Ideas For Thanking Spirits

If you want to offer something unusual, consider making them some original art and releasing it on a “public domain” CC0 license online so other people can re-use it in perpetuity, or doing them a “Files” thread that compiles your experiences with them, and maybe their sigil, correspondences, and so on, here and/or other forums where they may be of use, the time and promotion of their name is a fitting exchange of energy in many cases.

This is the thread I have done and maintain for Belial, for example:

These are two threads of thanks being given to spirits and acknowledgement for work successfully accomplished:

Also, post below with any unusual ways you can think of for people, especially those new to magick or with limited resources, to thank the spirits who aid them? :smiling_imp:


Make a song for them and sing it whenever you try to feel their presence


Buy em a bag of chips

Hey, there ain’t no 7/11 in hell ¯\ (ツ)


Leave their seal in public places. I did this the first time Lucifer showed up and did the impossible. I was in God’s country at the time too.

Set a place at the table for them.

Work their seal into a drawing or painting that gets alot of attention .


I love this idea.

Nope, can’t can’t do it…

Okay, since you’re twisting my arm I might