Ever Killed With Magick?

I forgot to place the update here, it seems that he now going through a real bad time and has been exposed enough for his deeds.I cancelled the death request as he has two children and I am a soft hearted person deep deep down in my heart.But that guy has learnt his lesson not to mess with a witch again.The point is, you may be sitting next to a witch and never know about it.In my case, I am not quick to take offence and hurl magic at anyone unless they have called it upon themselves by disrespecting my boundaries.


Thanks for sharing, very helpful and insightful - :slight_smile:

Are you considering removing his other damaging effects once you are sure he learned his lesson(s?)
if he didn’t already? :slight_smile:

Oh I was thinking of sharing the following with you, considering your skills, I am dealing with these type of people…
mind giving me a hand, world-wide? I think I used almost every demon including Dratalon, Lucifer, Satan, on these that I could get my hands on…;
some elite people pay for this madness…if you feel you wish to add your personal mix, you may be able to save more lives…tons of lives…;
Some things, not mentioned in this video really involve, cutting children while alive, beating them to death in most violent ways, butchering them or paying to see them being butchered in a large number of ways, treating them like a negligible piece of meat, where everything vicious goes, (more than I can imagine I can only guess) as it goes as far as cutting children’s heads off, drugged, in a row, with a sword for entertainment…; in one of the cases I listened to so far…

I guess that’s enough food for a well fitted reply…(?)

Now, if you want to test your engines to save lives…;
These kids need us because, most of them are in places where no-one would think of them, and the only thing that may perhaps stop an abuser or abusers dead in their tracks, is us.

Can you tell me what you think…?

I’ll be using my draconian circle for this one…; I’ll give them the absolute, that’s for sure,
just delivering justice and defending the defenseless, in a sense of justice, ultimately.
Anyone else wants to help out these children with me? I’d raise armies, that’s for sure, yet if anyone is looking to make a difference, this is a serious scourge on the planet.

“Pedophile rings/pedophiles that still think up to this day that it is ok to abuse children”
are my target. I’ll be sending a list of demons I will use for this round…;

Archangel Michael/kamael/tzapkiel (they do kill too)

and then will go on to every demon in the goetia that has destructive abilities to take these down…;
The list here comes from the mastering evocation course in pdf…;generally you they can be asked to deliver every form of destructive abilities they have, according to divine justice, and they will do so.

My intent though ‘without collateral damage to innocent parties’ is what I request.
It’s going to be insane…; but it will be just,

I will ask that they be judged according to their deeds and their intent today…; no more, no less…;
If they still think it’s ok to harm children today… well, …it’s going to be a sad day for the lovers of
vice for the sake of entertainment…;

Please still do feel free to add in your mix, anyone…;
I’d love to hear your list of beings you’ll work with, I’m starting off tomorrow…


P.S. Generally I spent my time doing beautiful things, uplifting the fallen, making the earth more beautiful for all, doing rituals for that, generating more positive energy in the world…;

I love to see goodness and benevolence thrive in the world. I love hapiness :slight_smile:


Yes the intent has been worded for the jar to ‘let him go’ when he learns his lesson.

He still has not learned his lesson though.


That’s how baneful magick is supposed to be used. Is Andromalius good to work with for this type of cause? Those evil pedophiles and criminals shouldn’t exist at all.


I believe so, yet as you wrote his name I suddenly remember that

Adramelech was supposed to be part of the list too…

The Seventy-second Spirit in Order is named Andromalius. He is an Earl, Great and Mighty, appearing in the Form of a Man holding a Great Serpent in his Hand. His
Office is to bring back both a Thief, and the Goods which be stolen; and to discover all Wickedness, and Underhand Dealing; and to punish all Thieves and other Wicked People and also to discover Treasures that be Hid. He ruleth over 36 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, the which wear thou as aforesaid, etc.

On Adramelech:


Many years ago, someone became close to me then tried to destroy me by using their knowledge about me mixed with outright lies. Trying to make it so I would have no one, and hopefully kill myself.
So I asked Sekhmet to help me get rid of him. I also kept his name and other things connected to him in a tin full of goofer dust, and waited. After a few weeks it was like he never existed. Nobody talked about him. His stuff online was gone. The work he was doing against me stopped. And he stopped appearing in his favourite places. I was satisfied, so I left the tin at a crossroad and that was that.
I don’t remember the details after so long, unfortunately, but he seems to be long gone. Don’t know for sure, but I can’t shake the feeling he met the same fate he wanted me to have.


Are you able to help us with the list of ingredients used for goofer dust?

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There’s more than one way to make it - graveyard dirt, sulphur, salt, red and black pepper, shed snakeskin, iron filings and bone powder is one common combination. This is what I used.
Should uncross yourself hardcore after using it, though. It’s not something I keep around unless it’s in active use.


I found it on ebay. but it looks like the yellow gardening stuff.

I really hate baneful magick but I feel like I want to curse-kill someone with stage 4 lung cancer because of him being so bad, rude and arrogant to me. Any tips?

Search the forum. Hell, read through this thread. There have been countless methods of cursing shared here.



How about the section of BALG your in, Baneful Magick, Curses & Vampirism for a start…


Fuuuucccckkk I just read your post and you are one sinister muthafucka, I love it!
I know once my powers get stronger IMA kill alot of mofos there’s alot of people ive fantasized about killing… And up until this point, I realised I never gotta kill someone psychically, wow you opened my eyes and enlightened me heaps, haha alot of muthafuckaz Gon die when I get Powerful enough :wink:


how do i bind a witch with opened third eye with that jar? please how

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as a christiian priest I cursed my sister, she basically began dying and survived only 5 years, and actually, now as a LHPr, I did not need to do that. it was stupid rash bullshit over someone I could easily have controled otherwise.


While I dont feel at liberty to say what Ive done…I do know some very effective methods. And no…Im not sharing those with rash, young people. Theres prolly a reason I came by the gnosis later in life.


I’d still like to know.


Yes and it felt odd. I experienced the feeling of them releasing from this life, so I dont myself fully take a life anymore. I just push to the edge and let them topple over


Ever killed with magick?

How did you do it?
Energy work, probably that’s the best way to describe it, can’t share details. Without spirits or rituals.

Why did you do it?
Different reasons. Mainly revenge for myself, and for others in rare cases. Only once in my life I did it to prove to someone that I can, picked a target who really deserved it…was stupid thing to do, but I never regret it. He was a killer.

How did you feel afterwards?
The same feeling you would get after taking out the trash.


Did it take long for them to die after doing the energy work?