How to curse your workplace, D.C. style

Hey guys,
As some of you know, awhile back I went by the name Fallen_Angel, now I’m back to my original name. Some of you are asking the old me for information on how I did this, so I thought I would compile my method and some warnings and suggestions here. Here is a brief overview:

I worked at a very hectic fast food restaurant where I was sexually harassed for being apart of the LGBT community and for also being able to do their jobs better than they can. That + the fact that the management would do nothing about it and a myriad of other things basically sent me into rage mode for a straight year. 2017-2018 was not a good year. After I performed this, what occurred was:
•Gunfire and gun threats.
•Write-ups to the offenders for other reasons.
•Chaotic business.
•Insect infestation, they’re still competing against this. Possibly involved bed bugs.
•Caused a mass Exodus of other co-workers.
•The firing/transfer of 5 GM’s.
•Severe drop in quality of service and intellect.
•A store wide fist fight over a seat.
•Bipolar women screaming at everyone.
•General stress, grief and tears.
•Poltergeist activity (Allegedly, someone told me they witnessed it but I haven’t seen any myself. However, there were handprints on the ceiling in difficult to access places, even with a ladder.)
I eventually intervened, because I thought that was enough + it began to affect me too much. Had I not, it is safe to say they would have died.

Here’s what you’re getting into
You’re basically doing deep energy manipulation of the whole property. Somewhere, @Qayos said that cursing a property would take a large amount of energy, possibly more than what it would take in a lifetime. I agree, however there are ways to work around it, DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU WANT.

To eradicate the property to where the establishment no longer exists? Yes, that takes a great deal of time and energy. To kill the offenders and just place a very nasty anti-peace/abundance curse like I did, to fester overtime? Less energy and there are ways around it.

As I said, you’re transmuting and manipulating the energy in and around the property. If you’d like a more deep and intense effect, transmute the energy of the people. However, since you’re affecting the atmosphere of your workplace, you’re going to want to protect yourself. I suggest Black Tourmaline, because it will transmute whatever negative energy that lingers on you, into positive energy. This can fuck you up if you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing. Be prepared to potentially deal with unbalanced people and negative situations, because it’s still affecting everyone else, assuming you take my advice on protecting yourself.

I suggest doing this as you’re about to quit your job, if you want to avoid any and all damage. If you want a show, do as you please.

You can also incur the wrath of their guardians and ancestors, so be prepared to either shut them down or deal with it. I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t feel it were necessary. I can give you a method for that too.

The Method
You’ll want mobile forms of protection set BEFORE doing this.
This won’t require a lot of tools. My suggestion is having good cleansing techniques readily available to be able to take care of yourself. You’ll need it if you plan to still work there. So really at the most, a candle and a sage bundle if you want to keep it simple.

It works better if you’re already in your workplace. See the energy there as a white light. Take your hand and begin to move it counterclockwise. See the energy turning into a dark, blood red storm-like force. Program the energy with your intention, to turn it into a volatile, deadly energy. Chaotic, essentially.
Chanting incantations of death, destruction and the like is advisable here, because it will not only deepen the transmutation into what’s needed, it’ll draw in negative spirits, like poltergeists.
See this energy storm striking your enemies down with black lightning. Watch them burn alive. Have the unwavering intent to kill or destroy.

This is where you’re going to petition the spirits, some should be approached differently than others. Here are my suggestions, the ones I called on, will be listed with a heart next to their names:
:black_heart: Ereshkigal
:black_heart:Lilith (especially if it’s sexual harassment issues)
Morrigan (watch how you approach her)
The Fae (watch how you approach them, you’ll want to offer the very land of the workplace to them.)
Pretty much any war or death God/dess/spirit.
The draugr
The Valkyries, specifically Sanngridr.
Your petition can be verbal or on paper, I don’t suggest paper if you’re doing this on the land of your workplace. Being inconspicuous is important in that case.
The petition can be as thorough as you’d like.
My suggestion here is:
-block all paths to success
-leave you unharmed as much as possible
-bring death and illness to your workplace (if you want it to that extent)
-place wedges in-between your managers relationships with one another.
-bring conflict and suffering to the offenders
-bind the ancestors of the offenders from acting against the curse or you.

  • bring conflict into the lives of the offenders, block all peace.
    -get the offenders fired

(You get the idea. Stuff like that.)
You could also layer manipulation and domination magick if you wanted to make a hostile take over too. Any questions?


You’re like a spiritual Anarchist artist.


Ha. I tend to get crafty.

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My method was a bit simpler, but I must admit that I didn’t go through nearly the trouble that you did.

I simply print it out a Sigil of a certain Al headed demon of Discord, opened the sigil, left it open, and then taped it underneath a desk.

Oh, it was beautiful. That place is falling apart, and they’re hanging on by a thread. Every party that they hire turns out to be a piece of shit. The contracts are expecting unrealistic service, and the company is floundering, and will eventually Crash and Burn.


At the time I was more reckless, with less to lose. So I didn’t care what I had to do lol.

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Very good. I need something simple like that. I am thinking to do the sigil with invisible ink so they don’t know what it is about and put it under the chair of the person I need destroyed.

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How did you do this without being subject to the effects of having opened the sigil?

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how do you ‘open’ a sigil?

how do you ‘open’ a sigil?

Stare at the sigil while in a trance until it flashes, or the markings disappear entirely. @Bruby


Interesting so today I’m cursing my workplace and lucifer recommended I narrow it down to the managers for my safety plus it’s the managers that discriminated me


Question for anyone that sees this,
What specific tasks do these spirits do when called on to destroy a work place?

Like there each individual specific tasks that they would specialize in for a job in destroying a workplace


The fae (also how do you even come in contact with them)


It’s interesting wondering what each of there tasks would be or what they’re able to do in a situation when calling them to destroy a business

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Ask Belial for an aura of awe, “I’m the innocent victim here” or ask him to make one manager look favorable towards you

I mean what is everyone’s abilities that I listed there that could contribute to the curse

Unless belial is all you know of

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Belial is who I know, and a very good choice, so give him lots of energy,


You’d have to intuit that yourself as it could vary per your specific purposes as well as the caster’s relationship to them. OP didn’t call all of these spirits, only some of them. I don’t work with all of these beings, but fae and local spirits can do tons of things that can’t be easily summed up. Anywhere from getting bosses or coworkers fired to cause immense disasters. Hel is sometimes seen as a protectorate of people due to her association with the outcasted dead so to speak, and sometimes as a great equalizer due to the fact no matter your status in life, all people are equal when they are dead, in her hall kings, peasants, thieves, children, etc are all equals. Ares as the Hellenic god of war (among other things) could cause strife and internal issues in your work place. I’d suggest you do research on these entities individually and develop creative critical thinking skills to utilize what you’ve learned about them to read between the lines. Some things are not black and white, and some things you won’t find in grimoires.


Nergal and Ereshkigal to insert illness in targets

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