Methods of defeating attachment

Here’s a topic I’m sure everyone can get into. Attachment is the bane of anyone who trys to get into this, so I’m sure we all want to know the best methods of dealing with it.

One method I have is by writing down the things I want to make happen and then after the ritual burying it under a tree, this isn’t a perfect solution, but it does help.

OR … you could freeze it, burn it, blow your nose into it - I think making the attachment utterly ridiculous by serving some unpleasant function ought to stirp its glory pretty effectively. I mean if you can DIS respect it - even laugh at it - does it STILL have more power than YOU DO?

 Warning:  The Following is NOT for the Faint of Heart- 

There you sit … in the smallest room of your house … with that attachment committed to paper before you … SOON, it will be Behind you, not at all attached.

Sometimes you just gotta be IRREVERENT! :wink: Z

I tried something new and I think so far this works pretty good. Two attachments have been bugging me the past few days. So I wrote both of them down and I took out the dagger charged with the super moon and the four demons. Dante told me if someone who was not the owner of this dagger got cut by it, the energy would kill them sooner or later. I focused all of the attachment intot he paper I wrote it on and then pushing my will into the dagger I cut up the piece of paper and buried it. So far the the difference is very noticible as the attachment energy seems to be going away pretty quickly, one seems to be completely gone. The idea is the curse of the dagger will kill the attachments just as it would kill a person who foolishly would cut themself on it.

                WAY COOL, DEFECTRON!!      CONGRATS!     ;)   Z

I definetly gotta look for daggers of that type :wink:

$300 from I decided to get a circle of pacts bound to the four gatekeepers rather than the dagger. I will probably make my pact with abaddon within the next month… as for teaching from demons I knew a guy who was failing his math class so he evoked some air elemental to help him pass and it simply made him understand the material, he went from failing to passing with a 90 something for the simester and top in class for the year.

That’s pretty cool, the times when I have had entities teach me stuff haven’t been that direct, usually they sort of throw out clues I need to figure out. Hopefully things will get more direct when my senses develope enough for me to communicate with them better. Which air elemental was this? Do you remember?


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