Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!

Thanks, Bael; for the second time I used incantations from Koetting’s video (now going to do a pause, anyway). I received interesting communications… He’s one of the first spirits that attracted me when I saw their images by Breton, on Seligmann’s “History of magic”.


Thank you King Belial,for this job that i am currently in and for everything that i am slowly understanding as you bring all this vastness with you,thank you for improve even more my intellect.


I have to thank Belial too. He improves my Intellect by increasing my Sexual Imagination =) I feel much more intuitive and natural and “grounded in my own skin” when around pretty girls.


God Belial is an absolute legend! I had asked him to do something for me at a whim, not so much part of a evocation. This was just holding his sigil in my hand, and when I do, I can feel his presence straight away. Anyway, I asked him to fix an issue for me, and today, I saw it unfold before my eyes.

I don’t want to call him King anymore, I proclaim him a GOD. God Belial, love you brother! Thank you.


Thanks to Bune and King Paimon for helping with landing a new job!



This is a laudation to the Archangel Michael for cleansing, healing and purifying my daughter who was suffering from body pain and fever from possible food poisoning. She lives about 1600 miles from me in a tropical island, so my ritual was to send the energy of Michael to her in lieu of a doctor’s visit which we contemplated doing if this didn’t work.

This was a quick impromptu ritual after I got the call she was sick. I went to my walk in shoe closet, took one of my white t-shirt and place it over a cardboard on top of a suitcase for a altar. I put Michael’s seal which I had drawn on parchment and place it on the center of the altar.

I took a white tea light candle and use a bird’s feather and wrote my daughter’s full name and birthday then wrote Archangel Michael name over it. I consecrate the candle then anointed it with olive oil. I pluck hair from my head and place it on the candle then place it on the altar.

I took a small plastic cup which I had drawn Michael’s name and seal on the outside. I pour some rain water I had on hand in the cup, made a gesture of offering to Michael then place it on the altar.
I emphasize the “I AM” within by saying, “I call back my powers from all 4 direction. I call back my powers through the space of all time infinitum.” This affirmation of power was given to the spiritual alchemist Pamela Aaralyn by the god Horus.

After I lit the candle I stated my request to Michael about my daughter. I even did the triangle wrap Lady Eva got from Archangel Raphael, but I use Michael’s name instead as I envision my daughter standing in the triangle as I say ‘MI-CHA-EL.’

After I went to bed a few hours later, while in a meditative state, I reiterated to Michael what I wanted. Within hours she was starting to feel better. Twenty-four hours later, she was back to her perky rude self again.

I’m not advocating not seeing a doctor, but if within that short window of time you think you can manage, then Archangel Michael is the perfect choice in my opinion. So again, Archangel Michael, thank you, my daughter and her mother thank you.

P.S. the water you offer Michael, don’t throw it away, it can be use as a very powerful holy water to clean out impolite or negative entities who refuse to leave.


I’d like to thank Raphael for the speedy recovery of my kitty :slight_smile: should be able to take the cone off him in a few days


Absolutely awesome stuff!

Good work, and I’m glad your daughter is okay. :slight_smile:


Thanks. She’s perfect.


Thank-you Lilith

For the website for reverse adoption i have chosen to purchase on the next pay day or on the 30/10/2017 so i can have one of the entitys of the darkest side the one who will be adopting me to look after me thank you, and i want to thank also brother Ahriman making sure my Large black Urn got delivered and proud @Lady_Eva


Thankyou to the 9 kings lucifer astarte azazel and eligos


Thanks to Eregdiel. Thanks to Lilith, Asmodeus and any other spirits who helpped deliver justice yesterday evening.


Thank you goddess Morrigan. I Made you Celtic artwork.


Wait morrigann like king Arthur

You’re maybe think of Morgan le Fay?

Different name:


Interrelated though :slight_smile:


Yup yup

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You also have a similar name Morgana from the movie Excalibur. In the movie Merlin kills her by choking her… but certain types of spirits choke the witch whom evoked them, which might have something to do with Energy Being trapped around the throat chakra area due to Fear of the forces they are working with. One could say Merlin was Morgana’s (Morrigan’s?) Spirit Lover into BDSM strangulation =)

Thank you Lucifer.


Thank you Sitri, for being wise and considerate. I asked you to bring this one girl to me, and I was sad that I didn’t see any big progress.

Honestly, I thought you were being lazy! I even thought I was losing power. And just because of other’s views and my own doubt. I apologize for that.

But today I realized - you knew that I was thinking of trying a shorter term relationship with her, and not just pump-and-dumping her.

You were watching over my true desire and looking into my heart. Thank you for looking out for me, and thank you for being understanding.

Sorry again for my stupidity. :sweat_smile:

Also thank you to Bathin. I don’t think we are done working together on this yet, but if what I am noticing is you, then thank you!

To everyone - I seriously recommend both of these great spirits. If you want sex that is actually GOOD and meant for you, contact Sitri. You cannot go wrong with him.

And if you guys want to learn more about abilities such as astral projection and lucid dreaming, contact Bathin.

Hail Sitri! Hail Bathin!


P.S I am constantly surprised by how compassionate, kind and powerful the spirits we are working with can be. Absolutely amazing.