Never been so happy to be wrong

Edit: So it took a month or two, but Focalor made good on his promise and I thought it was worth an update since I made an entire thread about it.

Essentially, I found out today from mutual friends of my enemy that nearly everything I asked for back late July came to pass: he was fired from his job, and his relationship is in tatters. I was wondering how Focalor would be able to get him kicked to the curb, since he has always been an incredibly hard worker, and his boss was very fond of him. It appears he seemed to have an odd change of character recently and completely blew off both his job and his boss in lieu of partying. “Odd”, indeed. It also appears he and his girlfriend can’t keep their shit, or their relationship, together. Enjoy your demonic gangbang, you lying, cowardly jackhole!

So yeah, wanted to thank Sitri, Focalor, and Leraje for coming through for me, and of course E.A. for showing me how to alter someone’s life in the course of 15 minutes.

Fuck. Yeah.

Before I begin, I want to apologize if any of this is nonsensical, I kind of had to write it in a hurry.

Anyway, a week or two ago I started a series of evocations to attack a “friend” who quite literally fucked me over in a number of ways. I have the misfortune of still seeing this asshole since we work next to each other, and I wanted to make sure that changed, asap. Since I don’t have the censers or the room for doing them all at once, I did one a night, starting July 21st through the 23rd.

I knew about the relationship problems my target was having with his girlfriend, so the first night I called Sitri up and asked him to inflame infidelity in his girlfriend so that ultimately she’d start cheating on him. Sitri showed up as a flaming housecat of all things (he’s always seemed to be a total smartass with me). My only stipulation was that this woman’s little girl not be harmed. He seemed pleased with the task I issued and told me to “sit back and enjoy the show”. I gave him the license to depart, satisfied.

Leraje was called the next night to take Sitri’s work and push it further by causing any mental or emotional wounds between the two to fester to the point where the relationship just breaks apart. Leraje was the hardest for me to hear, but I felt he was around and that he got the point, so I let him depart.

The final night was reserved for Focalor. I told him I wanted him to attack my enemy’s peace of mind and happiness until I had the pleasure of seeing him broken. I wanted him swept up in the waves of despair and dashed upon rocks. I wanted him so tormented he could not tolerate it and would leave his job, or get fired. I also asked him to surround me with his familiars, in case I had to see his smug face in person again, so I could send them after him and feel like I was being pro-active.

After requesting all this, I asked him what to say to the familiars so they knew I wanted them to attack. This was one of those moments EA mentioned in his course, where you get information there was no way you possibly could have known otherwise, because one of the words he gave me was “Kopher”. I don’t speak or understand Hebrew at all, so I wrote it down and looked it up the next day, and was pleasantly surprised at its meaning: a ransom for a life. Seemed appropriate, so the next time I saw him, I followed Focalor’s instructions, sent the familiars on their way, and took comfort in the fact Focalor was on top of things.

I only saw my enemy one day after the workings, and had not seen him around since, so I was satisfied my work was done. Much to my upset this afternoon though, I found out he just had not been showing up for work, not that he had actually quit for good. I suppose that could be pointing to bad shit going down for him, but I’d rather know he was driven away for good.

  1. Am I just being super impatient? It’s been a few weeks, and I know they say the newer you are to magick, the longer it takes for results to manifest. But now regardless I’m just doubting myself, what I heard from the demons, etc.

2.I’m not going to lie, I still have feelings about the situation, and I know those can fuck magick up. But I’ve not been actively dwelling on it, it’s just hard to make someone “dead” to you when you have to work near them, it just makes all these emotions flare up all over again. Could that be impeding my work? I’m wondering if I messed up somewhere along the way, I just don’t know how.

TLDR: I have yet to see any results from my evocation. Should I perform the rituals again, or should I wait it out a little longer?


You could call up the entities again, and ask for a status report. Ask them how it is going, how soon results could be expected. you could also ask for a sign of some sort to let you know the final result is on its way.


I know E.A. talked about the targets of curse experiencing an up swing in their lives at first. Then after sometime it all comes crashing down, hard. It is almost like the spirits help raise them to a new height in life just so they will have further to fall.

But I echo Darkestkinght, you could always scry their sigil.


Yes you’re being superimpatient

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You’re being unperceptive (and impatient), and ungrateful. You’ve already had the benefit of not having to see this person around much. What eventually happens to people who don’t show up for work? They get fired. Isn’t that the sort of outcome you desire? Maybe the entities you called upon are putting the wheels in motion for this person to mess up their life.


DarkestKnight and Orismen-

Thank you both. I know going back to the source was probably the obvious answer, but when you’re at the point where nothing seems to be working and you feel impotent, a lot of doubt starts to rear its head.

Regardless, I did as you both suggested and called Focalor again. He reminded me of some very specific wording I had used during my initial evocation that had him working more slowly and carefully, but promised me he would come through for me. He denied my request to show me a sign, only because he believed that might undermine what’s he’s currently doing. I was disappointed, but I’ll trust him. He ended our talk with “Patience can be a virtue, even for a god”, and really, there’s no way I can disagree with that.

Acidking- I didn’t get to see your reply until this afternoon, but a lot of what you said just reinforced what I heard from Focalor. You are right, of course. I was feeling afraid that I was just making things up in my head, and sometimes that clouds judgement and perception. I’ll make sure to work on patience while continuing on with my other lessons :). Thank you for your perspective.


With the results of evocation, it’s the same as with the reults with any kind of spell. For any of this to work, you need to let go of your attachment. If you’re constantly checking if the spirit has delivered after the evocation, it is not going to deliver. You need to do the ritual , ideally let go of your doubts about the end result when issuing your task, and come back to an ordinary state of consciousness. This world is an illusion, and so is all of reality. With magick, you’re able to replace one version of reality with another one. You bring it into being through your observation. Emotional attachments can be seen as observations too, as they colour and shape reality as well. So if you’re constantly checking if the current version of reality has changed, you’re actually reaffirming it. It’s tricky but doable. I try to constantly remind myself of this “maya-character” of physical reality, which helps a whole lot in not becoming too attached.


As long as you are watching and waiting and tapping your fingers wondering when the results will come, they never will. The Law of Certainty must be fulfilled. I once referred to this as the “Law of Reversed Effort,” but even the name of that “law” left far too many holes.

Check out the newsletter I wrote a few months ago about this very thing!



For this sort of curse, I’d do a simple “Ritual Release of Hatred,” and be done with it. It seems like you’re micro-managing the outcome a bit. The Ritual Release of Hatred will basically just send an explosion of power to the end of destroying your enemy, and at the same time will relieve you of your obsessive thoughts about the target. Of course, like any explosion, you won’t be able to control the outcome once you’ve detonated it, meaning that he could die tomorrow, or in a few years, and he could take the little girl, the neighbor’s dog, and the pet fish with him, or he could suffer and die alone. It’s important to know that with Death Magick, you’re putting into effect a chain of events that will be entirely out of your control, because you simply cannot see the invisible effects down the line, either as a cause of your target’s demise, or in order to cause his or her demise. This is one reason why I advise performing a good and thorough divination before doing a working like this.


E.A. is right!

Yesterday’s night i casted a spell as i never did before. What E.A. told above just happened right in ritual time!

I am pretty OK because it is like i already got what i want and i can already see results happening without searching for them.

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Damn, talk about waking up to a super cool birthday present.

I had to go back to Baneful Magick to get a refresher on the Ritual Release of Hatred, but fortunately after my previous read through I had gone out and purchased some Model Magic, then pretty much forgot about it. Sounds like it’s time to break it out.

Thank you for the continued guidance, E.A. I appreciate it both as a customer and as a student. I just recently bought Mastering Omniscience, I’ll definitely make sure to put it to good use before my next curse.


Results are at the top of the page, if anyone is interested in how it played out.


I’m a new member and was just searching the forum for info on Forcalor and found this post. I’d love to know what happened in the end with your situation @blacklamb. Did you get the result you want? I am considering evoking Forcalor to destroy a relationship so was wondering…

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she hasnt posted since 2016 so she wont likely get back to you, but from what i can see, focalor was quite successful for her


Oh I see. Thanks @Verdo! I have the book Demons of Magick and in it one of Focalor’s powers is to ‘bring death that seems sudden or accidental.’ Was wondering if I could use it in a less literal sense, to destroy a relationship- I.e
Cause the ‘death’ of the relationship. This seems a hard case - have already evoked Leraje, and like @blacklamb was thinking of employing a multiple approach and also throwing Andras and Forcalor in to the mix.


Great explanation - thanks @RedIce. This is something I struggle with because my situation triggers such strong emotions in me. But that was a really good way of explaining it. Part of my problem is…I work in a very 'rational profession, where the occult is scoffed at. Although I know magick works and have had experience of it, I still find it hard to get my rational brain to shut up at times! So, I get really into it when doing a ritual, but when I have to go back to my day job, my brain starts to doubt and I wonder if this is all real and am I crazy, etc etc.

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that should be fine i think. using multiple entities to affect different elements of the situation works wel


Thanks @Verdo. I’m not very experienced in working with demons. Only started about 8 months ago so still learning. I had wondered if there was any chance using multiple demons was ok in case they might clash or something but as you say, it’s for different aspects of the same situation. I’d also wondered if it was ok to work with goetic demons at the same time as some of the demons in E.A. Koetting’s work - e.g. Dra’talon? For the same situation, I mean.


As long as the entities have the same nature, it should be okay


Thanks @Verdo ! I appreciate your advice. This is a great forum and learning a lot from everyone here.