Magic and Musings from Astral Realm #56

Breath work (Cloud breathing/ expanding & valving)
Energy center work (feet and hands)
Chakra stimulation
Energy bouncing and raising
Trance work + third eye trigger: feather in the wind
Loosening: spinning inside my body!
Exit training: "Rocket ship”

Breath work (Cloud breathing/ expanding & valving)
Energy center work (feet and hands)
Chakra stimulation
Energy bouncing and raising
Trance work + third eye trigger: feather in the wind
Loosening: spinning inside mt body!
Exit training: Sitting on the hood of my car while doing 90mph! (This was a fun one)

Astral training see above.
Alot of this is becoming rote (been doing it awhile now) until I get to the 3rd eye trigger. Then everything takes off.

The last few days I’ve started twitching and having spasms during the exit training. Just working and moving forward until I finally get 100% out of my body.

Though I haven’t gotten 100% physically out of my body, I still feel it comimg.

Also, the side effects of the larger training program are paying off big time. Trance states are pretty easy and it’s rare that I don’t make contact w/ spirits on the astral plane.

This has also carried over to magic. This is what I was after the whole time

Magick- I am absolutely LOVING Lucifer and the Hidden Demons It’s just so dam easy.

But most importantly, I’m getting results! In many cases, Rose actually tells you how to proceed after you make the request…in a general way…which sheds a lot of light on the system.

I’m getting ready to ask some of the demons that I have relationships with (Belial and Asmodeus to a lesser degree, for some favors not listed in Rose’s grimoire but in others.)

I’ve also just started clearing a path to Beelzebub (The Lord of the Flies!)
Apparently, despite being the King of shit, he’s the best at increasing personal charm. Go figure.

We’ll see how it goes!


Breath work (Cloud breathing/ expanding & valving)
Energy center work (feet and hands)
Chakra stimulation
Energy bouncing and raising
Trance work + third eye trigger: feather in the wind
Loosening: spinning inside mt body!
Exit training: “Big Wheel”

2 fucking false alarms this week.
Both times I set up, got about 1/2 way through my training, and got interrupted by someone. Both times I had my altar set and a ritual ready to go.
Just gonna do some path-workings tonight and be done w/ it.

On a side note, there have been many planned fights and some gang activity at my school the last 3-4 weeks. So much so that cops have been brought back in to sweep the school at various times.

They were here for awhile but they were discontinued due to public perception, but things didn’t work out so well.

A bunch of violence at my school has been captured and posted on Instagram, Twitter, etc…pretty crappy to go to work every day with that possibility looming.

So…been working with several rituals from DB’s Magickal Protection So far so good…

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Whoa, its been a minute! Astral training is going good- I haven’t gotten fully out yet, so I’m continuing on. I’m continuing to use the techniques in the book despite being done with the book.
Breath work (Cloud breathing/ expanding & valving)
Energy center work (feet and hands)
Chakra stimulation
Energy bouncing and raising
Trance work + third eye trigger: feather in the wind
Loosening: spinning inside mt body!
Exit training: Sitting on the hood of my car while doing 90mph!

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12.1 Magick
Lucifer and the Hidden Demons
Time and place: 9am at work
Target(s): a group of violent and troublesome students–
Lucifer and Ariton- strike fear in anyone who challenges you

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I’m getting ready to cast on some co-workers who’ve been withholding info from me. Withholding the info hasn’t really caused problems so much as inconveniences that have resulted in me working harder…

Using LHD and The Abramelin

I will reveal the plan tomorrow!!!


Sooo- a little context here: I had some pretty nasty credit card debt 4 years ago. My Dad has made alot of money in his life, and I never asked him for shit (Mom and Dad got divorced when I was 2, and I lived w/ Mom).

So, in 2017- because of the card debt, I asked him to borrow 42K. He said yeah- charged me interest and we set up a payment plan. I’ve used automatic transfer for the last 3 years and paid him 1/2 back so far. The payment plan had 3 more years to it.

Me and him have a great relationship- he’s just a stickler when it comes to money- can’t blame him.

I was at his house this past Thanksgiving…there was like 14 people there.
To tell you the truth, I had all but forgotten the debt due to the automatic debit payments. It just comes out every month. I have paid 25k and had 25k to go.

I’ve been a little up against it w/ money lately. While at Thanksgiving dinner, the thought came to me to work some magick.

I ducked into the bathroom, locked the door, and pulled up Lucifer and the Hidden Demons on my phone and started looking for the ritual to make someone bestow gifts on me.

I was thinking along the lines of a cash gift from my father- etc…but I put absolutely NO limits or demands on how the gift would show up, nor did I put any limitations on how much.

I have read many times from some bad-ass magicians to not handicap demons with too many specifics.

I did the ritual while in the bathroom- sitting on the toilet- Dad and 12 others in the next room eating turkey: first summoning Lucifer, then Asmodi, then Maggid. Next, I made my request- “I ask that you encourage my Father and/or wife to bestow a great gift on me.”

I had no visions- no indications that the request had been even heard, much less fulfilled.

I have thought about it a few times since- but for some reason- I’ve been unusually patient…almost quietly confident- dare I say.

Today, December 5th (exactly 10 days after the request) - my Dad called and completely absolved me of the remaining 25k! He said I had done a phenomenal job paying it back thus far- and he’d like to let me off on the rest.

That’s roughly $717 per month for the next 3 years- close to 25k!

My father is NOTORIOUS for being tight w/ his money, and even though I am his son- he is not the type of person to let anyone- even me- out of debt. Anyone.

This is significant for another much bigger reason: I have cast a fuck ton of rituals out of that book w/in the last month.

That’s the second that has popped w/in the last 2 weeks- the other you can read about in my journal.

This approach works for me. It’s not dramatic, and there are no bells and whistles. Just results.


One last thing- Lucifer is said to manipulate time. I’m starting to get this now. Lucifer brought the result - the same result that would have occurred in 3 years had I kept paying- to fruition today.

Saving me 3 years saved me 25k.


Hey there!!!
I’ve been working the fuck out of Lucifer and the Hidden Demons. Today, while I was teaching kids (They were taking a test) I worked a little something:

A little about the setting:
My classroom w/ 30 kids
Quiet as they were taking a test
I was a bout six feet away from the front row of my students.
I had a mask on so they couldn’t see my mouth moving nor here me speak softly
I want to know what a few coworkers think and believe about me…
So…I pulled up the book on my phone via kindle and copied down the evocation codes for the pathworking…
Then I proceeded to summon in the following order:
The request: Reveal what persons x and Y think/believe about me…

The key to this is to practice listening and sensing while talkng to the person. The book says to give it a few days and to really pay attention when you talk to the person- and the information will be revealed…


Breath work (Cloud breathing/ expanding & valving)
Energy center work (feet and hands)
Chakra stimulation
Energy bouncing and raising
Trance work + third eye trigger: falling into the abyss
Loosening: spinning inside mt body!
Exit training:

I forget the name of this in the book- but it’s a deceptively potent way to project out of your body.

You begin by feeling the warmth and shape of your solar plexus chakra- and by seeing it as an orange sphere of pure heat and energy.

Then- you push it half out of your chest and hold it there until you get tired - you will get tired…it’s like holding something heavy over your head for a long time—then, let it snap back into your chest.

Rest a minute- then go again- but try and push it put a little bit further and hold it a little bit longer.

You’ll eventually be able to move it six feet out and hold it.

Then bounce it back and forth again and again, and it will start to pull you out of your body with it.

After you get a good volley goin, start bouncing it all round the room.

Pretty cool…


I’ve been doing abbreviated trainings like this for the last month.

I can’t be sure, but I think Lucifer Amaymon is contacting me during these trainings…something keeps appearing that looks like the various images I’ve seen of him. this could be my subconscious mind playing tricks on me…but I’ve read the Belial, Asmodeus, Lucifer Amaymon, Bael, and Beelzebub volumes- and for some reason, Amaymon’s image keep appearing in the Astral to me…

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I’ve been slacking here on my journal- but I have been doing a crap ton of magick.
-I am 18 days into GW’s Break up curse from Magickal Attack. I’m using it on a friend who’s gettin’ back together with her ex husband- but dam is this toxic- and kinda tough to watch as logic and reason exit stage left when he comes round. He’s got another girl expecting a kid in Florida (out of wedlock) and now wants back with her (he’s already left her a single mom once before after cheating)

And yes…I have selfish motives- I’m not the “concerned” friend I’m framing myself to be :rofl:

There’s another dude who’s giving me problems at work with the same woman - I’ve called Laralos from LHD to fuck that up…

Here’s the thing- she plays games and she’s winning right now.

She knows my buttons and knows she has power over me. I can’t resist her. When she needs me (and by that I mean when she needs my attention- she’s definitely an attention whore), she pulls the jealousy card using her ex husband and this guy at work to push my buttons.

My magick has worked- to a degree - but we haven’t been together yet
I can’t believe I’m writing this right now, and I’m having a personal gnossis moment as I do!

Virgospirit I hope you’re out there to help with me this cuz I’m in a little deep again-


Here’s what I have going…

Belial’s a constant because it’s becoming a dignity thing again

I think I’m getting results from LHD, but so much of it is subtle…All of the attraction calls- for instance - seem to be working…she’s definitely into me- But I haven’t been able to leverage my power correctly-


The Godmouth is starting to open- Until next time…


I’m on day 30 of the Magickal Attack Break-up Curse.They’re still spending time together, but I can tell she’s losing the enthusiasm for getting back together w/ him.

But here’s what’s happened with us:
Recap of the magick:

-3 spells out of Asmodeus: Lord of Lust I went nuts around a month ago, and truthfully, while this might seem like overkill, it was more due to my fascination with Asmodeus that I worked the spells and less about my lust for results.

I’ve used Lucifer and the Hidden Demons for what I call gametime adjustments. For instance, there have been days at work where I needed my own powers increased (as opposed to manipulating someone else)…

Examples include:

  • Beelzebub for an increase in personal beauty,
  • Apolion to discover someone’s true thoughts
  • Anamalon to arouse sexual thoughts in others while you speak
  • Sagarez to radiate sexual potency through your gaze

There are a few others, I’m sure, but you get the picture.

Belial: to remove obstacles, values, and preferences that box her in (and in this case that were boxing me into the friend zone)

This woman has:

  1. Never dated or even been interested in a white guy: until now
  2. Has a ridiculously strong ethos against dating guys at work: until now
  3. Has a ridiculously strong ethos against getting involved w/ married guys: until now (we are separated- but still married)
  4. Is 15 years younger than me (She’s early 30’s btw) - never dated anyone that much older than her: until now

Thank you Belial!

And finally, Damon Brand’s Magickal Seduction…I had forgotten how powerful this grimoire actually is.
I am 2/3 of the way through this portion of the working and I’m doing the rituals in this order: 3-1-2.
3 to boost my overall attractiveness to the masses (complete)
1-targeted at the seduction of 1 person (day 1: she got insanely jealous at work when she saw me talk to another woman for 10 minutes- like she broke down in tears; Day 3: Confessed her feelings to me…this Monday will be our first alone time since the magick took hold)
2- targeted at developing true love. Beginning tonight! (11 days)

I’m gonna post a more concise explanation for anyone interested in the near future- in the meantime…happy lusting!

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Saturday- March 19th, 2022:
Magickal Seduction: Ritual 2; Day 1
Time: 3 PM
Notes: Got into a real nice trance for day 1 of this ritual. This is one of those rituals that has always felt good to perform. Probably because it calls on some pretty stout Angels (Raziel and Haniel). There’s also no visualization required like the other two.
It’s much longer though…11 days!

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Always around :blush:

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I am on vacation right now in Savannah, Georgia. This is undoubtedly one of the most haunted places in the U.S. I am doing some “tourist” stuff with the people I’m with that involves some ghost tours in some seriously fucked up, haunted places where some insane shit went down. I can’t wait!

There’s a ton of cemeteries, swamps and marshes, occult stores, etc…The only other place that rivals this place on terms of a supernatural presence (in the U.S.) is New Orleans. But this is way thicker and sinister.

The people I’m with know nothing of my practices, so I am working on getting some free time at night to get out and roam with the spirits.

The funny thing is- I feel like I may be one of the most fucked up sinister beings roaming these streets right now as I am quite sure Belial is with me.

I will update soon…


Update on current love workings-
She admitted she was in love with me and that her feelings were crazy strong for me (and getting stronger) the night before she left for vacation - that was April 8th. We’ll see where she is when she gets back from vacation.


Been a minute to be sure…
But I have an update that’s pretty cool. Last year around this time, I summoned my main demon Belial to remove whatever blockages from my students that may be preventing them from passing their end-of-year standardized state test (Yeah I’m a teacher). The motives aren’t entirely clean as I benefit greatly from their success in terms of a major status bump at the school I work at.

If you want the details of that success, or if you just wanna read up on Belial’s immense power, here’s my post from last year. It’s also in the success stories thread:

On to this year! Same deal, different kids, and also a different scenario AND system. First, this group of kids (as a whole) is not near as smart as last year.

Furthermore, anyone who’s been keeping up with me here on BALG - all two of you :rofl:know that I’ve been really hammering Lucifer’s Hidden Demons by Theodor Rose lately.

Well, the morning of the test, in a total act of spontaneity, I used the LHD path working system to call on Belial again! I mean - I did this in silence and standing behind a podium just moments before the test began.

I’m not gonna lie, I have been completely gifted with a fucking off the charts imagination, when I do a path working, I get to that place where the Demon is.

I felt Lucifer and Belial standing behind me and breathing their cold breath on the back of my neck. OK so I’m not sure if it was breath, but it was cold air.

Lucifer did what he always does, which was communicate to me to use him more, and Belial just stood there nodding and smiling (as usual too).

The scores came back today and my kids averaged 7% higher scores than the three other teachers. This is a big deal and generally unseen in our school. 7% is a huge number when comparing large groups of people.

Bottom line: Belial rules when it comes to influence, power, status, achievement, disruption of old and useless thought patterns, etc…

Also, my advice to any magician who chooses to remain busy in the material world: find a system that’s portable and that can be used in public and on the fly. I prefer Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, but there are others. Then memorize it and practice it until you can do it in your sleep.

It’s like carrying portable power around in your pocket!