Little about what brought me here

Hey everyone. My name is Mark. I started magick a few years ago and all I ever found was new age stuff that I quickly tired of, knowing there had to be more to magick than that. I then found hermetic traditions, which were a bit more interesting. Still it wasn’t quite for me. After all I was trying to get away from anything related to Christianity at the time. Found s. Connelly and that resonated with me alot and took that information and ran for a long time. Figured there wasnt enough people interested in the same path as me for a long time since all the good stuff in magick seems to be buried in a mountain of crap lol. Glad I finally found this place. Exited to share mine and learn what other people are experiencing and experimenting with! Hail Lucifer!


Welcome to the forum :love_you_gesture: You’re in the right place. If you want to read about the experiences of others, this thread is a good place to start.


Welcome @Ana-Han

Where are you from?

How long is that?

What, exactly, do you practice? You haven’t been very clear.

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

I was reading about it for like a year then 3 years ago I actually put it into practice when I became homeless. Primarily have done a lot of evocation with lucifer, horus, belial and astarte but definitely others when I’ve needed. Also started experimenting with mind control and things like that, when I was having a lot of legal issues, and needed to get judges or p.o.'s to cut me a break. Been doing more healing work lately with some pretty awesome success. Was recently told by lucifer that I need to master divination so I’ve been studying tarot the past few weeks (thoth deck). I live in the US.