Why so many intros?

Unfortunately for you, your frame of mind will never allow you to understand the inner workings of Magick. However, if you prefer to go down the path of madness and continue your questioning, I might suggest reading “Liber Kaos” by Peter J Carroll to understand the quantum mechanics of Magick


Do you believe people have an innate spiritual/magickal core (soul, spirit)?

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You have yet to properly introduce yourself, so lets try this once again…
Here’s some Ideas for your intro:

So provide us with these informations or anything else you’d like to share with us about you. Failing to provide a proper intro is against the rules after all. I hope you don’t need a fundamental explanation of what rules are, right?
All I see all this time is just an attack against everyone, so show us you came here to learn and not to just troll.


The psychology of self i see but really a chant to manifest material, harm others, etc esp if unaware seems tantamount to failure. Its how i see things. I am quite mechanical in that nature. I still question and i can’t follow blind faith. Runes, chants, offerings, gestures, etc either has a near 100% working formulae or it just seems fake. Take the psychology and perception away and the solid base working formula should work. Yes, i follow recipes and they should produce a result. I follow building instructions it should result in the desired construct. I see no reason why magic should be any different. A soul less robot should be able to perform it. And i just don’t see that nor heard of such working.

Is magic a technology or not?

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I know we have an awareness and a power source. We function based on fuel. The why we have awareness seems… odd.

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Many members’ experiences say not:

This book will cover most seeming paradoxes you’ll find regarding what’s “real” and what’s “just” in your mind: The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).


If you are referring to cyber magick, it is a thing that can be put to use.
Here you can find a useful resource if your interests are located in this field


I was looking for this for nearly 1 year,thanks


I will read this.


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Take a look on this thread here.

Something is that dont exist for you cause your opinion and perception its dosent mean that its not exist.


I agree.By truly thinking about opinions that counter your own beliefs you are forced to overthink the value of those beliefs, and thereby you find arguments that either make them stronger or you see their fallacies. Either way you gain from it.


I understand your cynicism. Unfortunately there are many charlatans and con artists, fake psychics, fortune tellers, and the worst of the lot paranormal investigators, the Warren’s being the most famous, who I personally despise.

In my younger days I too thought Witchcraft or sorcery was something from the middle ages, old myths and legends. Summoning demons to effect revenge or for gain, I thought was impossible and the work of fiction.

What I have learned to my chagrin and horror is that Witchcraft is very real and many people in the 21rst century do practice the black arts and Wicca to effect change. These various Deitys do exist and they can cause harm.

The problem as I see it is the media and television many of these shows to include Ghost Hunter’s is the worst, with two brain dead plumbers who fabricate many episodes with camera tricks and after effects.

Paranormal Witness and Paranormal Survivor are two others. Many of the people involved in the show are obviously victims of a real hex and curse. The problem here is that these so-called Paranormal Experts they bring on to evaluate the families tragedies with the supernatural are the biggest pack of idiot’s I have ever seen or heard.

Hey like wow man, there’s this really dark negative aura around you, that is holding you back, because someone died on the property and there like trying to make contact with the living to gain your attention. WTF!

The people involved in these episodes are victims of Witchcraft. Demons who have acceded to the hex will patiently wait until something of importance happens in there life and attack and make there victims as miserable as possible.

Once unleashed on their target they will infest themselves in there lives and destroy any happiness.

The myth of ghosts and that of someone dying on the property has absolutely nothing to do with the visions and harassment of the demon that was sent by a living Witch or Warlock to destroy someone.

With Witchcraft you set your own limitations with your magical concept in which various fields of magical energy exist, your will or consciousness is the fundamental force to move your magic forward.

The magical forces of the world are controlled by nothing more than the will and concentration of the magician as you set your own limits some for gain and benefit, others for malice or revenge.

Many are secretive about there practice and very few will disclose there knowledge especially for baneful work or hexes for revenge.

Hence, this huge amount of misinformation, about the causes of these so-called hauntings.


The archived link worked fine on my computer but not phone (i travel a lot without a laptop). Id this version identical?


And i will try to fill in the blanks as i go about my ex-wife and the occult. Maybe a simple bullet line since i tire easily:

  • met in college. Lucy in psychology, pharmacy, theology, and god whatever else in these stacks of papers, books, files, etc. Me, into mechanical engineering and architecture.

  • very nice and pleasant but after marriage i noticed her mean streaks, narcisism, and possible mental illness (odd considering her field).

  • she was very rich and had an affluent family. I was well to do but nothing near her well (comfy middle-class before).

  • obvious prenup and her family disapproved of my “grease monkey” skills even though i clearly didn’t work in the automotive field. Gears, gadgets, puzzles, art, and structures were my forte’

  • Lucy and her family were heavily into the occult i found out and indeed their library was impressive.

  • i refused to live on the estate

  • “accidents” happened which led to my job loss, my head injury and stroke, brain damage, memory loss and gradual muscle loss and arthritic pains. (I say accidents as evidence of human foul play was there but nothing provable.

  • she was a heavy drinker and very much a multitasker. She believed she was very much untouchable. And she lived dangerously.

  • i was often belittled later after the “accident” and chided for my nonacceptence of their “gods” and “guardians.” She refused to divorce and i was used as a guienea pig by her wretched family.

  • i saw nothing but weird people hopped up on exotic drugs, alcohol, spices, and rituals and sometimes orgies. Oft times i was chained to “the chair.” A god awful iron stone construct that weighed who knows.

  • she died in an autoaccident. Her premium paid the bill (though im sure her degenerate family would have paid). And i was left with a debt on credit forever ruined.

  • the family became disinterested in me even if i was blamed for her death. I couldnt be as i was/am ill

I don’t have a great memory and my mind and body has atrophied to a terrible state. She said she’d gaunt me eternally and drag my soul to hell. Being quite agnostic, i really don’t believe her threat and don’t care. I’ve become cynical of theology, philosophy, the occult, religion and such because it was thrust in my face at the edge of a red hot iron sword (literally and metaphorically)

You don’t have to believe it. I know very well they connect to all sites and they know who i am. Why come out and explain? Because i did no wrong but that family is hellbent on ruining lives.

So, that’s how i see the occult because 30+ years of their tortures, deceit, and lies seems to be the only truth i know.

I never touched their literature. When you expect to be burned for touching it… you just avoid it.


Tragic story. Are you blaming your ex and her occult family for placing a curse on you or are you attributing all these miseries to bad luck and the misfortunes of every day life?


@GlenCampbell My that’s quite a story and no doubt would make a fascinating book to read, but no where in it, or this thread or in any post you’ve made have you clearly explained exactly what it is you want, from this forum specifically and from magick in general, what you hope to accomplish.

So please make that the focus of you’re next post as it’s required by the rules of this forum, and honestly is the only thing that actually matters here.

Taking a wild guess, i’d say no. :man_shrugging:


Yes, that version is accurate, their site was down for a while but I have linked it before on here.

That’s cool, but just remember we’re nothing like her or her family, your anger is understandable but not merited on here.


I foster a heavy dose of skepticism as well OP. You have an understanding and perhaps the ones who have been offended have actually somewhat felt undermined or misunderstood by your perception but can’t help but feel the congruency with your elegantly placed explanations :slight_smile:

I don’t wish to frequent this forum too much or to post for now. This forum isn’t really what I ought it to be either, I’m doing everything required without the forum, it’s distracting and a lot of unspecific facets. Perceptions that become muzzled with truth. Ha. Good forum nonetheless.

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The understanding that is required is in how energy and consciousness work. All of the magickal operations, including those that include entities, are bringing into consciousness aspects of energy, manipulating energy or directing energy on one of the higher realms.

This is entirely incorrect. All the rituals at their base are simply different methods of evoking energies. What you’re speaking about might be the specific motivation the operator may have.

Everyone on this forum is a true skeptic, if we weren’t we’d accept convention wisdom and never question anything. You’ll find that it’s the questioning of everything that has led everyone here. The continual questioning is what is developing the methods we all use.

From your post, I wouldn’t call you a skeptic, instead, I’d say you are just someone who has made up his mind already.

Does it offend you that people believe in this stuff? It seems so.

This is partially true. There are many variables to energy work, and many reasons why a working might have failed or the results unrecognised. Much of it comes down to inexperience and not just the lack of belief or time.

I am a huge fan of mapping out the entire process of a working, inclusive of mitigating all risks associated with resistance to a working manifesting in the manner in which I desire.

I hope you realise that many of the mages here are not experienced beyond flaws. There are some that standout, but the whole point here is to share experiences from workings people have done.

I’m not sure where you are getting this from, as there are no sales allowed on the forum. It’s purely for sharing knowledge and experience. Did you interact with someone trying to make money off you? If so, maybe reach out to LadyEva.

Could you explain this? Where is the sheep mentality that you speak of on this forum?

Again, who is charging you money here? I don’t see any threads asking for money. That might be because it’s not allowed on this forum.

If you’re speaking about the rituals for hire on Balg, well that’s a different thing. None of that is being openly promoted in the forum.

I sense there is an aspect to your post that doesn’t properly identify the motivation behind the tone of the actual post. Have you tried to do operations that have not worked out for you? If so, please share what you’ve done, and I will try and explain the mechanics to you.


Opps, I see you guys have already discussed it at length!

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