Incredible Result using the Temple of Causality from KoF

Hi everyone,

I will be going to College soon and i needed a New Laptop, Being very Broken the easiest way to get one was that someone else buy it to me.
So yesterday, i went into my Ritual Chamber, open the Gates found KoF and enter the Temple of Causality, I start to project my intent from all my Being, combining as much Emotion, desire and All my astral sense to get a Clear and Living Picture of What i desired, when i reach the Climax of my visualisation i project my Will into the Void of the Temple.

After this, i quit the temple of Causality, close my Ritual area and go to Sleep, I woke up usually late, (1 pm). The First things my Mother said to me after i wake up is :

''Your Father bought you a Laptop, it will be ready at 17:00 ā€˜ā€™

And now i have it!

Iā€™m really impressed by the Effectivness of the Temple of Causality, i will use it more often!


Awesome result, thanks for sharing that! :slight_smile: