Success story - got what I wanted for so long, but am not sure anymore

Back then, I tried a lot of things, including spells that required daily casting, but eventually I just gave up and would only just think of her from time to time, not very often


sounds like letting go was what helped push things along. I’m at the most difficult point, desperation. Without going to far into detail, besides losing sleep, weight, and my mind I’m looking for answers in magick, daemons, or anything just to find some solace.


I hope you sorted out your dilemma. I’m curious which one you decided on and if you were happy with your choice? Of course I’m just being nosey and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. I’d say overall you got great results either way. I’d say the lesson in this is that sometimes having choices forces you to look within to learn more about yourself and your motives.

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Who did you pick?

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What happened in the end? Who did you choose?

@Closetwitch @DragonLady

Sorry for the very late reply. In the end I choose my ex only to realise that I’ve outgrown her and the whole situation, so I eventually left and was lucky enough that her doppelganger agreed to get back together


LHP do not judge. Morality is overrated.
I’m happy for you, this does confirm two major feats regardin love spells:

  1. Lusting for results kills it all
  2. Love spells only works with women/men you actually already had a relationship

This isn’t quite true. Things may go smoother if you had a prior relationship, yes…but it’s not a prerequisite for success.


If it was the case, love section of this and others forums would not be so filled with people.

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Not really. These sections are filled with people (mostly beginners) asking what spell/spirit is best to use. It’s not filled with every person trying a love spell on a random target and failing at it. The BALG Repository of Success Stories has several stories of people who used love magick on a specific target they didn’t have a prior relationship with. Their success invalidates your claim. I don’t know why folks assume that because their own attempts at love magick have always failed, this is true for everyone else…


This. This was the way. I will tell you why.

If you did not taste the water that returned to you, you would always wonder of its flavor.

You knew the flavor of the water you have now, but not if the old water changed.

Now you know.


Couldn’t have said it better myself

This is completely off topic
But has anyone ever tried love spell on an entity - Goetic, abrahamic, Hinduism, Norse, Pagan or otherwise

If we are Gods too , since we are a source of powerful energy in this cosmos, then has anyone done that? I am just curious coz ever so often someone comes along saying they’re Belial’s wife or Astaroth’s love or Azazel’s gf etc etc, how are they even sure bout this?

Just asking

I am sure someone has tried, but it seems highly inappropriate.

If someone does, wouldn’t it be flattering and embarrassing to the entity. Coz ya know they can figure it out even before it happens

Spirits are basically organized consciousness, so I’m not sure a love spell would affect them the same way it would a human, because they are not confined to the singularity of a meat suit like we are. It is our animal selves that are primarily affected by spells, not our spirits or souls.

More often than not, when someone declares themselves to be the lover/wife/husband/sex slave of some popular spirit, it is simply a fantasy in their mind, a way for them to escape their mundane life and feel special and unique.

Actual spiritual marriages tend to be done primarily for political or strategic reasons, the way human nobility generally does it in the physical world. That does not exclude the possibility of love, of course, but I doubt a timeless, multidimensional being, who has likely had thousands of lovers come and go throughout the millennia, would have quite the same concept of it as a human whose life is finite.

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When am trying to read about organized consciousness I’m getting multiple answers. How’d you simplify that if I may ask

Are we not timeless multidimensional too? Like the soul/energy sources within us - that one is immortal and timeless isn’t it?

Yes, but not the human part of us that experiences the feeling of romantic love. The all encompassing Divine love of the Eternal is not the same love we know, but is something that the human animal runs from, because it shatters every conception we have of the word and leads to the total dissolution of what we consider to be “us.”. The human mind can only experience complete bliss for so long before it either dissolves, or goes insane.

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Scary too. I don’t want to be insane lol.

So organized consciousness - how do you simply that? Like an example maybe