Evocation Of Asmoday (Shit just got real)

Last night I performed my 4th evocation of Asmoday.
The previous evocations were nothing dramatic.Just basically getting to know him and telling him what I want.

I did a couple of readings on how I can get myself out of the mess I’ve gotten myself into and things looked good if I continued my work with Asmoday and trusted Him AND myself.

I made an altar for him with the same sigil I’ve been using.
I got a beer out of the fridge being it was the only alcohol I have and filled 2 chalices.One for me and one for him.

I engraved a blue and black candle with his name and anointed them with psychic vision oil.

I find it necessary to note that from the second I began the preparations my entire body was shaking uncontrollably.

I consecrated the circle,dagger,and GoP and with each word spoken during the consecrations my voice turned to rage and the shaking became worse.

I no longer felt the peace of being in a relaxed state although I was definently entering rapture.

My voice got louder and the pleas for Him to come became a COMMAND.

I truly felt like a God.I’ve never felt such a reassurance of power.

When I began to speak the license to appear I lit a cone of incense in a dragon shaped incense burner where you place the cone inside and the smoke comes out of the mouth.I thought this was fitting being his description of appearance.

I took blood from my leg and smeared a drop on the sigil.

I offered everything on the altar to Him and toasted himwith my chalice.

I felt him arrive.As soon as iI felt it the rage and uncontrollable shaking ceased.
I became humbled.

I went over the things I wanted.Basically asking for help with my ascent and to be pulled out of the hole I’m in.

After the conversation I dismissed him and blew out the candles.

I sat in the darkness and meditated while scrying into the dark room.

I began to start nodding off so I decided to go lay down and continue my meditation there.(I was instructed to meditate after the evocation)

Now here’s where shit got scary.

I took a quartz chakra healing wand and played down on my couch and cleared my chakra and vibrated the words of power for each one until I fell asleep.

I woke up to a noise…there was music coming from the dining area along with the sound of muttered voices.

I was terrified.
I tried to sleep but when I closed my eyes the music would start again.

I also heard my daughters voice (who was NOT home ) and looked as my daughter ran into the living room.
Scared shitless I stared at her and she disappeared.

I then heard someone struggling to enter my front door.
A black figure walked into my house speaking in the voice of my mother.

It came at me then faded.
I turned the lights on out of fear hoping that this would go away.

The visions went away but the music and voices plagued me for most of the night.
Every time I closed my eyes it would start.

So far today since I woke up from finally getting to sleep everything has been normal.

I feel at peace.Like everything is going to be OK.
I’m still at a loss about all the phenomena after the evocation but I’ll be doing more work with Asmoday so maybe he can shed some light on this.

I have to admit I’ve never been so terrified.
But at the same time it was proof that this shit is real.

Like I said I was told by Asmoday to have for faith in myself and the reality of majick.
Maybe this was his way of saying “Do you believe in majick NOW?”

I dunno.But there’s my experience.
I’d love to hear some feedback on this.

Anyone ever have this after an intense evocation?




He never did that to me, but it is said he likes to ‘Overthrow the Established Order of Things.’

So, maybe he’s overthrowing the way you approach or view magick in general.

Sounds like you put in alot of work for that ritual, congrats.

I hope he comes through for you, he usually works great for me, especially when there is blood involved.

I’m off to do a big one in the woods with him today myself.



I asked him for help with my mentality of a lot of things including majick.
I asked for faith.Which felt weird asking a demonic king for faith but I needed it.

He sure as hell got my attention.The words I used could have been interpreted as asking for tough love.

I was so wrapped up in the moment and the power I felt that I basically asked for him to tear away my flesh and reveal my godself.

I don’t want to go into too much detail but I think he was showing me that I already AM my godself.A God in the flesh.


The part where you saw your daughter then saw the black figure reminds me of the first time I had sleep paralysis. I had a dream that (I was working in an adult family home) a granddaughter of one of the ladies I took care of ran out of her room but left the light on. When I entered the room to turn off the light there was a giant black figure/shadow standing there. It didn’t speak to me and I ran from it then woke up in paralysis. I wonder how often stuff like this happens.

I had a similar experience with Asmodeus scaring the shit out of me at 3am. I made the mistake of disrespecting him for a dumb reason and he made me start seeing things in my mind. Things crawling out of the cabinets. Shadowy figures behind every door. And him, sitting in a chair across from me, as a hooded figure with a terrible grin. Forgiveness was asked for, apologies were made. He wasn’t even all that angry but he sure as hell let me know he wouldn’t tolerate it again.