Ex back with Satanachia

Hi Everyone,

Today i started a new project with Satanachia.

I have an Ex who lives in another country and first said we could meet and when i texted her to make a date she has not replied for 5 weeks!

Totally unexceptable for her to do this in
My Reality (hope that makes sense).

I have requested Satanachia 3 things:

  • To make her contact me
  • Say or Text that misses me
  • Say or Text that she wants to see me

I will keep you guys updated so others can learn from my experience.

If anyone of you has an open line of communication with Satanachia let me know please.


I started the project yesterday and give Satanachia:

21 December 2019:

Raw Beef
Oreo Cookies
(Whiskey is from previous project)

www.satanachia.info for more info


Today i felt something was missing and i realized i did not put my blood and semen of the Sigil of Satanachia.

So today 22 december 2019 i corrected this:

Blood on Sigil
Semen on Sigil
Raw Chicken meat
(Whiskey from previous project)

I asked Satanachia to accept my request and do it as fast as possible.

www.satanachia.info for more info


I will follow your progress !
Been reading quite a lot about Satanachia lately.

So I was feeling sad about my Ex. Today I had a date with a girl i have known for a long while (11 month) but NEVER had sex with.

I took Satanachia with me and said she could enjoy sexual energy from me.

This girl was kissing me, hugging me, got naked and asked for a massage.

She went crazy, pulled my Dick out and put it in Vagina and fucked me hard!!!

I was shocked i could see Satanachia’s domination over this, she just had to fuck me or something!!!

I am on my way back home and it seems like a dream sooo strange behavior from her side.

This takes my mind of from my Ex for now haha.
I will keep u guys updated how it goes with the Ex project


I just called Satanachia, She is with me right now.
I reached out to her and could feel the weight of her hand on my hand.

I have given her new offerings for getting my Ex to contact me.

Buffolow wings in Honey Teriyaki marination and Sugared Cinnamon Bread.

I have not heard anything yet from my Ex it is also a very difficult project. But i have full faith and i feel its in the bag already :slight_smile: haha

I will keep u guys updated


I went to lie down in my bed. Then Boom!!!
I feel her close to me and my body is semi paralyzed from the intense energy.

I can see a black figure in the corner of my left eye. Was really intense dark energy.

Very powerful and niceeee :slight_smile:


Just a headsup, tomorrow i will call Satanachia and after that wait for her to bring result.

Because i need to detach from this Project so i dont consciously hang on to it and block the movement of energy.

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Today i gave beloved Satanachia a nice big Pork Jerkey to enjoy.

And from this moment on it’s completely up to her is she chooses to help me or not.

I will let you know what happens so you can know how long it takes and what to expect.

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You really killing it with all these nice offerings :slight_smile:


Haha yes, i want there to be NO shortcoming from my end.

Now i wait for Satanachia’s move. I can’t text my Ex myself because she has ignored 3 of my text since 20 NOV till 15 DEC.

So i have to wait for Satanachia to make her contact me first. THEN i will do also my part and sweet talk her into making a Date etc.

For now its Patience and letting go (very Hard)

I will let you know as soon as something happens. Hugsss


Finish touch


  • Lamb Chop
  • Adana Kebab
  • Salad


  • Red wine


  • Chocolate
  • Coffeebread
  • Pecanbread


Right Satanachia is getting a Whole all you can eat buffet!! :joy:



Today i text my Ex, Happy Holidays, result -->
She read it and did NOT reply at all totally ignoring me!

This has become an IMPOSSIBLE task now.

I am speaking to Satanachia right now to please help and proceed and speed things up.

I just gave her Chocolate Milk.
And our diner is on its way as well.

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Dinner with Satanachia :smiley:

French fries covered with Shwarma lamb meat with cheese on top and salade and saus

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It’s wonderful that you’re so thurrough with your offerings to the spirit, but I’m concerned (in a friendly way) that you might be lusting for the result.

Going back everyday to feed her more might seem as you’re not trusting your initial request to Satanachia. Perhaps it might be a good idea to step back and let her work? :slight_smile:


Ooh yes you are absolutely right. Thank you for your honest advice.

The reason for so many offerings is also that Satanachia got me alot of money (7.000) And i like to make her happy also to show i am really greatful. I love to spoil her.

After the last offering on the 27th i deleted my ex number and pictures. To stop thinking about her i am seeing new women and excersising and focussing on career.

At this moment my ex is dead to me.
If Satanachia makes her contact me great, if not also great.


Last night i dreamt a lot of enchantments i saw them clearly and spoke them in my dream.

Also i was spoken to and heard names of demons etc. Cant remember clearly.

Now i seem to be randomly meeting new loving caring women who are helping my heart heal and forget the Ex fast.

I just met a girl 2 hours ago, beautiful like a model. I just walked up to her talked and after 10 minutes she hugged me, let my hands on her ass and kiss on the cheek and gave me her number.

What i feel is that i need to do these approches and meet more women. Also i need to lose weight and get on the top of my game.

I feel really good and i feel love towards Satanachia :):smiley:

My feeling right now =


Successssss, Hail Satanachia !!!

She did it with flying colors!!! Yeahhhhhhh i am soo happy guys i cant tell u. What a weight has been lifted off of me pfffff.

So in total my Ex ignored me for 6 weeks.
She read everything but never replied to me.
This was looking totally IMPOSSIBLE, because we havent seen each other in almost 2 years and bearly talk.

So i had completey forget about her and today in the morning she finally texts me.

How I am doing with lots of kisses and hearts i mean a lot!!!

I have requested Satanachia 3 things and the first one is Done!

  • To make her contact me
    (DONE 30th Dec took 10 days)

  • Say or Text that misses me (Busy)

  • Say or Text that she wants to see me (Busy)

Guys i can vouch for Satanachia she is wonderful and amazing!!!

More upfront offerings and after completing nr 2 and nr 3 the real offering of our deal.

I love her so much!!!