Is it possible to kill someone with Baneful Magick

I bought the Baneful Magick book by E.A. Koetting and i red it from cover to cover. And i was thinking, can i really kill someone. Because i have a lot of hate for a person i want gone. Is this good enough to make them gone, or do i need something stronger. i never understood how it works. Do i need a specific demon or just my own will. If someone was succsessful with Baneful Magick please tell me like step by step how you kill or harm your victims.


Yes, it can.

Yes. In the book you mentioned, Baneful Magick, read the chapter about the ritual release of hatred.

Either one can work, though your will might not be strong enough to overcome that of the target. It takes a lot of discipline and concentration to remove a target through sheer force of will, and few magicians are that capable, but fortunately, there are many other ways to work baneful spells that don’t require that much effort.

EA’s book has many great spells, everything from simple candle magick, to the full evocation of 9 spirits of death to sic on your target, so my advice is to read it thoroughly, and then choose a method to utilize and go for it.


How does a killing hex or curse actual works? Is the person that gets a heart attack and fall down or does it come slowly?

It certainly can kill a person. I suggest you check out the BALG Repository of Success Stories and scroll down to the heading titled Baneful Magick. You will find several examples of people using magick to kill. Sometimes they use a specific demon, other times its a spell. Its really up to you and what you are most comfortable with. If you have EA’s baneful magick book though, im sure he has a step by step guide in there


I highly recommend bookmarking Verdo’s Repository so you can return easily to read up. It’s a great tool for learning or motivating your work.

But all in all, yes. Banefull Magick can indeed kill your target if purpose and energy is set towards it.

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Unlikely. Baneful magick takes time to overcome the inherent will to live in the target. While a sudden heart attack is a possibility, from what I’ve read, it seems accidents and/or disease are the most common ways baneful magick manifests.


i just wonder this thing that many practitioners
say that you have to pay a price when you do such a thing. like losing some part of yourself. like your health or beauty or maybe some years of your life. i wonder if this is true?

It’s not true. It’s only to discourage people from doing it. Or maybe the guilt after that, idk, but there is no price, no karma, no 3 fold law. You do whatever you want


I totally agree, from my own experience, this is a crucial factor that needs to be considered and overcome in order not to give up or think that you have failed.

Quick results are definitely possible. I’ve had people expire within 24 hours of me beginning the working. I had one instance which may have been near-instant but I’m not sure since I don’t have access to the individual in question’s exact time of death. Overcoming the will to live is fairly straightforward if you tap into an energy pool that’s deeper than your own mind’s personal hatred. Deities are good for this, either a patron god/demon or a personal mythos. Personally I use the latter.

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