some serious ritual and Told the entities I am close with to JUST DO SOMETHING about it. Then almost within 24 hours I get the news that for some reason the thing in actuality Never happened and the news I got was either a prank or a lie ( to get sympathy or some quick cash ) or an exaggeration for some reason !!! As if existence knew that I am gonna do the ritual and it had planned to make the almost impossible happen to begin with.


That’s amazing! I also agree with you about JREF. But isn’t the man himself still alive?


I honestly don’t care if he’s alive or not. I won his challenge and he ran like a little bitch. Wherever he is, he can stay there. I don’t care.

I submitted my claim to his challenge. At no time did i present myself as having supernatural powers, i told the JREF adjudicators that i’m an ordinary person who conducts double-blind occult experiments using a simple radionic machine i bought on eBay.

I gave them a location and asked them to confer with the environmental boards to measure the results of my work.

I used historical records to indicate that my results were not going to be named to chance; what i did was not even remotely done in the past or attributable to environmental factors.

I gave them instructions that i would win my challenge if i made a minimum of 5 times the amount of precipitation fall in a historically arid part of the world, far from human habitation.

The JREF challenge was rescinded in September 1, 2015. That was the year i did my experiment. From what i understand, that as just a few weeks before scientists announced that they had discovered the river.

In addition, a scientific paper was published verifying the results of the work i did, as observed by scientists and environmental agencies monitoring North Africa.

But of course, somehow that is not good enough for James Randi, a fucking know-it-all.

I’m 100% certain that Randi will deny my claim. I’m equally sure that he will scorn my assertion that i had anything to do with this discovery. It would have been a feather in BALG’s cap for me to have won the money and also get in the news for having broken the JREF challenge, but clearly Randi has an agenda, and he won’t let facts get in the way of his dogma.

I keep it moving and i continue to run double-blind tests using my machines.


These tactics are what him and other “skeptics” do; they pretend evidence against their narrative doesn’t exist and take down strawmen to “prove” their point. They probably shut it down to say they “won” or some other nonsense like that.


It’s ironic how skepticism became a religion.


Any tips for this kind of shit? Im in kind of a need of a hail mary rn lol things are getting rough in my dark night of the soul


Things like entities contacting me at random times telling me information I wouldn’t know is usually what happens to me since I’ve been active with magick. But I guess the most impact I had with magick was when I asked for my dream job and I got it in a matter of weeks when I thought it could take years to get there. So I guess that.


It seems more like a stupidity than a religion. Something young fools do because they dislike some rigid religious rules and/or dogma. Little do they realize religions have been around for thousands of years for a reason.

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I felt my mind being ripped from my self.
It wasn’t something I was used to and has kind of become a daily occurrence since then.

The first time was terrifying only because I had no idea what to think about. I find the terrifying experiences the most learning and most interesting aspects of magick so having my mind ripped out of me was definitely at the top of the list for me.

I experienced extreme delirium and anxiety simply through meditation and focus on a specific sigil after working with them for several months and only them. It definitely helped me confront my own short comings. So I guess it would be a miracle as well.

The experience visually showed myself displayed through multiple archetypes. I couldn’t really tell which one I was or if I was any of them, I just knew that the vision was coming from my own mind and that I needed to pay attention to the message. The experience lead to me being thrown from dimension of thought to dimension of thought as if I was being shot around throughout my own brain like a ping pong ball until I experience every possible extreme emotion that I could handle and then I woke up in my bed 18 hours later. It left me wondering who I was and what my purpose was as a whole but it also helped me connect much closer with entities that I had found interest in working with because I could handle their presence more.