I am new here and It took me 5 months to post here

Hi everyone,
Hope you guys are doing wonderful. I am a muslim from Pakistan and studying the forum from about 6 months. I am in death trap for the sin I even dont know about but someone is holding me accountable for. I was searching for help and found this forum. Can someone please help me out and teach me how to get some powers and can save the my own and family life. I have 3 kids btw. Thanks in advance.

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Maybe a little more information could prove useful. Matter for you.



What more info required so you can understand better, is it about the issue or help I need?

No, I think what Uncle Al was asking is, what is your magical experience? Besides telling us that you are a Muslim, and have been studying the forum for 6 months, you have told us nothing about the magick that you practice, if any.

We can’t “give you powers.” All we can offer is direction and advice based on our own experiences, but in order to do that, we need to know what skills you already possess or, if you are starting from scratch, what are the types of magick you interested in.


Hello n welcome. My name is Sabbey n im fairly new here myself. Hopefully we will get to talk. I started out as a Wiccan 30 years ago but had a baby n was a single parent n then went to college. I love magic n E.A. Koetting is awesome! Everyone on here is great n honest! So plz take them serious with their advice.

Dark blessing,


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Well thanks for reply being a muslim I tried few things within circle but nothing work. According to this forum I have nothing and know nothing I am blank but due to death threat I have very short time and I need some advice where I can get help asap. I am ready for every thing I mean EVERYTHING. Thanks

When i read the title, I thought you were just going to say you type really slowly (jk!).

Is the threat spiritual (curses and attacks), or physical (threats), or legal?

We don’t need details that your enemies might recognise, but it will help if you can give us a general idea.

Also since this is serious I’ve enabled your ability to send PMs ahead of time, there is usually a probationary period for new members but this way, you have skipped that and can contact people - please use it wisely, and remember that people are very busy with their own things.

Try taking a look through this and see if anything looks like it may help you:

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threat is physical and after reading for long time it made me confuse and now I cannot decide which way I need to go or I can go thats why I ask for help. Thanks for Eva for giving me option to send PMs but the only question I have is what should I do and how can I take a start.

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@Micah you got any tips?


Are you going against Law? Like court shit?

Or are you being cursed?

  1. First case: Call belial he will erase any evidence that is against you.

  2. Find out who your Enemy is

Depending on your situation, I can give you some light stuff (that will end in death) or I can give you some Vile stuff (that will also end in death)

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cursed. People are holding me accountable for something which I don’t know and neither my enemy. I will appreciate if you can guide me or give me the stuff how I can call and get help. keep me mind I am new to this as I mentioned I am blank

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Take a Bowl of Water and sprinkle Salt in it. See a very dark, thick energy/fluid leave your hand and enter the water.

By the Powers of darkness, let every curse on me be broken
And let the attacks of my enemies be disappated before me.

Sprinkle yourself and your kids and house with the water.
The curse will be broken

Give me some time and I will create a rite to destroy your enemies


Pm me a NAME for them

I don’t care if it’s a made up name.

In order to destroy an enemy, you must name them

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We start at the basics friend.

Do what Micah said. Visualization is important, IMAGINE in your head so hard it FEELS real.

Find which entity you feel good energy/emotion with. From your energy, i would research Melek Taus and see if that entity feels right to you.

After that, make contact using the sigil making tutorials we have on the forum, and state your need for protection. The spirit will assist, or not, depending on your interaction with it.

I would recommend following Micah’s followup advice as well

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Hi. Welcome to the forum. Here is my thread to help get the basics down.


Thanks everyone for your support, I cannot keep online for ling time or can stay here study more due to my situation but I have a question is there way anyway I could call a spirit and talk to him/her so I can have my info why I am being cursed also about solution. Thanks

So the name they go by doesn’t matter? If you give a person a name yourself, that’s valid?