Why many people in here is struggling financially?

I think a lot of the replies here are wonderful, but I’d also like to add my own two cents on the matter.

Not all Operators have the need for Thousands/Millions of dollars, a lot of us have learned to live within our means. Money is a tool, and sometimes it is easier to produce the item you need than the money to purchase it.

Myself for example, in the past six months have been able to bring things into my life that are worth a lot of money, but I did not have to pay nearly as much for the items that I would have if I had only asked for the money to purchase them outright. Much of my gemstones and jewellery were brought into my life with spells that encouraged people to gift them to me as they did not have need of the items any longer. I’ve even been able to save myself much expense by asking for the wisdom to keep my vehicle in good repair so as to avoid having purchasing a brand new one at a greater cost. Another great one that is my personal favourite is saving on the cost of food by asking for the skills to grow my own produce, be it in a large backyard garden or just a few salad and herb boxes in my window sill.

I know this doesn’t help directly with say, paying the bills, but it can help divert funds from unlikely sources to reduce the amount you need to bring in. Everyone’s needs are unique, which is something that should be noted when asking such a broad question. Person X might appear to be struggling financially in the eyes of Person Y and Z, but Person X might feel they have everything they need to be happy.


Economics, man. It’s fucked up, I guess :woman_shrugging:t2:


Reason NO:-----

1- Some here r just newbie who r just learning magick. SO they can’t manifest much

2- SOme just don’t want too much money. FOr them other goals, even spiritual pursuit is more important than working 9 hours a day making a million yearly. I fall under this. For me dying is more important than becoming filthy rich.

3-SOme here R quite rich. GOt rich using their magick. But they don’t go around advertising their wealth

4-Money magick isn;t as easy as other baneful magick. In a way it is very similar to love magick, doesn’t always work.

5- SOme r just dumb and don’t know how to use magick stratagically to make wealth. They will do the ritual when they are homeless.

6- Many use magick to make average amount of money but doing what they love. If they want they could have earned millions but doing something which would have been a drag.


I don’t know that this is going to be a popular answer on here because it sounds like it comes from a grimoire traditionalist, but I’m going to post it anyway. I think it is because demons are just bad. All the traits that they have, we go on and on about why they are great, but everything also has a downside. The downside keeps you down. Even if you gave up the occult and went back to Christianity or whatever, the problems would still be there, waiting for you, because they are part of you and other people so you can’t really get rid of them.

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well, I have 2 disagree. I have seen people making few millions with in few months out of almost nowhere with hardly any effort by working with spirits WAY DARKER than grimoire Demons.

But yea working too much with dark entities makes U soak in their essence and causes U 2 have Bad Luck. Many Tibetan sorcerers face this problem later in life. A big problem with LHP is when U start 2 soak dark entity’s essence instead of just channeling them towards others, your enemies.

I don’t know about Tibetan Sorcerers but you’re saying ALL the people on this forum (which is quite a lot) have Bad Luck from working with Daemons or “Dark Entities”?

lol, Goku, you know better than that.


When the FUCK did I say about ‘‘ALL the people here’’?

i just linked it :roll_eyes:
Look at the words you used and chill out.

How many use Dark Entities on this forum? Think on that. A lot will say they do not absorb the energy and start having bad luck. In fact it’s the opposite.
I don’t get your issue and i’m not even getting into whatever it is.

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I looked and didn’t find any reference to mages here. Just ‘Tibetan Sorcerers’.
Believe me , it is almost below zero here :cold_face: and I AM FUCKING CHILLING

so what? doesn’t mean I can;t have a contrary opinion. Shit happening to black magicians specially psychological problem is known to all and one of the most common phenomena in occult. Just doesn;t happen to EVERYONE.

Issue? WTF?

I want to make it clear that I don’t think the problems started because you started working with the demons, the issues started before you started working with them.

Shit’s always happening to everyone, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s exclusively because one turns to the LHP or any other form of magick. Remember, when one asks for change of any sort, things need to be moved around, rearranged in order for improvements to be made. Yes shit will happen, but shit also takes time, takes planning, weither we’re aware of the direct impacts or not.

A good example is when someone asks for a better source of income, then they loose their current job. Most’s reaction would be to freak out, thinking ‘this isn’t what I wanted!’ and they fail to remember that in order for a better opportunity to arise certain circumstances need to be met. In loosing that job you then start to look for the opportunity to find something better, and it opens you up so that you are available to act on it when said opportunity presents itself.

Entropy leads to atrophy.

Destruction is most often needed for creation to flourish.


I see where Goku is going with his statement and how he arrived at it. Yes there are people who work with far darker and malevolent energies than many of us are familiar with. I can’t speak for them nor do I know why a person chooses any spirit over another as there are too many variables. But I would think that if you were desperate or “ needed it now,” you would go directly where you could get your needs met. Similar to being impatient and paying more for shipping.

As far as absorbing their energies that’s entirely possible but it’s the same for angels or any other spirit or diety. We should be learning from them not in pursuit to become them. When I teach I teach HOW and explain WHY. If a student mimicks everything I do and strives to be like me, not only is it creepy but it’s a waste of knowledge and they miss the point. Take the knowledge and expand it, grow from it, embed it in your psyche but don’t worship the information. Don’t worship the messenger either. Self knowledge comes into play here and it’s imperative to “ know thyself.”

This is why you shouldn’t approach a spirit out of desperation. You’ll write checks you can’t cash and unfortunately it’s too late. You want it and you want it now. But most spirits WANT to teach you and have you capable to create your own realities. If that’s not your interest then they shouldn’t be held accountable for your fuck up. If someone pays me for a work and doesn’t want to hear my advice or knowledge just wants it done that’s ok. And when they come back months later in another avoidable dilemma had they have listened and pay me again, that’s ok too. They made their choice and ignorance gets expensive both materially and spiritually.

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Alot of it is linked to how each individual mind views money on the unconious levels of their psyches. If the mental programs they have built up from formative years are aligned with poverty or lack in some way then even with magick you are facing oppositions from the get go. They magick may very well work but because of these programs you may either not notice the opportunity that has manifested or you may unconsciously sabotage it.

Internal self sabotage by unconious design. People do it for all kinds of reasons without realizing it. Generally these manifest as a result from a fear of success which is more powerful and common than a fear of failure regardless of how unrational it is.

For example if you grew up in an enivorment where your successes were met with levels of open hate,disdain, jealousy, loss of affection, love from family, friends ect. Then generally the psyche learns ways to avoid those types of negative responces even if it means being a failure or mediocre in or not to have to forfeit getting acceptance, love and approval from those you consider important.

It isn’t rational but these programs that worked as defences in those formative then transfer over into adulthood while your trying to go after your dreams. The aspect of yourself that runs theze programs then manifests in one way or another to stop you from raising because from its perspective it is protecting you.

The identification, dismantling and reprogramming of such unconscious patterns is one aspect to most spiritual systems and tradtions they may just phrase it differently.

This is also why so much work has to be done with the mind for magick to work effectively. If you do not then your basically having to try and work magick while aspects of your own being are working very hard to keep things they way they are.


This same idea around financial magick applies to every aspect of spiritual work. Love, death, fertility, prosperity, health ect. The amount of resistances you hit will vary depending on your own mental patterns and resistances.


Really awesome and informative post brother, with clarity. :+1: Sub-conscious mind is deep, most people don’t have any idea HOW DEEP it is???!!!


I’ve never heard this. I don’t think it’s true? But I could be wrong.

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From what i have seen they generally forget either cause of ego, ignorance, arrogance or pride.
At some point if the potential of the mind is talked about the tiny portion that make up what we understand as the consious mind veruses the rest of it.

Kinda like a ice berg

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Your opinions definitely count, sorry if it sounded like they don’t. You know i don’t like things that seem absolute so my apologies for upsetting you. I have a better understanding of where you’re coming from now. :slight_smile:

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This guy right here knows his stuff :grin::clap:t2:

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It can be Costly depending on what you ask for. This could also be the same for Love, but you see, Love is more easily achievable due to the fact that it is the sparking of emotions between two individuals…example… there are less Obstacles in the way, and obstacles being easier as it is both Mental and Emotional.

WIth Money, the obstacles could be more physical in nature, meaning… that “which was set in stone,” as it had already manifested and held a certain reality rigid. But when it comes to it being the most costly, and I’m assuming you have High Ideals of something complex that you want… large sums of money comes at the Cost of Sacrifice of many different kinds (I will not go there). There is also something to say that Big Money is Blood Money and Dirty, because of the cost it took to obtain it.

So next time you desire something, have a Goal… think of all the things you are going to have to cut, the great sacrifices you will have to make to obtain it. Think of the Web of Karma and all the things linked to that ONE THING that allows its existence.